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Dinner Party

In a Dinner Party scam you are invited to a private gathering, or party, by someone you know.  At some point the party turns from a casual gathering to one person speaking to the group about a way that they can help others in the community and in the long run help themselves too.  They are then told about the "gifting program" in which will change their lives.

The people who decide to join the program must pay a fee, but as they bring others into the program they will move up in the pyramid, and once they reach the top it will be their turn to receive the large "gifts" from the others in the group.

How to Protect Yourself

Ask yourself these questions::

  • Do I have to make an "investment" or give money to get the right to recruit others into the program?
  • When I recruit another person into the program, will I receive what the law calls "consideration" as a result? That usually means money.
  • Will the people I recruit have to make an "investment" or give money to get the right to recruit and receive "consideration" for getting other people to join?

If the answers are "yes", steer clear of the scheme.

Resources for Victims

Report these scams to:

This scam was featured on Oprah


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