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Mission Statement

Scam Victims United offers support and resources to victims through message groups and networking with other victims. This provides for a safe environment in which they can share their stories with other who have been through the same experience without worry of blame or judgment.

Resources for reporting crimes and recovering monetary losses will be shared and added to the website as effective means are found.

We will also work with government officials towards our goal of tougher laws for consumer protection from these types of scams. We will also encourage legitimate businesses who are unknowingly being used by the people running these scams to assist us in warning people and finding ways to protect their customers.

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Organizational Profile

Scam Victims United was formed after the founders, Shawn and Jeff Mosch, became victims of a Nigerian counterfeit cashier's check scam.  In their search for support, resources and assistance for victims of this crime, they found that there was no such assistance available.

Once the Mosch's started sharing their story with others through the Internet and news media, they began to find other victims of this same scam across the country.  The growing number of victims who wanted to share their stories that prompted the Mosch's to create an online message group and a homepage to tell their story .  In the first three months after the original homepage was created it had received over 12,000 hits, warned and saved over 300 people from becoming victims, and aided in stopping over two million dollars from going into the hands of the Nigerian counterfeiters.  It has also aided victims in coping with this scam, and has assisted some in the recovery of a portion of the money that they lost.

While all of this made the Mosch's very pleased with all that they had accomplished so far, it also made them realize that so much more could be done.  It was through the support and encouragement of friends, family, other victims and government officials that the Mosch's realized that by making Scam Victims United a nonprofit organization they could open the doors to so many more resources and help to save and warn an even larger number of people.

Some of the work that Scam Victims United has already done, and plans to do in the future, includes

  • Contacting websites, such as car selling websites, and asking them to post warnings and alerts about this scam on their site to warn the people that use their site
  • Offering support and assistance to victims
  • Working with government officials to find ways to improve customer protection laws in relation to banking
  • Working with Western Union to increase their awareness about this scam and enlist their help in warning their customers
  • Creating a website with a listing of resources for victims
  • Creating a message group as a place for victims to talk freely without fear of blame or judgment
  • Working with the state's Attorney General's office to bring attention to this scam
  • Bringing this story to the media as a way to warn large numbers of people quickly

While our beginning focus is the Nigerian Counterfeit Cashier's Check scam, we would like to see Scam Victims United grow to be a means of support and assistance for victims of all scams.

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