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 Post subject: Scams currently on
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 12:23 pm 

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Hello all,

I recently responded to ads for three seperate BMW's that were for sale at ridiculously low prices on autotrader. Imagine my surprise when I received reply emails that were more or less the same form letter from the three 'seperate' sellers. I immediately knew this had to be a scam, and reported to They immediately removed the listings, but I noticed several new and simialr listings the very next day. Here are some tips to look for as well as a complete paste of email correspondence for you to review and compare. Don't get suckered folks...

Email transcription with most recent correspondence first - note "Stuart's" constantly poor grammar and spelling:

Hello Stuart,

I’m aware of definition of VIN. What is the particular VIN of your auto? Why is it no longer on

I live three time zones away from San Francisco…it isn’t like I’m going to go over and cause problems with the car or garage Stuart. I’d like address and property owner’s name for my piece of mind. I am not familiar with this escrow company. I might be willing to use an escrow company of my choice since it is my personal funds at risk.



From: Stuart L. Newman []
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 12:39 PM
To: Steven J. Woodruff
Subject: RE: 2000 BMW

I am registrated with , you can go there and read more about the safe deposit i want you to use.

VIN stands for Vehicle Indentification Number.

The car is garaged but for security reasons i can't tell you where because there is nobody watching over. I hope you understand that.

I would need your full name and adress for me to inform the escrow company to contact you.

Stuart wrote:

Hi Stuart,

Sounds fair…couple more questions please.

What escrow company?

What is VIN?

What is address of car’s current location?

Thanks Stewart,


From: Stuart L. Newman []
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 6:12 AM
To: Steven J. Woodruff
Subject: RE: 2000 BMW

I am the original owner so i had it since i bought it in 2000.

I would be confident driving 10,000 with it, nothing needs to be replaced because the car has been serviced before i left.

The car was and is garaged as we speak and there are no dents, scratches or paint chips. The glas is in very good condition.

No electrical problem, everything works properly.

I have all original maintenance records.

I don't smoke and neighter does my wife. We didn't had any pets.

I could come to meet you anytime this week in San Francisco or i could drive and meet you somewhere else just tell me when and where so i can make proper arrangements. My only request is that you make a safe deposit for the car before I get there.Don't get me wrong but i had some problems with a buyer a couple of weeks ago. He made me come all the way to the states to meet him but never showed up. I spend 5 hours at the airport trying to reach him with no luck. I was strongly adviced to use an escrow service and i won't came there if i won't know for sure that you are serious. We can use an auto escrow company for you to make the safe deposit. I belive $1500 is enough to convince me that I won't keep the car for nothing.In case you won't like the car, but I think you will love it, you will get your amount back from the escrow company. The car has been fully serviced and i have all original maintenance records.

I hope you understand my situation

Thank you,
Stuart wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply Stuart.

I’m located in Ohio, but I can get a few days off to fly out, meet with you (California?) and then drive the car back on a scenic tour of the country J My time is valuable, so I respect yours as well. Believe me when I say I’m seriously interested in your car.

About the car, I do have a couple of questions for you …

1) From your photos, it looks to be well cared for. Are you the only owner of the vehicle, and if not, how long have you owned it?

2) Does the car need anything? Tires, brakes, a/c svc, belts/hoses, spark plugs, etc? Would you feel confident driving it 2200 miles across the country?

3) Is the car garaged? Is the paint in nice shape? Are there any dents, scratches, paint chips, etc? Is the glass in good condition?

4) Do all of the electrical/power features work (locks/windows/sunroof/cruise/radio, etc)?

5) Do you have any service records/history?

6) Has the car been smoked in, or have animals ridden in it?

In regard to travel arrangements…I have some flexibility here at work. I’d probably take a late-night flight out there, meet you as early as possible the following morning and hit the road back to the Midwest. What is your schedule in the coming week or two looking like? Can you get away during the week, because my weekends are usually booked up at the office. Obviously the timing and arrangements are a little unique considering the fact that I’m three time zones away and you’re on a different continent, but I’m very flexible. Also, what do I have to do in order to get a temporary tag for the drive back? Every state is a little different on that front. It would be most convenient if I could drive back to Ohio with your plate on the car. It would save me a huge amount of red tape, and you have my word I’d destroy the plates, or mail them back to you upon completion of my trip. I’m no criminal, but if that isn’t something you’d be comfortable with, I’d understand and figure something out. Would you be able to meet me at the airport with the car? If there is anything else you could add that I may have missed, I’d appreciate it.

It’s probably about midnight for you now. I’ll be out of town for the next couple days, so I’ve also included my personal email address on the cc line above. If you could reply to both of my addresses, that would be great.



From: Stuart L. Newman []
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 4:57 PM
To: Steven J. Woodruff
Subject: Re: 2000 BMW


Sorry for the phone number listed in the ad, it was from my credit card info.

The car is still for sale . It hasn't been involved in any accidents or incidents and it has a clear title. I have not experienced any mechanical/electrical problem with it.

I had to relocate to United Kingdom a couple of weeks ago but the car is still in the states. I can't drive it here and that is the only reason i am selling it. I could come there to meet you if you are a serious buyer.

Email me for any questions you may have.
Thank you, wrote:

If your car is still available for sale, could you let me know what a good time to call you would be?
Steve Woodruff

...As you might imagine, the is totally bogus with many spelling and grammatical errors as well. They even spell the name of the company three different ways and have a generic e-mail on and listed as contact info.

All three of the "sellers" used some sort of first and last name in their email (2 were yahoo and the other verizonmail). All three replied with some sort of the same initial form letter with the same story about recently moving to Europe, don't want/can't take car, etc...

Don't let yourself get ripped off. This is ridiculous, but easy to fall for. BTW...all three cars were listed for prices of $7,000-$10,000 below market value. I figured I might be getting a car that was damaged/salvaged or needed repair, etc, but they all said the vehicle was 'in excellent condition - like new!" :?:

Believe me folks, I've been buying and selling cars for eight years. When someone has a car that is like new...they want like new $$$$ for it :!:

Good luck and beware!


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:47 pm 
Hey Lamer post in english or not at all

 Post subject: BMW Scam in Houston Chronicle
PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 7:41 pm 

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Hello All:
I'm new to ScamVictimsUnited. I thank you all for the info on the BMW's. My sister and I both responded to two different ads the Chronicle. One "Beatrice Knowles" asked my sister to send $1500. to Auto Escrow in the UK via Western Union. "Sue Nelson" couldn't get the VIN number correct for me and I haven't heard back after the third email. "BK" is very good at what she is doing. "SN" doesn't have a grasp of the English language and can't spell worth a darn. I have contacted the Chronicle and also the Texas Attorney General. Hope they get BUSTED! Please be careful of the request for deposits, etc. And never send money to Auto Escrow, it doesn't exist. When I tried to find it on the net, I found ScamVictimsUnited instead.

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