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 Post subject: looking for anyone who has won in court against bank
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 9:17 pm 
To whom it may concern,I used to be a member at your credit union,
but since a recent incident with certain employees at your bank I
have been wrongfully accused of failure to repay restitution of a
counterfeit check that was deposited into my account during a bussiness
On August 13 I went to the Attleboro branch located in the Ro-Jacks plaza
and spoke with the branch manager (Luiza) she was working the window that day.
I asked her what she thought about the cashiers check that I wanted to deposit
if it was trustworthy and if it was authentic and when it would clear,she looked
at it and said,It looks a little odd,you should wait for it to clear,so deposit it
and wait until it clears just to be safe. So the check was deposited in my account
and she told me to check back next week.
I came back the following week on Thursday the 19th at about 10:30AM And spoke with
Jinji at the window,I told her that last Friday I deposited a check with (Luiza
The manager) and we were waiting to make sure the check was good and that it cleared
she checked and said "yes the check had cleared,so I withdrew the money and continued
with the transaction.
The transaction was as follows,I run an internet sales business selling
engines and so forth, A customer asked if I would sell an Isuzu Rodeo engine
and ship it to Africa,I answered I don't have a problem doing so but have no Idea
how to ship, the customer said that he would take care of any customs and
had a broker to ship the engine. So I was sent a cashiers check for $5500.00
and was to deduct the sales price and Western union the remainder to the
Broker for shipment and they would send a carrier out to pick up the engine.
At approx. 11:00am I wired the money to the broker,and at about 3:45 that afternoon
I got a call from someone at Rockland telling me that I had been scammed and the
check was counterfeit.
Now!!! I am furious I told the woman that I had specifically deposited the check with
Luiza until it had cleared,and now you are telling me that I am responsible and
must pay back the money!!!
I drove right down to Rockland and spoke with Luiza and she told me that I was
not responsible and that she would get back to me. Well about a month goes by and I get
a call from someone in collections telling me that I must pay the money it was my fault
and that I must be confused.
So now you guys eliminate the manager from the picture and treat me like a criminal
seize my account, and then 60 days later close my wifes account without notice!!!
I get my lawyer and go to a hearing for a lein on my property. In the meantime
I have already called the Attorney General ,FBI and have Filed a complaint against you
with the NCUA in New York.
It was your fault in the way you treated me after the fact ,when I did everything I
was supposed to do to make sure that the check was authentic ( Now WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!)
You even tried to offer me a loan!!!!! What a railroad job!!!! is that how you do
The FBI even said the bank will lie cheat and steal if they can to get you to pay!!!
and that they were on my side.
So now I have to wait for judgement on the lien and to be serve for court proceedings.
Why don"t you do the right thing and own up to your mistakes and not hide behind lies!!.
So I'm out $1000.00 today for the first hearing but thats okay.
Here's what I'm going to do, I am having all three of my vehicles lettered
(How Rockland Credit Union Lied to me!! and the facts of what really happened
in large letters for everyone to see, and then I get to park it in front of your bank.
Next week I pick up 25000 Flyers with my new website
to let everyone know what you are doing to me.
I have all the time in the world , as I'm self employed .
Channel 10 said to call them when I go out to your branch,they are viewing the facts and want to
see the flyers and truck they just want to make sure I'm not some nut case,before they do a story
on my banking issue. So I now have a new task,If you win in court then fine I'm out the money,but I'm
going to make it my business to let everyone know how your bank operates and I will do this everyday
and I will not stop! Whats right!! is right!!.
So I will leave it up to your good judgement to resolve this matter.

Thank you
The bank wont even answer my emails and their lawyer wont talk with me,I'm going to court soon and would like to get any law case files that have been one ,so if there are any out there I'd like to hear from you, ( .
How do you think the manager of the bank would like to see me picketing in his lobby and my truck on display with big words how Rockland Federal credit union lied and extorted money from me!!!
I'm a nut case now and pissed off so they will have to eventually shut me up by eating there mistake, I call them every day and have also notifiied all the news channels I could find.
I hate Yuppy coward bankers that hide behind Lies.
They succeeded with a crooked judge to get a lein on my house before it even went to court .
I even printed 2500 flyers to give to there customers at the bank ,I want them to be really uncomfortable,if they are going to try to make me pay $6500.00 for a check then I will get $1,000000. in satisfaction. Would you want me harassing your bank tellers daily.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 4:52 pm 
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There are very few of us who end up feeling as if we won our fight, and I cannot think of a single victim who has won a case in court . . . there are several out there like us who came to "out of court settlements" with the bank after a LONG battle with them.

Shawn Mosch
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 3:38 pm 

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I soon too will be doing this. National City bank in Pittsburgh PA.

 Post subject: rotten banks
PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 8:44 pm 
Banks, lawyers , judges , ect. These orgainizations do not care about the little people. We continue to use their services because we are brainwashed by society. At this point these scamms are leading us into a cashless society even quicker and when that happens we will have no privacy, and thus no control over our lives every thing done by a card or the scan of your eye ball, all your info right there. Revelations revealed.See how quickly they took your money from you and ruined your credit, knowing that nowdays credit reports are everything and you dont want bad credit so you will pay. You could all go to the bank any day of the week and find your accounts frozen with no possible way to get your hard earned money out. This whole scam has opened my eyes to what I already knew, and I am glad it happened now, A cash box is the safest place, no fees or control by another. What are your chances of getting robbed. The same as your chances of getting scammed again. Dont become a victim of the system. Start your own bank in your own home where your the manager and the owner.

 Post subject: cashiers check scam for truck
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2005 3:10 pm 
we received a call about a month ago relay message. a peter smith was interested buying our truck it was just what he wanted he said. it took us a month to get our cashiers check it was in a plain brown envelope no return address-nothing? i would think for the amount of 5700.00 the truck was 3200.00 we were to send him 2500.00 for shipping. we got the check on monday he was calling us relay on tues. i told him i had to wait for the check to clear my bank told me 9 days. he said, "well why didn't you take it to the post office!" no this is our money its going to the bank but thats not your concern well he kept delaying our phone calls ended up being like 60 minutes because you could tell he was trying to come up with something. also there was nothing included about the shipping information either in the envelope? he told me finally on the phone william t andrew 6 culbert lodge new bashford nottingham UK ng7 7dw. well all during last week i have received calls from asking if i have sent the shipping money!! everytime i replied the check hasn't cleared he would take awhile he was very impatient you just knew it was a scam! anyway i get a relay call too when he thought i was a lois i said if you dont know who your talking too don't call here but i got to thinking maybe i should have played with it because he's doing this to others!!! so sure enough he called again day later & said am i speaking w/ don summers i just played w/ it & said you'll get your money when the check clears thats it he was doing the same impatient-well it should clear its a money order i guess. but after a half hr going on & on letting him know he has my email it'd be better to contact me that way. now it was friday end of the week calls again did i send the money i say no & to quit calling my number i would prefer any correspondence through email it has become very harrasssiung now to this point!! & that i can just send him the money well no i am not i just ended up signing off because this is getting crazy!! i asked for his address i'm like peter now where do you live u say your in the UK but i'd like your address! he's like for what? there's a whole lotta silence, then when he was trying to dodge me after awhile we got disconnected! not 5 minutes later he was calling again! saying why did i disconnect? not!! his address i guess is 404 lewisham high street london SE136LJ? i told him this sounded like a scam & he replied i am a 78 year old man & i never heard of such a word! haha it was hilarious* but anyway today is monday 16th & my bank has verified that it is false & there is no such checks issued. we are sending this story to every agency so that this person may be caught its absolutely ridiculous!

 Post subject: Re: cashiers check scam for BMW
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2005 5:06 pm 
Hello all,
I am so grateful for your website. We are tearing up the check we received today from a bank in wisconsin for $9000 for a $3575 ad.
We won't even bother, we will tell them we have sold the vehicle.
Thanks for making this site available.
Yours truly,

 Post subject: pitmommy
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2005 6:17 pm 

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Amen to you guys having the smarts to check things out first, I am happy for you.

Can Burn Me Only Once!!

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