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 Post subject: Frank Williams scammer
PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:17 pm 

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Hi! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. Well my name is Susan and I live in Malaga, South Spain. I have been scammed for money by a guy called Frank Williams. I met him on the website and he swore he was completely in love with me. We were talking for a while. He said he dealt with cars: transport cars abroad. He never told me the name of his own company. He said money wasn't a problem. And it is a pity I believed him. He wanted to meet me for Christmas last year as we met on November 30. So I agreed. He said he had no family at all and he wanted to get married and have children. Anyway he had to go to Germany for a deal with a customer and he will come back to me in time to be together. I believed every word. He gave me his mobile number:00447031748522. But it wasn't working well all the time. Sometimes I had a message from the operator saying that the number didn't exist at all. But other times it worked. Something was wrong and he had to travel to Ghana to close the deal. He said he wasn't expecting that and he was kind of worried. I trusted him. I was so blind. So he bought a mobile there with this number: 00233247970477. He called me once from there very angry because he needed money. He couldn't pay the port fees and he needed money. I said I had no money. And he got mad at me. So I decided to forget about all this. After two months more or less he contacted me again. He said he missed me and he needed me. He had malaria and he was in hell. He needed money to get on a plane to the UK. I was doubting. He said he was going to shoot himself. And I had a different molbile number:00233272638060. He told me he was staying at the hotel Joy Family Lodge in Accra. I checked that and he wasn't there. He was going crazy and he was angry. He promised so many times he would send the money back. I asked for his address in London. He said he lived in Wem, Shropshire:street name is Kynaston Drive...postal code is SY4 5DE, town name is WEM. I checked that in the white pages for the UK and there are people called Frank Williams with different addresses but no one with that one. I don't think it even exists this street there. But I am very naïve and as soon as he said he was going to shoot himself...I was a completely fool and sent him the money: 400 euros. I know for sure that I have lost that money. At least I hope this will be helpful to warn those women who can be his victims. His email address is: and his user in yahoo is: frank_iss_will.

I am going to write a story with all this and I will send it to the newspapers in the UK and also rest of Europe and Africa too. I want to stop him. At least I can try it.

Thank you very much for having this website. I don't know what else to do. By the way, I sent the money via western union and he wanted me to send it to a person called: Prinz Ofosu. City : Accra. Country: Ghana. Postcode: 00233. Well I know I have been a fool.

Hope this will help other women.

Thanks a lot.

Oh I forgot to say that he asked me for more money. Can you believe that? He said he has gone to bankruptcy and he has to go back to Ghana and do something with the cars. He doesn't have any money and he needs me to send him more money. This guy is really smart. I can see that. thanks again. :)

 Post subject: Re: Frank Williams scammer
PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:57 am 

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Hi again. I have been contacted by a man called Michael Hilliard. I have got just one email. I must be going crazy now. He says he wants to help. Well I hope he is for real. But if this name rings a bell, please tell me.


 Post subject: Re: Frank Williams scammer
PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:00 am 
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Both of these men are scammers. The names they are using are most likely fake. They change names, phone numbers and emails as fast as some of us change our clothes. If anyone you do not know, or that you only know over the internet ever asks you for money, it is a scam.

Shawn Mosch
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 Post subject: Re: Frank Williams scammer
PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:34 am 

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He scam mone from me while he was in Cyprus.

 Post subject: Re: Frank Williams scammer
PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:39 pm 

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admin wrote:
Both of these men are scammers. The names they are using are most likely fake. They change names, phone numbers and emails as fast as some of us change our clothes. If anyone you do not know, or that you only know over the internet ever asks you for money, it is a scam.

Thank you so much. It was really strange and I wasn't sure. He has now some details from a friend. I hope she will be wise. I will tell her. Thanks again.

 Post subject: Re: Frank Williams scammer
PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:11 pm 

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Hi. I have been scammed by the same guy. I didn't trust him when he asked me for money the first time. But at the end I sent him 400 euros. I know I have lost the money. He is till in touch asking for more. I had anxiety attack when he asked me for the money. I had no job and I didn't know where to get it. So I couldn't breath and I passed out. I woke up in hospital and my sister talked to me and I told her about this guy Frank Williams. So she took the lead in this matter and she was talking through email with him. Check below:

March, 7.

Dear Mr William

I am Meli's sister. She is at the hospital right now. She had a heart attack last night and we had to take her urgently to the hospital. She is now in UVI, but she is stable at the moment. This is the second heart attack she suffers this year. The first one was in January, when the company for which she worked for went to bankruptcy and then she was unemployed.

My sister is a very good person and she believes anything and everything people tell her. No matter how bad some people treat her, she still believes in them. She has told me this morning when I went to check on her, all the story about you. She told the whole family about you last December. At that time I thought it was a good idea because she lied about the way she had met you. She didn't tell us she met you on the internet. She said that you were acquainted with one of her friends and that's why my mother invited you over Christmas' Eve dinner.

When you asked her for money, she told me. I said no to her. She was tricked last year by a young man from London. He made her fall in love with him. She met him while she was working in tourism. And she even gave him her bank details so that he would transfer some money she had leant him. But he took all her money from her account. And now she tells me about you and you urgency for money, and that you are requiring 500 euros. No way! I am sorry but I am not going to allow my sister to do that. Because she doesn't know you in person, she hasn't even met you. And still we don't know if she is going to live. We are very worried about her. And she is the only sister I have.

Anyway, if all the story you have told her is true and you are in Ghana and your visa is going to expire, well in one month you will be deported to the United Kingdom. So that is your way out. And once you are there you will have to prove all the things you have told my sister about getting married. Because, I don't believe a word. I don't believe in love through the internet. I have told my sister so many times that the internet is not the way to find love. But she never listens. Well I hope this time, if she survives, she will listen.

Last time she had to be more than one month in the hospital. So I am not sure about now, as this heart attack is stronger and she is very weak right now. she's been given some sedatives.

One more thing: don't ever blame her again because of your situation. She has nothing to do with it. You went to Africa because of your business there. And she has told me she asked you not to go. And even if you were suspicious about something wrong, you went there anyway. So, it is your fault, and not her fault. You are quite responsible for her heart attack and I am very mad at you. If you ever blame her again, believe me when I say that I will haunt you for the rest of my life. I don't think you love my sister at all. I don't think you want to marry her. I think you are lying to her in order to get some money and once you get it you will disappear.And that's why I am not going to allow her to ask anybody for that amount of money. It is your problem and if it is true that you have so much money in the United Kingdom, well, find someone to help you or wait until you are deported.

I don't care what you think about me right now. And I am writing this email from my sisters' because she gave me the password in case you have answered the email she sent you last night. And I am taking this opportunity to tell you what I think about all this situation.

I am asking you to leave alone my sister if you don't really love her. She tried once suicide for one man she didn't meet long time ago. And now she is serioussly ill. We don't know if she will survive. And it is all your fault.

Good bye Mr William. Unless you have something nice to tell my sister, don't bother answering.

Dear Mr William

I am checking your messages with my sister on yahoo messenger as she has told me to do that. She insists in the fact that I must help you. Well I am not that sure. You seem an honest guy. I am still reading all the messages you had with my sister during the period before Christmas. And well...although they seem honest and true, I don't know you.

How can I pay for a ticket for you when I don't have any references from you at all? How can I check that you are telling the truth about your business company in the United Kingdom? How can I be sure about all the things you have told my sister? And this is because the money you are requiring is too much to be delivered to someone I am not sure is for real.

And I have the option of paying online a ticket for you but I am not sure about it as maybe you will say you won't get the ticket and I will waste a big amount of money doing it. And even if I believed you, I cannot go to a Western Union as I work in the mornings and in the afternoons and evenings Western Unions are closed. So, tell me Mr Williams, what can I do? Can you prove to me that you are for real? Can you prove that you really love that much my sister? Do you know she is suffering? Do you know she doesn't want to live without you? She lost her appetite the very moment all between you and her was over. And we had to make her eat again. Well, I want my sister to be happy. I want her happiness above all. Because I love her a lot.

So, just tell me. How can you prove to me that you are real and that you are going to pay back the money I would spend in case I could believe you and trust you?

Well I hope I will have an answer soon. I am checking the flights my sister has just told me a few hours ago. Anyway, I hope you will answer this email.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi Amelia's sister...sorry for using that but you didnt tell me your name .....why are you doubting my love for your sister and my reality? if some one lied to your sister , it doesnt mean everyone on the internet is fake or bad as you think...other wise she is also not real?
as you know i am a business man and if its your sister's money i wanted, dont you think i would have asked more than that?
i dont know what and how you want me to prove to you that i am real
right now i am confused now ...and i want you to put your self in my position ( if it were to be you, how would you have felt? and what would you have done?
let me tell you ...i am not on the internet for money ...i am not here to mess yours sister's life....and if i wanted her money i would have left her the moment she told me she wasnt rich
why are you making things difficult now?
ok thank you very much for blaming me for your sister's condition...i accept it that way...but i am sorry ...i even sick and confused now...
you have no idea how much i love your sister...and i am willing to do everything for her but if you doubt me and you want to bring problems in our relationship ...fine but you will never succeed (as in making us break up) because i really love her and nothing is going to make me stop loving her
thnx for informing me about her heart now ....
bye and take care and tell my wife that i said i really love her and she is going so live...she isnt going to die.....

Dear Mr William

Sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Conchi. Well I see you really love my sister. Right now I don't know what to do. I guess I can send you some money via bank transfer. I cannot go to a Western Union as I told you I work in the mornings and after two o'clock they are closed here. So well, if you provide me with a bank account where I can transfer some money, it would be helpful. How can you prove your identity? well, I have tried the internet with your name but as I don't have your full name I don't know. Anyway, I guess you are right about what you say that my sister could be a fake too. That is the main problem of this thing called the internet.

I have reached home just right now and I have to deal with my three kids. My sister is stable. She asked me if I have talked to you and I said I haven't. I don't know how to do that, I guess I can talk to you using the yahoo messenger. But I don't have in my computer.

Well I just want my sister's happiness, if you are meant to be together, I will provide you with some money. But all I cannot send 500 euros. And even if I pay you the ticket, how am I going to know if you got the ticket? it is an electronic ticket and you will need your passport. And I will need the details. Anyway. I want to help. But I ask God you be for real. Because I love my sister pretty much. She is the most important person in my life, apart from my kids of course.

Well I have to go...My kids are messing around. Is it correct? Well, just tell me how we do this. I will visit my sister tomorrow. I won't tell my parents yet about you. And I hope you will marry my sister. She deserves to be loved. She is a good person. And she wants me to help you. And I don't want to be in between you and her.

Thanks for answering.

Dear Mr Williams

Sorry for not writing your surname right. Well I am downloading yahoo messenger into my computer. I used my sister's computer this morning. I want to read again all the messages between you two. I see you haven't answered my email. Well, I will keep using my sister's email address if you don't mind. My parents have called me to say that my sister is sleeping now and it seems she is quiet and calm. So I guess that's good news.

I know she will smile when I tell her that you have referred to her as your "wife". I hope you mean it. I know my sister. She is capable of commiting suicide if you don't make your promises true.

Well, maybe you don't want to give me your bank I guess the only way to do this is bying the ticket for you, and give you the key or password in order to check in straight when you go to the airport. As I guess you want to get out of there as soon as possible, just send me your details, complete details, including your passport number. Once I have confirmed the flight booking I will send it to you as well with the code or key or whatever it is called so that you can go straight to the airport and get out of Africa.

As you know now, my sister does not have any money, so you owe me the money. I hope I am doing the right thing helping you. But remember this: if you are not for real I will go in person to London, England or whatever you live and I will kick your a$$ (sorry for the expression, but I mean it). And I will do it not because of the money, but because of the fact that my sister would be seriously hurt.

Well, sorry, but I have to warn you just in case. I hope you understand my position as I am trying to walk in your shoes and I guess if all this is true, you are in hell right now there. And I am sorry about this.

Well, hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards and thank you.

Hi Conchi....well as you know this isnt my country ..i dont have a bank account cos i didnt know i was going to keep this long...and i say to you again...i am not here to mess Amelia's life and heart up ok? if i wanted money i would have gone for some one richer
but you should know that no matter how rich you are can run out or money and anything can happen so if it has happened to me and i am asking you for help dont think that i am trying to take advantage out of you ok? cos i know what goes around comes around and you should also know this true Christian will come an sit on the internet and be stealing people's money....
but please i want you to tell me much do you think you can get for me ?
can you get 400 Euros for me?...and i will provide the rest...please and if you can i have a method you can transfer the money to me ..and if you have yahoo messenger can give it to me so i will add you and we wil chat there or you can use Amelia's yahoo messenger
thank you very much Miss Conchi

Dear Mr Williams

Thank you for answering so fast. Well I can send you 400 euros. I am installing yahoo messenger. I don't have a yahoo account. I can use my sister's to talk to you. I would like to talk to you as soon as possible. My kids are watching tv now so I have some free time for myself now. Just tell me when you are going to be online. And I will try to chat to you.

well i am online now and also we can chat right here on Google so wait i am going to invite you to chat here ...

March, 8

Dear Frank

I have called the number I got yesterday and they said that I cannot do it by phone or online. I have to go in person. Right now I cannot do it because I have to deal with my kids. But I can do it after lunch, in the evening, probabley 6 or 7 p.m. If I am free before lunch time, I will try that too.

I have good news for you: my sister is on her way home now. So I won't talk to you again through her email address or yahoo messenger. The doctor said she can go home but she needs quietness and be loved. She is really happy. I have talked to her through my mother's mobile and I have told her all the things you said last night. I will go to my parents in after doing the transfer for you. I hope it would be ok. How long does it take? I mean..the very moment I send the money can you collect it at the same time? I want to know for sure that you have it. So, can you at least send a txt to my sister's mobile to confirm you have the money?

The woman on the phone said that I must know the person I am sending the money. I need the details you told me yesterday, and I will use my sister's details. On my way to my parents I will go to any of these internet cafes located nearby and I will see. If I find anything suspicious about them, will you be able to wait until tomorrow? I can go tomorrow to the Western Union located at the main post office in Malaga, and that one is completely trustful. I mean I trust the post office. And they are open until 8.30 p.m. but I will go when I finish work at 3 p.m. so it will take maybe ten minutes. Anyway, I will try this evening. That's for sure.

Well I have to go now. But if you come online, in a few minutes, my sister will be home and you can talk to her.

Take care.

Well, hello again Frank. I need you to clear things right now. I have checked on the hotel you have told me and you are not staying there and there is no Prinz Ofosu working as a receptionist there too.

Can you tell me what is going on? I won't send anything until you can give me some proof that you are staying in a hotel with the correct name and a true name for a receptionist. Sorry for my English, but I don't speak as well as my sister. This is going to hurt her a lot. And now that she is on her way home, I am afraid of her reaction to this information. I must tell her about this. She is going to be crashed!

What are you playing Frank? Please, be clear ok? and tell me something I can check for true.

I feel like a silly person now. I was trusting you but now I am not that sure.

Well, Frank, it's me again, Amelia's sister. I have checked on that hotel again. They say there is just one hotel with the name Joy Family and you are not registered in that hotel.

You wanted me to trust you, but you have lied to me. I am sorry to tell you this, but unless you prove to me the truth I am not going to send you any money.

I am doubting now that you are the man in the picture you sent my sister. I am even doubting that you are British too. In fact, I am even doubting everything you have told me. It is truth that you are in Accra. But are you a white man? You could be black. Maybe you are looking for the way to get out of Ghana. I don't know even if your real name is Frank Williams.

Well, until you clear things and tell me the truth, I won't send anything. And I have to tell my sister about this. She deserves to know what is going on.

I am disappointed now.

Good bye just for a little while.


Hi...thnx for the good news i have to talk about that first becuase i am really happy
i hope you and your kids are fine ...well so are you trying to tell me that i can chat with my wife today?
and if the woman says you should know me in person are you going to listen to she said and watch me suffer here? come on that was just a warning but you should know i am not a bad person and i thought you told me yesterday that you believe me and i also thought you said you will go there in person first thing tomorrow morning after you've had some what happened?..well western union closes around 5pm i might not be able to get the money today when you send it ....and yes i can get the money as soon as i send it if only western union is opened here...i hope i am not going to be disappointed ....forgive me but i am saying this because of the way things are going....i am beginning to lose hope now ....but there is nothing i can do.....please dont get angry its just what i am sensing
i am really happy that my wife is going to come home today and she is fine but i am not happy staying here in Ghana whiles my woman needs to get a job in the UK
it really worries me ....i need to get there as early as possible to get things settled so that my love can join me and start the interview she is willing and dying for
thank you very much once again,.....

My sister:

You haven't told me why you said you are staying in that hotel, where you are not registered at all and there is no receptionist with that name. I am still waiting for that. And unless you answer and clear this thing, I won't let my sister talk to you. And I am not going to send any money now. Sorry, but I don't trust you as you have lied to me about the hotel and the receptionist.


what do you mean?
i dont understand what you are trying to get at?...when and what did i lie to you about?
why are you doing this? why?
i am telling you every truth i know and i am not lying to you ...why dont you want to believe anything i say? what else do you want me to tell you?

My sister:

I found the hotel Joy Family on the internet. I sent them an email asking for your registration there. They said there is no Frank Williams registered there and no receptionist with the name Prinz Ofosu. How can you explain that?

you did?
and they said there's no one there called Prinz Ofosu?
may be you got it wrong ...the hotel i am staying in is a small one and they dont even have a website what are you talking about?

My sister:

No, I didn't get it wrong. In fact they said there is just one hotel registered with that name: Joy Family Lodge. So I don't understand anything. When I search the web for other hotels with a similar name, in Ghana, in Accra, there is just this one Joy Family Lodge. So you see, just one with the name you gave me and you are not registered there. What do you want me to think?


how come i cant find it here we are all lying in dont believe what i am saying and i also dont believe what you are how are we going to get along?
this getting out of hand ok?
and i dont know why are you doing this? but let me tell you ..what you are doing cant stop me from loving your sister....i am only praying to get back to the UK and thats what are we going to do now as you dont believe me and also dont believe you?

My sister:
These are the emails I have got from the hotel this morning:

1. De: Ohene Bonsu <>
Enviado: domingo, 8 de marzo, 2009 10:15:17
Asunto: Re: information required

I'm sorry. We don't have any record showing that one Frank Williams has been staying here. Certainly, there is no Frank Williams staying here as at now.

My reply:

Thank you very much Ohene. Someone told me he was staying there. Can you confirm if the name of the receptionist is Prinz Ofosu?

2. De: Ohene Bonsu <>

Enviado: domingo, 8 de marzo, 2009 10:24:31
Asunto: Re: information required

No, we don't have any Prinz Ofosu working here at all.

My reply:

Thank you very much indeed Ohene. I really appreciate your help. I will check the web, maybe there are more hotels with the same name.

Sorry for taking your time.

Thank you very much.

Their reply:

No. We only have one registered name, Joy Family Lodge and is legally registered. No one, and I repeat, No one, can register the same name elsewhere. Don't be deceived.

My sister:

I found it on this website: ... -Ghana.php

And it is down the web:

Joy Family Guest Lodge, Accra
Phone: +233-243-368149 E-Mail:


what are you saying and what about this email address
what is happening..hey you better tell me that you are dont want to help ....and please with due respect stop !!! stop!!!! what you are doing
and as i told you before this is a small hotel and it has not website
this is Africa,,,Ghana ..not every institution has a website

My sister:

If you want my help, give all your personal details, including your address in England. I am sorry, but I need to know where you live. And check that too.

Probably we won't get along well after this. But it is my sister's happiness what is in danger right now and her life, because if you are not for real and she dies because of you, I promise you I will go to England in person. And I will find you.


ok so if its my personal details you need why didnt you tell me ?
well ok i will give it to you you are (street name is Kynaston Drive...postal code is SY4 5DE, town name is WEM)

My sister:

This is getting interesting. I have found in the white pages uk so many frank williams, and in Wem, just one, but the street is not the same and the postal code is not the same. I don't know what to think anymore. I am afraid you just want the money and go away. Of course you think I am lying, but i really want to help you, although it is getting more complicated...I don't know Frank. I am trying to believe you, but I don't have the facts , I don't have something that proves you are who you say you are. I believed you yesterday night. But when I received that email....I started doubting. And the email you have given to me I don't know if trust in it as anyone can make one, at least the other one ir for real. This is too complicated.


oooh my God
Conchi....i dont know what to do again ..i really dont ask for this i give and you tell me another ask for this and after giving you tell me another things
why are all these happening?
if i needed money to spend on my self...what would 400 Euros do to me?
if you think i am after you money fine ...forget it ....i will stay here and continue loving your sister...and nothing is going to change that...but you should always remeber that what goes around comes around...if today i need help and you are treating me this way ..dont think today is the end of the world ...but remember you might need my help tomorrow...thats how the world goes....thank you very much for your doubts for me ....and one more thing dont expect the internet to give you all informations correctly ....thank you...and i didnt know this is the kind of help you wanted to give me...and i also didnt know this is the type of happiness you wanted for your sister..if i knew i wouldnt have borthered my self talking to you at all....but no matter what i will still keep on loving the one i love (Amelia)

My sister:

I am very tired. I have to think about all this. You can talk to my sister later, if you can get online again.

Anything I decide, I will do it tomorrow. She will tell you. But I have told her everything, and she is shocked now. She keeps saying something must be wrong. So be nice to her when you talk to her. I don't know what to do. I would like to help you but I don't want to be a victim of fraud or being tricked like my sister was last year.

She even trusted a guy she met at work, from Argentina. He showed her many papers assuring his identity. She just gave him 15 euros and her partner gave him another 15. And this man extended a check, American one. So my sister took it to the bank in order to get the money back. And you know what? the check was invalid. Even they charged 30 euros for the transaction. So she lost 45 euros. And to her that is money too. So imagine 400 euros.

Well, I am worried about my sister.

I will give you an answer tomorrow.

Take care.

And please be nice to your wife.

Well, the rest was via mobile. I know my sister sent the money for me. I know she didn't quite trust the guy. And she was right. I had to pay her back, because she had to ask money from some friends. Anyway it was all my fault. I am the dumb, stupid, fool and silly woman who trusted a scammer. Now I know a new word and also a new world. Well, I guess I have learnt the lesson very well. I have more info on yahoo msn. As he sometimes is online and keeps saying he loves me. Well I have told him that unless he sends me my money back I won't help him again. Of course he is asking for more money. Now he says he has to pay the hotel, I guess the one that doesn't exist, and the amount is 600 euros. Well, I don't think hotels would allow you to walk out and leave without paying the bill. Anyway thank you very much for your time. I regret not having his picture. I have checked all the pics in this section but his pic is not here. And anyway it won't be a real one. But if I find it somewhere I will upload it here. Thanks a lot.

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