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 Post subject: Stopped my son just in time!
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:28 pm 

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First, my son does not live with us. One day I got a UPS package addressed to what I thought was my husband(son and husband have same name if no one puts JR or SR behind it) so I opened it to find 4 $875.00 postal money orders. I called my husband who knew nothing about it. Then I looked in the envelope again and there was a letter of what to do. My son doesn't have a phone because he's not working,(Probably how he got caught up in this) so I had to wait for him to come by. The very next morning we got another package addressed to my husband(different sender) with 5 $500.00 Travelers Checks, so I started looking into this on the internet and found you guys. Which in turn made me check my son's email. He has over 9,000 emails of which about 1,500 are all scams. My son actually thought he was about to do something legit until we explained how stupid they really sound. It's one thing to hear it in your mind, and another to hear it from someone's mouth. Now, he feels so dumb. Now, we're getting threatening phone calls to boot. I could kill my son for using our address and phone not his. But it was for the best or there's no telling what trouble he would be in right now! Anyway, MO and checks are in hands of PD. And if any scambaiters wants a few emails to work with I will be glad to forward them from his email. I don't have time like that. There are waaaayy too many. Not to say I probably wouldn't be any good at it anyway. There are credit applications, lotto winnings, charity givers, job offers, someone wanting to be his girlfriend badly, please help us out of this country pleadings, etc. Microsoft winnings, Bank of America password changes(don't have an account) a little bit of everything mentioned here plus some.Even a woman in New York that is deaf and wants to give her money away because she was saved by God. Let's not talk about what you have to do for the Christmas money or the end of the year loan giveaways. I'm here to give away a few emails. Any takers? Over 1,500 of them mostly since Oct. Wish I could have time to even read them all for a good laugh--mispellings, etc. And the many, many names that they use. Mostly all first name types, like Mary William, Steve Roberts, James George, etc. Then the foreign names and places, Yea Right! :lol: They mostly have one thing in common though, It's a plain text email even the credit applications. Can't see how anyone could believe that the plain text credit app. is legit? But I guess when one is in financial straits anything sounds and looks legit if it could make or get them money.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:47 pm 

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Hey there, new here but i've been in touch with admin and think i'm ok for this.
Could you post the addresses of the senders over at my new site ?
It would really help the database of scammers mass email addresses :)

One intention is to have a list of known spam senders on the site, regularly updated by everyone who visits.
By cross checking a mass emailed possible scam against that list, people can rest assured they have no need to reply to matter what it's about.

My site is new, came from being personally affected and needs support to get going. intends to compliment the broader appeal of SVU and is looking forward to blasting scams apart !

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:28 pm 
Site Admin/Co-Founder

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AuntySpam wrote:
One intention is to have a list of known spam senders on the site, regularly updated by everyone who visits.

We did do this when we first started the site, we called it The Wall of Shame, but it was VERY hard to keep up to date since the scammers will change names, email addresses and other info quickly.

Shawn Mosch
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:19 am 

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It's good that you caught it in time. Your son could get into a lot of trouble if he tried to cash any of those checks. Banks and the police tend to prosecute the ones that are easiest to catch and that's often the victim of the real crime. Tell your son not to feel too bad. A lot of people get caught up in these scams and the criminals running the scam are very good at convincing people that they are legit.

As for the threatening phone calls you can either ignore them and they will give up in time or tell the scammers that you have turned all their info over to the police. They are interested in making money and little else. There's a small chance of them seeking your son out but probably a greater chance of getting in a car accident. Usually the scammers are a continent away and go on to a new victim when they are discovered.

Please do not try baiting them however. Baiting is designed to enrage the scammers and may lead to trouble if you should anger them enough. Remember that they do have your address. If you want to give away any more of the emails just check out where they have a "surplus scam letter" forum you can post them in. I'm sure there are people there who can give your scammers the attention they deserve. :twisted:

 Post subject: Re: Stopped my son just in time!
PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:51 am 

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I got 5 international money orders ($750 each)
I took them to the bank for a joke. They had a good laugh and thanked me since they will warn other banks!

Names of the money orders

Dave Smith is Name of Remitter
2 banks CIBC Edmonton
Chase Manhattan

Email from Scammer


How do you do?

The Board of Directors uses this opportunity to thank you for being part of the life saving program.The information provided on the Application form has been forwarded to the personnel department for update on our employment database.

I just got a call from UPS that the First set of payments had been delivered to you.

Here are the details on how you should go about the transfer . Follow the Instructions below so you can have it cashed immediately.

Once you receive the payments, follow this instructions below before taking it to the bank

(1)There are payments which have been issued out in your name by CIBC
(2)Then your name and address should have been written at the top and bottom respectively
(3)Then you'll take them to the bank

By following the above instructions, you would have the funds cashed at your bank and the have the funds available immediately for transfer via western union so we would be able to receive the funds here the same day. Remember you are to deduct (10% plus any other charges which may include transfer fee) then have the rest funds wired down via western union to the addresses I would be giving you below.

You are to transfer the funds from a western union locations to our Regional manager whose name is given below via Western Union Money Transfer Only.

Once all the funds have been received, we would let you know when the next payment would be made out to you.

When you have the money sent, we would require the following information to help us with the pick up.

• The MTCN#
• The Senders Full name and Address with contact phone number used.
• The total amount sent
• The test Question used and answers for the transaction.

The name and address of our regional Manager you would be transferring the funds to is as follows:


city: COTONU
country: BENIN

I would expect the MTCN # and the whole transaction details ASAP.

PS : Have the funds transferred via western union Immediately so the funds would be received the same day.

Thanks and God bless for your continuous support.

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