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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:55 pm 

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Vice-department of Finances
Bird Peru, Old Building of
Estate and Treasure
Panama City
Republic of Panama
June 20th 2008
Dr. Héctor Alexander
Ministro de Economía y Finanzas

Epay Inc (aka) and formally is a SCAM debit card company that states that it
is licensed to operate out of Panama. The following statement has been copied from their web site.

EPAY Inc. is registered in Panama (No. 898161-1-514361 DV 1) and licensed by the Ministry of
Finance (No. 898161-1-514361-2007-98107) to conduct financial services, e-wallet services, money
transfer services, electronic payments processing, selling and funding debit cards, virtual credit
cards and other related activities.

The attached three letters already sent to and posted on several SCAM notification web
sites will explain the basic nature of the SCAM. Since the company states Panama is their country
of operation it is my duty to notify your office that EPAY INC is a SCAM operation and that Panama
has a duty to shut such operations down. Failure to do so will implicate Panama as an accomplice in
such behavior. In addition to the continued posting of EPAY INC as a SCAM operation on independent
SCAM web sites I will have my people start individual web sites dedicated to EPAY INC as a SCAM
operation operating out of Panama.

I believe Panama has great potential and it is on my top five countries to retire to or have a
second home in. If EPAY INC does not either return my money and Panama turns a blind eye to such a
SCAM operation I will have no choice but to go after Panama in the same manner as I will EPAY INC.
This is not what I want to happen but I will have no choice out principle for I will not let any
individual or country cheat and SCAM me. I ask that your office remind EPAY INC that such behavior
is not acceptable and has it's consequences. I have given EPAY INC until after July 7th, 2008 to
return my money to the e-gold account and apologize or I will launch every method for as many years
as it takes for the return of my money plus expense. This is in the best interest of both EPAY INC
and Panama to resolve this issue quickly.

Regards, Christopher Burdge esq. email:

Fax: (507) 996-3177
Phone: (507) 202-1559
Edif. Neptuno, Local #7
Via Ricardo J Alfaro, Tumba Muerto
Panama City, Republic of Panama


After reviewing this entire incident I find it even more bizarre and incredible than the first time through so I will review it for epay for the web site that will be necessary. Your current emails state that your support service operates 7 days a week and it gives replies within 24 hours. I find this amazing when considering that if your customer service was so efficient that it did not in the alleged past 6 months know that there was a problem with their monthly card fees on my card. I originally picked epay because the company in my opinion was annal retentive (in a good way) and if there were any problems with the core epay account or it's associated cards that I would be informed by the internal message system within their web site and most assuredly when I purchased a card statement. This has proven to be a mistake on my part as I was deceived as I am sure others have into believing that epay was actually on top of their business. A close friend in Europe warned me after the virus/hacker debacle experienced by epay in 2007 to get my money out of the company that there were more potential problems to come. I said I would stay to see if they had learned anything, which turned out to be a mistake.

As of the March 17th statement there was $3736.30 USD credited to my account and no indication that anything was wrong nor was there any messages regarding any problems on my message board within my account. The proper Venue for first line of communication should have been my internal message board not external emails. Epay claims that they sent emails to my regular email account which is a Hushmail account and that they all “bounced back”. I find it incredible that epay did not use their own internal secure message system and secondly they used and external email where their emails as they claim continuously bounced back and they did nothing about it nor did this not raise a reg flag. A responsible company would have (1) Sent all communication regarding any deficiency or problems or suspicious activity regarding the card or the core account immediately by way of the internal account message board. (2) If there was no response then the next step for a responsible company would be to try contact by an external email. If there was a “bounce back” as epay claims then this should have raised even more concern which should have moved them to step 3. (3) If the previous two methods failed epay should have picked up the phone and called the phone number on recorded to let me know there was a problem which of course they did not. The phone number has since yesterday been deleted by me from my records to prevent any harassment by epay in what looks to be a future confrontation. (4) If the previous 3 choices had not proved successful then there should have been an immediate letter sent to the address on record informing me of a problem which epay did not do. Again my address which was correct was deleted yesterday to prevent any harassment by epay in what looks to be a future confrontation.

Altering preexisting financial documents is a crime of Fraud in any civilized society I know of. The March 17th statement had no indication of any problems and yet the June 2nd showed 27 fraudulent $70 charges that was an alteration of the March 17th statement . If epay or it's card company had found any discrepancy in the account and the above fore mention contact methods had failed the proper legal way to handle such a problem would be to block off the amount funds on the card itself equivalent to the normal monthly charges the company claimed where not paid. What epay and their card company saw was an account with money in it that could be raided and cleaned out in short order by making up some fictitious charges. So once a week as the June 2nd statement shows epay and it's card company stole $70 USD from my account for 27 times which is blatant Fraud and Theft. They did this all with out saying one word to me. Epay claims to have sent me emails in the past but that they “bounced back”. I use which is a secure email system that filters out incoming suspicious spam type mail. It would only take one individual with two brain cells to rub together to figure out that my email views their email as a suspicious spam or Fraud and threw it in the trash. If the proper procedures had been followed the communication would have been done internally where I would have found it.

This entire episode was do to incompetence by epay for not doing their job which turned into an opportunity for someone in their card company to steal the money out of my account using 27, $70 rapid charges to empty my account. The end truth of this all is the money in my account belonged to me and epay in collusion with their card company stole the money. I have seen some very strange and illegal behavior in my many years investing offshore but this rates near the top in boldness of a rip off scam.

Epay will return all $70 charges stolen from my account. The alleged 6 monthly standard card fees for card may be taken from this balance. The remaining balance will be returned to the e-gold account where the money originated from. Failure to do so will result in a detail presentation of the above theft of money on a special web site devote to epay. In addition to this incident my previous exploits with epay regarding the virus/hackers who invaded your system last year and took over my personal account and emptied it. That will be a fascinating read for your future potential customers . I will also encourage other victims of epay to send in their stories to be included into an on going account of epay's behavior. You can return my stolen money and put an end to this and we will go our separate ways with nothing else said or you can watch your business be destroyed. If this process starts you will not only pay for the money stolen but all fees and expenses for the running and maintaining of this and additional sites year after year. The $1890 plus dollars means little to me. What is important and what would always bother me is if I let someone rip me off and get away with it. I have the resources and time to bring epay down, the choice is yours.

I will be leaving for vacation to a remote location shortly where there are no computers. When I return on the 7th of July and my stolen money is not in the e-gold account I will start the process to expose epay with out further delay or contact. There will be no further discussion or debate on this incident, The choice is yours. Return the stolen money or pay the price.

Christopher Burdge, esq.

Epay Inc or
It is very sad that companies like Epay Inc turn into scam rip off companies. There is really no need for it if they had just stuck to the basic good business practice of remembering that they work for the customer and if the customer is treated well and protected then the customer will be there for the long term to grow the business. I believe what happens is that they start off with possible good intentions but due to the lack of either financial experience or lack of experience dealing with customers on an international level get themselves into trouble. Their solution is to start to steal from their customer's accounts by fabricating up some mysterious extra charges so they can empty the customers account with. In some cases the scam company will without embarrassment just take the money and ignore the customer's repeated contacts for the return of the stolen money.

Ghandi said they first laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win. When dealing with scam companies that are still trying to stay in business there is a slight variation on Ghandi's theme. The scam companies first deny any responsibility and inability to do anything and threaten the customer with legal action all in the same correspondence, then they ignore you, then they put up a fake fight and pretend to be your friend, then you win. Epay Inc has already moved on quickly to phase two of ignoring me in the hope I will just accept the loss of my stolen money. This will not happen and in fact I will expand my campaign to expose Epay Inc for the scam debit card company they have become as described in my previous post on see reference name HOOK on the site. I should have listen to my friend in Europe who last year warned me to get my money out that there was only problems ahead for Epay Inc .

The bad part about companies like this is that they infect and contaminate other companies and countries by simple association and give the whole industry a bad name. I'm sure you have seen such articles usually produced by a government employee about the evil that awaits those that go off shore with their money in any fashion. Companies like Epay Inc give a lot of other companies and countries off shore a bad name. Some companies will assume similar names as other legitimate companies to disguise themselves and ride the coat tails to quicker profits. Then there are the countries that scam companies like Epay Inc are incorporated in and are presumed to work out of.

Epay Inc describes itself as being registered in Panama and licensed by the Ministry of Finance to conduct financial services , e-wallet services, money transfer services, electronic payments processing, selling and funding debit cards, virtual credit cards and other related activities. This becomes a problem for countries like Panama that allow SCAM companies like Epay Inc
to operate out of their country. SCAM companies that are not shut down by their host country will be viewed by the rest of the world as a SCAM country. When and individual is looking do business off shore and they find that the company they were looking at is in a country with a SCAM reputation it sends up a red flag to move on even though the prospective company may be legitimate. Panama is putting itself in a bad situation with Epay Inc and will receive the same treatment as a SCAM company does from me in the coming months and years. There will be more about this and the web site to expose all those involved in the theft of my money. Epay Inc has but one choice and that is to return my stolen money or it will be destroyed.


The standard for banking and the rapidly increasing world of debit card providers is the fiduciary obligation the bank or card company sets for itself. Some countries where the bank or debit card companies and their associated banks operate out of set the minimum requirements for behavior in order to stay licensed and in good standing. The meaning of good standing in one country may be quit different than that of another so it is up to the prospective customer to live by the old standard of “buyer beware”. How you the prospective customer views a bank or debit card company as a fiduciary for their account holdings should be the primary standard to judge whether to do business with the considered bank or card company. Although I know all to well what a fiduciary is I thought it best to compile a list of legal and banking definitions of just what a fiduciary is. My own personal definition of a fiduciary is: “one who holds and protects the assets of another in accordance to and agreement or applied standard of operation” The definitions given below were taken off the web.

1. A person legally appointed and authorized to hold assets in trust for another person. The fiduciary manages the assets for the benefit of the other person rather than for his or her own profits.

There are several rules that generally define a fiduciary’s responsibilities:
Prudent Person Rule – states that fiduciaries must carry out all duties with the care, skill, prudence and diligence of a prudent person acting in a like capacity and familiar with such matters would use.

Diversification Rule – states that fiduciaries should diversify plan investment alternatives so as to potentially minimize the risk of large losses.

Exclusive Benefit Rule – states that fiduciaries must discharge their duties for the express purpose of providing plan benefits to participants and their beneficiaries and defraying reasonable administrative expenses.

2. A person or legal entity that administers investments for the benefit of others. A fiduciary is legally obligated to safeguard assets in trust in the best interests of those for whom it acts.

3. A person bound to act for someone else's benefit, as a trustee.

4. A person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another

5. The individual officially designated as being responsible for a financial account or activity.

6. A fiduciary is someone who has the responsibility to exercise prudent judgment while acting in the best interest of the client.

Epay Inc as a debit card company has a fiduciary duty to protect the money which their customer deposits with them either directly into the account of the customer or transferred to the customers debit card . Since in the case of Epay Inc the company does not disclose who the card company is means they are directly legally responsible for the theft of money from either the account or the card in which they were either negligent or in my case directly participated in the theft of the money. Epay Inc stole 27 withdrawals from my debit card of $70 each in rapid succession and made up some unknown charge to justify it and then threatened me with legal action if I exposed their SCAM. When I called their bluff and began to expose them on the web Epay Inc went silent which is a sure indication that the company is a SCAM. Epay Inc claims to have an office in Panama so I will have a friend check the address out which will probably prove to be nothing more than a mail box or at best a fake office for appearances. The Panama Government will be notified of my findings and a formal request to shut the company down will be submitted to them. Failure to do so will make Panama just as guilty and the country and individuals in the government will be exposed by their own web site like the one being prepared for Epay Inc Epay Inc can return all of my money with an apology and I may consider stopping my actions. The longer this goes on only will prove the guilt of Epay Inc as a SCAM company and raise their final settlement cost to me.

Christopher Burdge esq. Email:


If you have processed $26,000 through your account then I would consider yourself lucky thus far. I was warned last year by a friend in Europe to get my money out of Epay Inc debit card after the first debacle where they let a hacker get in and repeatedly change my password and put in and order to transfer all my money out to an e-gold account. I contacted Epay Inc and told then they had an intruder in their system that from the actions taken looks like it entered through a back door. Epay Inc at first said that, that was impossible that they had two security firms that constantly moniter their system. They finally admitted after all my money disappeared(was returned after a month) that yes I was right and that they were working on the system.

What happens here with companies like Epay Inc is that they start up possibly with good intentions (most of them not) and because they have no idea about what they are doing, start to lose customer money. They come up with elaborate explanations and then assurances of their quality controls but behind the scene there is kaos. This kaos turns to hopelessness which turns to take one persons money to pay off the other(rob Peter to pay Paul) which turns into finally grab as much as we can and disappear. The complete time line takes about 3 years and Epay Inc has been around for about 2 years so they are right on schedual.

Consider your self lucky and take your money out while you can(if you can). I was warned last year to do the same and even with my experience I decided to stay after looking at Epay again. This proved to be a mistake. Epay Inc is suppose to be registered out of Panama (Panama City). I just got back from Panama yesterday after 2 weeks there and I did not find them and the Mail Box Etc office in Patilla(the rich area of Panama City) said they were not familiar with the company nor could they find a phone number for the delivery of the envelopes I left with them. Mail Box Etc said they would try and have a courier deliver the envelopes for me. Panama has great potential in many ways but allowing companies like Epay Inc allegedly operate out of their country will in the end be the down fall of the country. I plan on setting up a travel and investment web site and my evaluation of Panama and countries like it will be dicusses.

You and others have been warned about Epay Inc with my postings. There will be a seperate website on Epay Inc I am currently writing now that I am back at my computer that will expose the compamy. My sayings are "there is a sucker born every minute" and "fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me". I'm 55 years old and I have been conned before(not for much) because I still want to believe in people. This is why I stayed with Epay Inc last year after the first bebacle against the advice of my friend. So now you have been warned, your choice.

 Post subject: Re: EPAY DEBIT CARD SCAM
PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:45 am 

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Hello Hook and all to the members, really feel glad to join this community and anxious to share my views to all the active members.I know I will learn a lot from other members here.Anyways hope so that I can help you in many ways.
To be honest i would also like to talk about Epayarea!
How can it be the website '' is scam as i am their client past five months and fully satisfied by the services successfully running their cards for my small investment business(forex).I have cobranded cards with my logo and Mastercard brand issued form!That is really nuisance calling Epayarea is scam.
At last if there is still any queries please PM me. :)

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