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 Post subject: Christian Dating Site Members can be a scam Cheveron Oil Rig
PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:28 pm 

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Met a 52 yrs old widowed father with a 16 yr old daughter on the site. Been talking for a little over a week and have received 3 pics of him and 2 of his daughter. The man claims to be out in the middle of the ocean on a cheveron oil rig as a engineer, his 6 year contract ends on Oct. 31, 2010 and is ready to settle down and grow old with his future soul mate. The daughter is living with her maternal grandmother in Nigeria, first red flag. The pics I have received are that of a well groomed, attractive white male, all 3 pics are of the same guy just different ages. The daughter does appear to be a young black teenager, very pretty. All was going well ... plans on coming here to meet me the second week of November and if all went well he was going to relocate to here. I asked for another pic today and he refused. I called him which is a UK cell phone number, and when he answered he was crying. I asked him Bradley what's wrong?? He stated his daughter was involved in a car accident and is in the hospital. The hospital needs him to pay half of her bill so far or else they will discontinue treatment. The hospital needs $3000 but will take half. Chevron will not let him off the oil rig, and he has plenty of money in the bank but no way to access it. Now I'm talking to this guy from his lap-top computer and he can't do any kind of on-line banking..... second and last red flag for me, I'm running. This guy is good, really good, his grammar is excellant, spelling is very good, and he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. I could call the mobile number he gave me at anytime and I could reach him. Now he claims there was a 5 hour time difference between us and he stuck to that story pretty good. his background story was perfect. Born in Coppenhagen, Denmark where his father origionated from, and his mother was American but was there as a military nurse. He moved to America when he was 38 yrs old with his mom and he married in 1993 daughter born in 1994 wife died in 2003 from lung cancer and he's been on the oil rig since 2004. Very smooth talker his screen name on the dating site was caringfrancis55, he went by the name of Francis Bradley Ocher born July 8th 1958. Thank God I never gave this guy any money. Hope this helps keep him from trying it on anyone else. I'm going to attach the hospital report if it will let me. stay safe out there it's a scary place.....
Hello Mr, Ocher good afternoon, i am Dr.Evans Odaka of group medical Hospitals...Warri Delta State Nigeria. i am writing to inform you that your daughter miss Brenda Ocher was involved in a car accident this after on her home from school. According to the good Samaritan who rushed here, she was hit by a hit and run taxi driver.....and i most tell you she is lucky to be alive as we have had cases like this with the patients dieing.we have taken the immediate necessary medical step of treating patients before asking for payment....below is the medical, emergency and x-ray reports of your child....the actual bill for her treatment is $3000...but she will need to make an initial payment of 50% of the above sum now to enable us discharge her and also continue with the treatment.....she will be here until the money is paid .. we advice that you do so immediately as her case is acute and demands immediate attention.

Emergency Room Report

Name of ailment: Broken Ankle

Description: Acute foot and broken ankle.

(Medical Transcription Report)

HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: The patient is a pleasant 16-year-old girl who was going home from school today and was hit by a hit and run driver, which left her with a Broken right ankle and she cannot bear weight on it now. It hurts to move or bear weight.some other minor brusies were also noted. She is in serious pains.



SOCIAL HISTORY: She does not drink or smoke.


MEDICATIONS: Adderall and Accutane.

REVIEW OF SYSTEMS: As above. Ten systems reviewed and are negative.

VITAL SIGNS: Temperature 97.6, pulse 70, respirations 16, blood pressure 120/63, and pulse oximetry 100% on room air.

GENERAL: A pleasant young girl in acute pain and distress.

Focused physical examination, she lacks full range of motion in her right knee.She has pain to palpation over the lateral and medial malleolus. No pain over the Achilles tendon. Pulses are intact. Capillary refill and sensation normal.The pain over the lateral aspect of the right foot has lead to some ecchymosis and swelling. She also has some pain over the dorsum of the foot as well.However laxity is noted.

This is a pleasant young girl with symptoms as above, presenting with a foot and ankle injury. She had an x-ray of her ankle that showed a ossicle versus avulsion fracture of the talonavicular joint on the lateral view. She has pain over the metatarsals themselves. This is a case of broken ankle based upon her exam. She does want to have me to put her in a splint. She was given Motrin here. She will be discharged home to follow up with Dr.Okiemute from Orthopedics.

ASSESSMENT: Acute foot and Broken ankle.

DISPOSITION: Crutches and splint were administered here. I gave her a prescription for Motrin and some Darvocet if she needs to length her sleep and if she has continued pain to follow up with Dr.Okiemute. Return if any worsening problems.

Dr. Evans Odaka
Snr.physician, Group medicals.

 Post subject: Re: Christian Dating Site Members can be a scam Cheveron Oil Rig
PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:16 pm 

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That's definately a scammer.

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