EFCC email to myself has a "VICTIM"
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Author:  CCJJ [ Tue May 26, 2009 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  EFCC email to myself has a "VICTIM"

Today Tuesday May 26, 2009
I came into my emails and once again I get another email that seemed to be fraudulent. The subject was: "ATTENTION: SCAM VICTIM"
I'm very tired when I come to my emails each day and there will be several emails about myself either winning lottery's, or I'm a beneficiary and someone over sea's left me millions of dollars, or emails that I feel are so horrifying when someone has the nerve to say: I'm dying and need to leave my money with someone who will do good with it and spread it out accordingly. And a person has a disease and not much time and use GOD to play out the scammed email with. How these people can do this from Nigeria to the UK and other over seas countries.

So this email was a bit different today, it was supposedly from a Mrs. Farida Waziri with her picture at the bottom of the email.

The email reports that I'm a Victim to being scammed out of Money from Nigeria of over $1,000.00 and the person goes on to say "their fraudulent operations includes:

Karl Ona Cancer Patient
Dating Scams
Check Fraud
Central Bank of Nigeria
Dal Lottery Promotions
Online Job Employment Offers
Deaf United Kingdom Adoptions

It really gets to me, when I get these emails that say I won big bucks or I'm a beneficiary or a long lost relative left me millions.
By the way in the past emails, "No one seems to know my name in any of these Scammed email letters. You would think if I won a lottery someone knew my name."
The letter continues to say: "if I respond to this email and I'm currently in this situation now the scams will not go away until he/she get all my money."
They tell me if I cooperate with them by giving them more information on the fraudulent act committed on me. More details I will be given once I respond to this email.

And this is signed by: Mrs. Farida Waziri,
Chairman Of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria and the Global Community.
The deal here is I never ever gave money out to anyone of these types of emails and scam artist.

So this email letter does not make any sense at all.

Has anyone ever got this type of letter beside me?
Please respond. And I'm talking about the people who never got caught up in ever giving "Scam Artist" money at myself!

Thanks for reading,

Author:  admin [ Wed May 27, 2009 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EFCC email to myself has a "VICTIM"

Just like a Phishing Scam, where they send you an email that says there is a problem with your bank account . . . please click on the link to verify information . . . the scammers just send thousands of these email out in hopes of getting a few people to reply. If they can find your email address online, they will send the email.

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