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Author:  concernedashley [ Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Am I about TO BE SCAMMED

I went to; I had a few responses that I quickly weeded out to be scammers, old ladies about to die that hated her family and wanted to leave her money to someone who would donate 40% to a church 30% to orphanage, and keep the last 30% for my own wealth... and such things like that. Later they stated that the lady died her nurse was contacting me on her behalf to make the transfer. I never fell for those scams, but I had a completely different issue here that doesn't sound like anything I have heard of or researched.
Well After signing up to the site a person contacted me and simply said, how we can help? and signed it frank & karen parker foundation. After rereading, consinplating, and reopening the email over a few days I finally opened up and replied to the message. Timid I first said help with what. they replied that they saw my post on ineedfinancial help and were wlling to help. so I proceeded to explain that I was willing to do charity work for anything they had to offer. He later asked for my phone number, but I never replied. A few weeks later I get and email from the same address saying 'my partner just sent out a check', he gave me the ups tracking number and asked me to reply when I got the check. A couple days later I recieved a $4000 check in the mail through certified mail. I have not replied to the email, but I can't help to wonder why they would pay near $17 to send me a fake check. I have been doing my fair share of research. The return adress is in albany NY ( i googled and saw a street view of the return address), but the bank is vectra bank in denver colorado. I have yet to contact the bank to varify the account. The return address is from a Karen and a last name I can't pronounce. the check also has a Vasario co. and address on it there are no names or phone numbers, and the check is signed by a name I can not clearly read, but does not look like the names in the email or on the return address. Not to mention the frank& karen foundation I couldnt find any information on either. They have not asked for any money or favors in return. but I am skeptical because there was no letter with the check, just a check; and I still can not clear in my mind how/why someone would pay $17 to send a fake check, if there is no potential profit coming out of this for them. they have none of my information, besides the address that was posted on the website. I can't even come up with a way they could potentially make money off me cashing a fake check? any ideas of how this could possibly be a sscam???? :?: :shock: :?: :?

Author:  Rydersmom [ Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  We were scammed for 12,000 USD!!

Dear Willie Sandoval ,

Shipping WorldWide Company is awaiting your last payment of $2500 from you in order to proceed to the next step of the shipping transaction .

After the period of inspection you have to wire only $ 4.600 US Dollars.

Payment must be received by Shipping WorldWide Company before March 02 2009 1:45 PM and we will deliver the caterpillar in the next 5 hours after will will receive this last payment.

The caterpillar will be "In Transit" as soon we receive this last payment and
will be delivered today Monday 02 2009 !

To arrange the transfer, you must go in person at a Western Union Agent

We were fooled!! We looked in a heavy equipment trader and spoke to a guy in california about a piece of equipment he referred us to his website and we agreeed on a purchase of a backhoe. he said he used Online Shipping worldwide... 6 transactions later (western union) we are out of $12,000 dollars! I wish we would've found this before we went through with it!! I cant believe this sick people.

Author:  Rydersmom [ Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Am I about TO BE SCAMMED

have you tried going to the bank and having them take a look at it? Maybe they can tell what kind of check it is.... I would be tempted to cash it :P but then again i just fell for a scam the other day and lost over 12,000!! :(

Author:  jdhurt [ Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Am I about TO BE SCAMMED

Did you find a phone number for the bank? Call the bank and ask. I had received one (actually 2 different ones) my bank credited them to my account. The second one I found the bank on line, called it and was told it was a scam, they were forgeries. So I researced the return address on the the fed ex package, able to find the a person matching the name address on second package. It was a retired couple in another state whose credit card company had called them inquiring about a $75. charge to their account from fed ex. Their card had been scamed.
I bet someone sent the check, later wanting you to send them money??????? Then later the check you received would of bounced sky high and they are out nothing!!! :(

Author:  bee-dubya01 [ Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Am I about TO BE SCAMMED

This guy just sent me this email in response to my inquiry about a moving job posted on F'n craigslist. I swear that site needs to step up their accountability somehow. I don't know what, if anything, that they'd be able to do. Nothing, no doubt. It was sent by a Camhill Dotchman ( There's no way I'm falling for this. Seriously, craigslist needs to really plaster their site about wire transfers, Western Union, and the like. Even more that now, and they need t attach this site (ScamVictimsUnited) to their main page or whatever. I guarantee that more than half of these scams could have been prevented.

Hello How are you doing? It's really nice to hear back from you quickly,it shows your effectiveness and i think I'm going to be satisfied if i let you handle the moving, I'm looking for a good and honest person to help with the loading and moving of the listed items from my old to new apt within the area.

4- Three Sitter Couches
2- center Table
4- 21 inches tv
3- Table Lamps
2- Rug (90 lbs)

I'm willing to pay($750) for moving this items within 45 mins (one or two guys,no stair case or elevator),i think this is a reasonable price since you already have the list of items I'm moving and the distance, it shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours to have this items moved, you will be provided with the date and time by my new landlord, as soon as I'm done making payments to you for the moving he will be taking you to the pick up and drop off address in person immediately i contact him that i have finally paid for the moving service.

I need to know your area and zip code to see if you can do the moving Job fast and quick,This is very Important for me to know??

I want the moving to be done before i get back to the states in June ending, i already made arrangements for the payment and also the keys to the apts,my landlord will be showing you the apts so the locations shouldn't be a problem, he will there to help you, i will be calling the landlord of the old apt so he can be around the house for packing and loading, i will instruct my client to issue and mail out the payment he owes me so you can deduct the $750 which i believe is a reasonable amount for moving the items listed within the area, have the remaining funds wired to the landlord of the new apt via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER so he can bring down the keys to you and he would be available when you drop the items,the remaining funds you will be wiring to the new, landlord is the balance payment for my new apt,I'm only doing this cause I'm presently out of the states and i want things to go perfect before my return.

If you think you can handle this move,kindly get back to me with the

Full Name to appear on the check,
Address, city, state.. where it will be delivered to
Contact Phone number(cell and phone),

I will be waiting to hear back from you, thanks and God bless. Camhill Dotchman (

Author:  admin [ Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Am I about TO BE SCAMMED

bee-dubya01 wrote:
Seriously, craigslist needs to really plaster their site about wire transfers, Western Union, and the like. Even more that now, and they need t attach this site (ScamVictimsUnited) to their main page or whatever. I guarantee that more than half of these scams could have been prevented.

You should suggest that. (If I do it, it looks like I am just trying to get free advertising)

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