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 Post subject: The Godfrey's and christianity
PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:29 pm 

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Watch for scams. Some of their internet presence seems to be gone but more than likely they are just taking a different face and name. They are Emerald Passport International, Profit Masters, Echad Investments International, Chris and Charity Godfrey. Here is my story; I hope you take the time to read it.
Back around July 2006, I was searching for a way to supplement my income like many people. Also, like many people, I went to the internet and was quickly taken by the promise of large sums of money for those who were willing to put some effort into being online a few hours a day. I was doing this already so I felt like I was a good fit for what was being proposed. I then began to invest my hard earned money into one disappointment after another. I was ready to cut my losses which at that point was a few hundred dollars. Then I get a phone call that I was leery of at first but shortly thereafter became another victim of this promise that a team of people will not allow me to fail at succeeding to make my dreams a reality. The phone call was made from a Charity Godfrey, who has from what I see now, several means of luring people into her web of deception. Charity and her husband Chris Godfrey who quickly became the next person in line to coheres me into this madness, have had a large internet presence with their “rags to riches” theme but will never let out how it was being incredibly good scam artist that raked in the cash for them and the worst part of this was that they used Christianity as the basis of their deception with me and I am sure many others. I still cannot remember how I went from telling Charity that I did not have money to invest in any more programs as a result of how much I had already lost to being convinced by her that what I put on my charge cards will be quickly recouped and this was the investment to make everything I wanted to be a reality. The multiple ways they twist on how you can save by buying more really makes me feel like a total idiot today, but Charity was very persuasive. The biggest loss, mind you I was already into a charge of $1999 on one card, was the great event that they do not tell you in out of the country to where you will need a passport and they do not tell you that your $39999 ticket does not cover airfare, hotel, or food. Yes, the cost of $3999 as I came to find was merely for more useless information and the opportunity to be around more people to be scammed by. By the time they had my money and I was aware of the situation I tried to cancel and was told that I signed a contract and it was a done deal. I asked them how I was supposed to come up with all this additional money to cover the expenses that I believed I was paying for and I was told to work with my sponsors at getting sales. I even had to pay an additional $100 on top of all of this to keep the ticket so that I could try to figure out what to do because they had these seminars planned every few months and if you did not go on the one you paid for then you were out the money anyway. I reluctantly tried to work with Charity, who then quickly passed me off to her husband Chris, who then quickly passed my off to their son, Chad. Then there was less help and eventually I was just alone with the whole mess and realized that I had been severely duped and had no way of seeing out of the mess. I then had to contend with credit charges. I consolidated at one point to get a grace period with a temp zero interest. Then my zero interest cards were getting jacked up, one to over 28%. This then led me to looking for personal loans to consolidate my debt. I had a few charges on my credit at the time that was not from internet hell and that was a charge of slightly over $4000 that I used to help me get my oldest son his first car as he graduated from high school and as a single income parent, it was the best I could do for him. The other charges that totaled around $2000 were from needing furniture when I moved with my youngest son into an apartment after leaving a very volatile living environment. I found a social finance group who were providing personal loans at 7.9% and they were called Zopa. I signed a loan with them for $12,000 and after having this loan for over a year at fixed payments; Zopa then sells to USA Federal Credit, who then raises my interest to 9.9%. I still think that whole thing was illegal but not sure what I could have done about it. So here I am several years later in 2010, watching banks and large corporations getting bailed out from our government for essentially bad business practices and then here I sit with less than middle income, still supporting my younger son and my oldest on one income. I still have money coming out of my account every month to pay for a loan that I will never have anything to show for but heartache. I submitted an online grievance for the federal division who manages reports of internet fraud and never got one reply. I guess a hard working individual trying to assure some future for two younger individuals is less important than large corporations and banks whose only concerns seem to be for their own gain.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you know of someone who is seeking to make money online and you want to share my story as warning to them, you have my approval. If you know of anyone who has gone done this same road and was helped to recover from their losses, please let me know if I can contact them. If nothing became of this letter, I can at least know that I did my best to find some peace with what I have anguished about for so long.

 Post subject: Re: The Godfrey's and christianity
PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:17 am 
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Thank you for posting your story. I hope that it not only helps you to get all of this off your chest, but also that by having the information on this message board it can save someone else from going through what you went through.

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 Post subject: Re: The Godfrey's and christianity
PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:14 pm 

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F.Y.I. Chris Godfrey passed away over a year ago.. May GOD have Mercy on his soul..

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