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Author:  JW77 [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:21 pm ]
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I recieved an offer from Bank Plus for a credit card. Funny thing, the bank says they don't send offers for their credit cards. On that note, I'm posting about creditcard/bank fraud on another form.

So, I have attempted contact with my bank, and I get a credit card offer from them with little help. I've sent an email to First National Bank of Omaha to ask for their take on this. It's a great rate (9%), the paper seems legit, it came with disclaimer on the rate (printed on thin, seemingly legit paper), perferated section for easy tear away, paid postage, William A Ray's signature, and 1-800 number attached (I've yet to call).

So you tell me, scam or no scam. Is there a way to find out who owns a domain name, and not ICANN because that was a dead search. I tried BBB, with no luck. I just feel like somethings not adding up. Would a scam artist create such an elaborate mechanism, or am I too cautious.

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