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 Post subject: Performance Media Placement
PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:10 pm 

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This company is owned by Carl Perkins and Duane Brinson under the name PBH LLC or Perkins Brinson Ho. They created the toolbars discussed here: and profited greatly.

The sales people they currently employ sell local PPC advertising with tactics and promises that are clearly against Google TOS. Here is a post on some of the things they promise: ... dae6&hl=en. Here is Googles policy: ... wer=152979

This company uses tactics that are against many of Googles policies and laws in some areas.

Cold Calling and automated calls that are illegal in many states:

Spam: ... jKWaIeRg/3 ... 27204.html ... 28532.html ... eyll-go-to

As you can see Google is against the main selling points of this company and what the employees “guarantee”:
* “Deceptive or non-transparent pricing…discounts on keywords, exception to the auction (don’t have to pay by CPC, etc.), ability to purchase keywords in bulk…” – This company promises unlimited keywords and clicks at a flat monthly fee. How many PMP customers receive expense or click reports that show the Adwords budgeting?
* “Selling AdWords as ‘listings’, implying permanence” – This is in many of their resellers names and in the name of the site that carries the Google qualification.
* “Guaranteeing certain ad placement, or that ads will appear at all times” – As you can read in forum replies, company sites, employee profile pages and fake testimonials from ignorant PMP employees, the main selling points are statements such as this: “We DO get our clients on the first page of Google in the sponsored link section 24/7 with unlimited clicks…” This promise can be found from employees here: ... yon_CA.htm

For any current customers that want to see if this guarantee of 24/7 first page placement is being upheld ask for an “Impression Share Report”. This report will tell you the percentage of time the ads were shown during a specific time period. Every keyword and ad should show 100%; if not, the first page 24/7 guarantee has been broken which is a violation of their own contract and grounds for a 100% refund. Request to receive this report directly from Google to avoid any possible manipulation from any employees of this company. The best bet would be to request Report Access to the account. Then you will be able see the data directly from the Google Adwords website.

More deceit from the company is the use of the qualification logo as can be seen here:
h ... &lev=index ... 2a43&hl=en

Both Perkins and Brinson worked for Search Initiatives (Now Elocal, Elocallistings, Elocalplumbers, etc.) until they were both “let go” for unknown reasons when the company formed Elocal.

Do not be fooled by promises of “exclusivity”, 24/7 first page placement, unlimited clicks and other false claims. The company has been known to break many contracts and attempts to force its employees to lie and terminates them if the truth is ever told.

Here are just a couple of the many URL’s the company uses: – AKA “One Top Firm” that has a history of its own: ... redux.html ... Technology

Below are some resources to report any wrong doings you may feel this company may be performing: ... t&hl=en_US ... px?panel=2 ... allist.php ... eslist.php

Do you believe you are owed a partial or full refund? Below is some advice on how to ensure your company receives the advertising as agreed upon. If you find an advertising company has not performed according to their contract it is best to approach them with the evidence and provide your side to try and work out an acceptable solution. If no reasonable solution can be agreed upon there is another solution to possibly getting a full or partial refund. This should only be done if nothing can be worked out between you and the company and all communication breaks down. Call your bank to dispute the charges or chargeback. Only call your bank and dispute the charges for the reason(s) you feel the company did not perform as "guaranteed". In order to truly know if the company is performing as promised good record keeping from the beginning is necessary.

Here are some tips that could be followed:
* Request everything any sales person tells you on the phone or in person in writing and/or get permission to record the phone call for your records. This is extremely important as "guarantees" are made by certain sales people that Google employees "...have no problem saying that all of these claims are completely false." As you can read here: ... dae6&hl=en
* Request, in writing, how much of your monthly fee will be spent on Adwords and/or the other PPC providers.
* Request "Read Only Access" to your Google Adwords campaign. You will be able to view the account to inspect keywords, ads, check the pricing and other valuable statistics like the amount of clicks and overall cost. You wont have the ability to make changes, but having access to this information to print out for your records is EXTREMELY important.
* If report access is refused or you just want to receive the reports, ask them to set up a regular schedule and send you these reports: Overall Campaign report showing pricing and all keywords and ads being used, Search Query Performance report, Impression Share Report, Keyword Performance Report, Ad Performance Report and Geographic Performance Report. These reports should come directly from Googles email:
* Check the placement of your ads regularly both in Google and using this tool: ... reviewTool. If your ad cannot be found take and save screenshots for your records.

If you look over all this information and you feel the performance is not as expected, talk to the company first to maybe gain a better understanding of the information and/or see what adjustments can be made to coincide with the promises made by the sales person. If there is a refusal to stick to the "guarantees" made by the company all the information above could be given to your bank to review your dispute. If you have not been directed to read and/or sign a contract, ensure to emphasize this point to your bank. Below are links showing some guarantees made by the company and the promise of "NO CONTRACTS": ... yon_CA.htm ... 143116.htm ... uccessful/
These can be printed out and sent to the bank as well.

 Post subject: Re: Performance Media Placement
PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:33 pm 

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I am an employee of PMPand proud of it
Marianne Agnello - Laguna Hills (United States of America)

I have worked for Performance Media Placement for over a year now. I am so happy to say that the majority of our clients are very happy with the services we provide them. We DO get our clients on the first page of Google in the sponsored link section 24/7 with unlimited clicks and the all the pertinent key words. We are a month to month service so we absolutely do everything we can to get the results our sales people promise our clients. Just this morning a limo company in Napa let his rep here know that instead of dusting off his limos he is now booked thanks to our company. Last week we got an email from another client that is putting his campaign on pause because he is getting so much business that he can't handle all of it due to the campaign we ran for him. We will hold the cites he advertises with us in and not charge him until he is ready to get up and running again. He raved about the service he gets from us and about his rep. Yesterday one of our client added a bunch more cities to his campaign. His monthly fee went from $400 to $1500. I'm quite sure that would not have happened if this client was not thrilled by the results we are getting for him. These are just three true examples of the feed back we receive periodically. We have had a few sales people who were not being honest and they were fired. I would not work for a company who scam people out of their hard earned money. I am proud to work for Carl Perkins at Performance Media because I know we are helping people, especially in this horrible economy. I feel good when I lay my head on my pillow at night. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them for you 888 248 2488 ext 108 Thank you for your time.

 Post subject: Re: Performance Media Placement
PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:07 pm 

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If PMP is such a great company at performing these first page, unlimited click and keyword campaigns that produce massive conversions, why do they not use any PPC service themselves? If they are so great at map placement and other SEO, why can they not be found for ANY relevant keywords surrounding their business?

Another thing, why does PMP list that they advertise for people on sites like Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, AOL, etc. as shown on every homepage of their "resellers"? Where are the terms non-existent for these listings in the PMP "contract" that many sales people, IN WRITING, say do not exist?

Another point, the FAQ on the PMP site states that every client get access to Google Analytics and phone tracking from, yet this code can not be found on the landing pages. Why is that? If there is an extra fee for these programs I would imagine it would be stated somewhere within the site, yet it is not.

Are these examples of "Bait and Switch"? That is left up to interpretation, but here is what the FTC has to say:

-Begin Quote-
"Sec. 238.0 Bait advertising defined.1

Bait advertising is an alluring but insincere offer to sell a product or service which the advertiser in truth does not intend or want to sell. Its purpose is to switch consumers from buying the advertised merchandise, in order to sell something else, usually at a higher price or on a basis more advantageous to the advertiser. The primary aim of a bait advertisement is to obtain leads as to persons interested in buying merchandise of the type so advertised.

Sec. 238.1 Bait advertisement.

No advertisement containing an offer to sell a product should be published when the offer is not a bona fide effort to sell the advertised product. [Guide 1]

Sec. 238.2 Initial offer.

(a) No statement or illustration should be used in any advertisement which creates a false impression of the grade, quality, make, value, currency of model, size, color, usability, or origin of the product offered, or which may otherwise misrepresent the product in such a manner that later, on disclosure of the true facts, the purchaser may be switched from the advertised product to another.

(b) Even though the true facts are subsequently made known to the buyer, the law is violated if the first contact or interview is secured by deception."
-End Quote-

Please "Marianne", answer relevant questions about the company practices and other points brought up as opposed to performing "Reputation Management" the company talks about within their many sites.

 Post subject: Re: Performance Media Placement
PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:42 pm 
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Before this turns into a situation like some of the other threads we have had on this board, I want to step in and say

    No name calling
    No threats
    Facts only
    Links to supporting documents are fine as long as they do not have anyone's personal contact info that they did not give permission to be posted

We at Scam Victims United can (and will) edit or delete any post that we feel does not follow these rules. People who choose not to follow these rules may be banned from this message board without warning by the moderator or site admin.

There . . . everyone play nice.

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 Post subject: Re: Performance Media Placement
PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:39 pm 

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I have a couple of friends who used to work here. I do secret shoppers for employment. I was told about what goes on in this company. The owner hires workers as support to help out sales reps. The support helps out the sales reps by taking care of the clients that signs up (old or new). The owner does not care about the clients...every 3-4 months he finds flaws in employees and fires them and hires new ones. As for the sales team...over 400ppl have walked out!!... I do not want future job applicants to be treated this way. I was told the pay really sucks!!... The owner is a constant foul language user 24/7 and even during interviews. The company is a joke and he is a company owner who has issues. The clients are being sugar coated to fork over their cash so the company can stay in business. The economy is bad enough world wide and having ppl be treated with no respect (employees) / clients not being cared for but only their checkbook!!

anyone who is applying for this company - BE WARE!!!!!!

The Sales Reps (few cares for clients) others just pass it on to support team. If client wants to cancel then the owner gets involved for conference call and tries to prevent them from canceling because he will lose money and cant tell clients truth.

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