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 Post subject: EBAY PAYPAL SCAM Please help!
PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:57 pm 

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:( I am currently involved with a fraud of my own involving a $95,000 Dodge Viper.

My story start off by putting the car up for sale on ebay with payment linked to the online service paypal. A interested buyer contacted me from the U.S. and went about asking many questions about the car and informed me that they owned a car dealership and were very interested in purchasing the car.
The person then went about purchasing the car off ebay with the buy it now option for payment to be transferred through paypal. Paypal does not allow a purchase that high to be transferred unless the payment is broken up into $10,000 payments.. I called paypal and they informed me that the buyer would have to send seperate payments to cover the price of the car. In the meantime the buyer was making arrangements to come to Canada and pick the car up. The buyer was going to fly into Toronto airport and drive the car back to Ohio. I expressed to the buyer that when the payment clears paypal they could come and pick up the car. Reason one for waiting for the payment to clear is to pay out my car and transfer ownership to the new buyer before the car leaves the country. Reason two was to make sure the funds were actually going to be in my account before the car is picked up.
The buyer notifies me that the payment is made to paypal but it is paid with an e check that takes 7 days to clear. I notify the buyer that until it clears the car can not be picked up. The buyer then explains that he already has a flight booked into Toronto for Friday and the money is to clear the paypal on Monday. Either way I still contact paypal and they explain to me that the money is covered no matter what happens and that it would be ok to release the car to the buyer considering they are coming to pick it up.
The person shows up to pick the car up at the airport and I pick them up under the impression no matter what happens paypal is going to cover the funds. The buyer proceeds to pick the car up and drive it back to Ohio. When Monday comes I call paypal and they say the money did not clear and that they are not in any position to cover the funds. Leaving me with no car and no funds. In the mean time I report the car stolen to the police based on fraud of funds. The insurance company is also notified of what has happened and starts an investigation. Chrysler finance is also notified of the theft of the car and it is explained that they will not be getting the payment that is owed on the car because it is not in my possession. Then Chrysler finance contacts the insurance company and tells them that the cars is in the rears and they think I might of had something to do with the car being stolen. After a investigation the insurance company clears me of anything to do with what happened but also takes no responsibility for the theft because they say it was a fraud on funds and they will not cover that. The local police in Ohio contact me saying they have come across my car parked in front of a house in Ohio with no plates on it and want to know if I gave the car to the buyer because when questioned they told the police it was given to them. While this is all happening Chrysler is bothering me for payment on the car and threatening to take action against me if I don't give them funds. When my insurance company decides they have nothing to do with covering the stolen car Chrysler decides the recovery is a repo. At no time did Chrysler contact me to recover the car or to make up the missed payment when the car was recovered by them. I was informed by the Ohio police that Chrysler has told them that the car is now considered a repo. The police could not lay charges on the people involved because Chrysler and my insurance company decided it was not a theft or fraud.
Now Chrysler is going to take me to court for the remaining balance on the car after they sold it at auction. The first letter they sent me was to pay $89,000 in seven days to pay the car out. The second letter they sent me was for payment of $35,000 to pay the difference in price after they sent the car to auction. At no time did Chrysler offer to make arrangements for me to make the missed payment and get the car back just for 100% buy out on the car.
Now I am left with a law suit by Chrysler and no car while the fraudsters walk free to rob someone else. I am currently trying to get representation to help me with this case but don't know how to even get started or who to contact that would specialize in this area. I would like to clear my credit of the repossession and to make the people responsible pay for the crime. I would also like to go after paypal but the lawyer I spoke to has no idea how to go about suing a Internet company.
If you can offer me any help in this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you could point me in the right direction to contact the right people to protect myself from the Chryslers lawyers.

I know it is a long email and thanks in advance for taking the time to read it.

 Post subject: Re: EBAY PAYPAL SCAM Please help!
PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:35 pm 

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I noticed you placed this a couple of days ago, I've read it and I feel for you. I would feel very helpless without legal help on this one. One thing that comes to mind is to find out who monitors paypal. Everyone and everything is kept in check by someone, paypal must have someone that monitors their dealings, whether it is the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or FTC (Federal Trade Commission). I hope you have some emails or documentation, it all boils down to proof on something as nasty as what you have on your hands. You must have some records between you and your scammer's dealings; take them to civil court, if the criminal system failed you, with documented proof I cannot imagine a judge or jury not finding in your favor. Good luck, and sorry again about your misfortune.
PS. I am NOT an attorney and this is just my opinion. One thought about your posting: you mention in more than one occasion what the insurance company, Chrysler or paypal have to say "...we're not responsible". Chrysler taking legal action is very typical by a big corporation to bully you into submission. Find legal help on this one and don't take their "...we're not responsible" answers for gospel; I found that it is almost standard practice for companies not to admit responsibility when it is not clear cut, many times it takes a court hearing to prove them wrong. You might be able to recover legal fees as well if you win. Also the exposure that an attorney will get from such litigation motivates them to take these cases free of charge, they recover fees from the defendants.

 Post subject: Re: EBAY PAYPAL SCAM Please help!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:39 am 
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In your post this seems to be a very quick situation, the way you explain sounds like only a couple of days passed, but working for a bank I know this had to take place over at least 4 months maybe more. In essence you turned your car over to a person of your own free will on the assumption you would get your money. Many insurance companies will consider that culpable negligence. Chrysler had called you because the car was past due, you said that. I am sure during your conversations with Chrysler they informed you they were going to pick up the car, you obviously told Chrysler where the car was and they told their repo agent.

You need a good lawyer, you have an uphill battle. I would press charges in Ohio against the person that sent you the paypal.................

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