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Author:  admin [ Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:33 pm ]
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I wanted to introduce you to the site, which was started after the founders had an encounter with a Craigslist scammer. The allow you to enter the email address of the person that scammed you, and then others can come and search that database.

While we all know that the database will never be complete and totally up to date, because scammers change their email addresses faster than some people change their socks, this is another resource that people can tap into.

Remember, just because the email address of the person that you are dealing with is NOT on this site, that does not mean that they are not a scammer . . . it just means no one has reported them yet. If the situation that they want you to enter into involves a cashier's check, money order or traveler's check and wiring money then it is a scam for sure.

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