Gave out my bank info
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Author:  kuey [ Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Gave out my bank info

So this potential roommate wanted to wire me the moving deposit and first month payment, for some reason specifically to Royal Bank of Canada. I thought, sure why not, since I got my mom's approval and she already warned me not to accept excess money. I gave her my mom's bank account information (not her main account). Next day, I received a "blocked" call from Christen's "dad" and he tells me that I need to help them pay for Christen's car being shipped/delivered to MY HOUSE by TOMORROW NIGHT and that he will transfer the deposit, September rental, and delivery money to me (well my mom) by TOMORROW. At this point I was a little suspicious but still kind of agreeing to it, saying that I will ask my mom about it first since it's her account and she probably can't even get to the bank tomorrow before it closes since she works from 9-5. My thought process was kind of like: oh well he's paying for it anyways... but wait.. can we even withdraw the cash right after he wires it.. probably not... and we probably don't have the time to help him do his crap anyways. My mom totally rejected the idea, saying it was a scam.. so yeah I emailed Christen (he told me to contact his daughter with my answer..) saying we definitely cannot help them with this matter and they should contact the company or whatever to deal with them directly and possibly pay with credit card or something. No answer from her/him afterwards.

So now I'm wondering, is my mom's bank account or my mom's identity in danger?

Original email copy and pasted below. After receiving email from this person, I keep receiving other scams too. They are always random-letter email addresses at first and then after I reply them, they reply back with a more realistic name/email address. They also all have the same subject lines which is "((MY ADVERTISEMENT TITLE HERE)) (map) Date: ((DATE HERE)), ((TIME HERE)) PDT Reply to: ((MY CRAIGLIST EMAIL HERE))", and their first email is always asking if the room is still available. One of newer emails even asked me about parking space again, and asked for my RBC account details.. only after one email exchange.

I checked out this chick on Facebook and she just created her account at the beginning of July, with not many friends. Her profile picture also didn't look like she was 18.. maybe 20-25, and slutty.

Hi There!

How are you?please let me know if the room posted is still available for rent.



Thanks for getting back to me to tell you little about me My name is Christen Elizabeth,I'm 26 year old female,... I love music and movies a lot but not around much since school work is pretty heavy. I enjoy having a couple friends over once in a while but not a party person. I am honest, adventurous, friendly, I do keep a clean house and respect to others,i don't smoke,don't do drug and drama free as well i do really love pets but i don't have any at the moment if you don't like it then ill keep off from it... I finished my degree in UK, I am single and have no children... I do bible study sometimes we do karaoke night with my roommates then! I go to church every Sunday...All this is just a little about me and i think you know more by the time we been together if possible. Please I need to secure this place for myself before my arrival to your place as I'll be moving in with my luggage. Please i need someone who is open minded for real to stay with,i make people smile always and i want in return. I will be in the place by 10th of August for the next one year for my masters degree.

As regards the rental application,i want you to send it to me for my review,i will eventually have it filled and signed on my arrival in your place as i am of the opinion that such documents are best filled and signed physically.It can be prepare in my name "Christen Elizabeth"

My back ground; I was born in England (UK), my dad is from USA but my mum is from UK both of them lives in UK... I went to University of Buckingham, England i speak both French and English,am presently on research work at Santa Rita Guam USA,i am almost done with that because its part of my prequisite for my masters in Microbiology. I would have loved to call you but this is a remote area calls is hard to go through from here. I really have interested in renting from you but I won't be able to see the place before my moving in because of the distance between us,but with pictures I will be glad to see it.Please let me know if you have a garage or parking space because I will have my own car come over,I want to know the total payment of the place and more over I will send your email to my dad for him to email you later because he is the one that will be handling the rent fees on my behalf but nevertheless,I will like you to send me your full name and the physical address,your phone number as well,so that my Dad can issue out the payment to you as soon as possible,Dad also told me it will be very easier to transfer the funds to you within a day if you are banking with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)... with that you can hold on the place for me till my arrival. I will be looking forward to your email soonest. You can contact my Dad at his cell phone number (+44 70457 46152).

Kindly get back asap,Thus,Further proceedings can take place and look forward to meet you.

My Regards


Author:  Janez [ Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gave out my bank info

So now I'm wondering, is my mom's bank account or my mom's identity in danger?

Tell your mom to call the bank ASAP and have them reverse the transfer. The money came from a stolen credit card or they used someone else's bank information. Have her tell the bank what is going on. After the bank has reverse the transfer have her close that account. I hope her other bank account is NOT linked to the one where the money was transferred to.

Also tell your mom to notify the three credit reporting agencies and put a FRAUD ALERT on her credit reports. Or what ever type of report they have in Canada. She can also add a consumer statement on her credit reports. Something like: Do not extend credit without first calling me at (her phone number) or writing me at (her address). This will help prevent her from becoming a victim of identiy thief.

My mom totally rejected the idea, saying it was a scam

I am glad for both you and your mom that she realized it was a scam. Had you withdrawn any of the money when the bank found out, your mom would have had to pay the money back. I am not sure what the laws are in Canada.

As far as the other emails you are receiving mark them as spam and delete them. Do not respond to them. They have passed your email address around to other scammers or are emailing you from different accounts. If you do not respond to any of the emails they will stop at some point in time.

Author:  kuey [ Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gave out my bank info

Nothing's happened to her bank account yet, no balance changes or anything. She's been checking on it. Should we still do a report?

Author:  admin [ Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gave out my bank info

kuey wrote:
Nothing's happened to her bank account yet, no balance changes or anything. She's been checking on it. Should we still do a report?

YES!!!! Still report it! Reporting it and putting a Fraud Alert basically forces more verification on things before anything happens, and more protection from something going through. If she is just checking the balance and then sees a change, by then she is a victim . . . this can catch it BEFORE that happens.

And if this is not her MAIN account I would look into closing it down and not using it at all.

Author:  Davetupniak [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gave out my bank info

I just received the exact same e-mail. Such a scam.

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