I am Just wondering if this is a scam.
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Author:  impagent42 [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  I am Just wondering if this is a scam.

Hi there,

I got the following e-mail for an ad I have on craigslist.

Am interested in the Room you placed on here and would like to know if its still available.Here is a little information about myself,my name is John Webb,i am 35years old,at present i am based in the United States, but will be relocating in a couple of weeks.I am asocial and friendly person,i drink occasionally and a nonsmoker. I like meeting people,i am an introvert by nature and i get along with most people easily,i don't party too much,I'll be coming soon and my reason for moving is because i have a job offer and the pay is very good,i will be working as a Database Administrator on oracle,I can assure you that you will not have any regrets letting out your apartment to me and having me as a room mate.I will be coming over alone,with no family or pets.if you need any other information please feel free to ask,you can contact me by .Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. yours with all sincerity.

John Webb

This is what I sent him a couple days later.

The Room is still available. Are you looking for something temporary or long term?

This is what he replied with today.

Thank you for your quick response,i appreciate it and it seems everything will be perfect at your place.I intend on coming over to Canada in like 2 weeks from now and would love to have made payment for the place and every other thing before i come because my employer will be paying for it.I don't mind if the room is not ready by the time i come,i can always stay in an hotel till its ready.Well I'm having one or two problems but i guess i could solve them this way.
My employer will be sending you payment for the place but it might be excess of the amount for the rent plus damage deposit,kindly deduct the amount for the room and send the rest to my shipper who will be shipping my car and other personal effects before i move into your place.I wont be bringing much over as i intend to buy most afresh there. But my PC will be coming with me surely & other personal belongings.If this is OK with you.kindly email me back your name to make out the payment & your address to have it sent to. I will be needing your phone number as well.I will also appreciate it if you give me a detailed amount of what i will be paying both for rent and damage deposit.Thank you so very much for understanding.

Warm Regards!!!

This was my reply.

Before I agree to let you move in, I just have a few questions.

1. What is the name of the company you are going to work for?
2. Are you looking for a room that is furnished or unfurnished?
3. Is there a phone number I can contact you at?


I am just wondering if anyone thinks this is a scam. My main tip off is that I asked him one question and he didn't answer it but went into detail about moving.


Author:  ximora [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I am Just wondering if this is a scam.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is definately a scam... I wouldn't reply any more to this one.... they'll send you a "bogus" check/money order and say that there is some sort of "overpayment" and/or request you "wire" the money to another individual or "moving company"... the check will be counterfeit and if you try to cash it you could be arrested as someone "involved" in the scheme... move on and don't reply to any more emails...

Your best bet is to "always" deal locally...

Author:  impagent42 [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I am Just wondering if this is a scam.

Thank you for you quick reply. That is what I will do.

Author:  chicagonative13 [ Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I am Just wondering if this is a scam.

It is most definitely a scam, this very same guy contacted me as well:

Hello how are you doing? I just want to know if the tutor lesson still
available for my son for a month he is 14 years old, I want you to
calculate the cost of 1 hour per day for three days in week for the
whole a Month and email me the total cost..Hope to read back from you

and then:

Thanks for getting back to me and everything sound good to me, Am
John by name, I will like my Son to relocate to your (CITY) for
holiday His name is Terry and is 14 years old .I want him to be busy
in the time of the day, because Am right now in CANADA for business
trip..and it will be a month that is why i want him to be at your
lesson Center , Am okay with your price and i have decided to let him
attend to your lesson and he will be coming 1 hour's per day in the
Afternoon, also get back to me with your own convenient time and days
you want my son to be coming in 3 days in a week and when you will be
available to start with my son next week, i haves Someone that will
always drives him down to your lesson center..I will be happy if you
can help my son because my son is highly interested in your tutor
lesson and he can avoid to miss it..and i will be happy if you can
show him some love i will like you to teach him piano lesson thanks
Kindly get back to me with your information below to be on the

YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER...(i can text you)

The reason why i need the information is that the payment will sent to
you through Ups Or FedEx Courier,So that the courier can deliver the
payment to you. Hope you understand me now.Thanks and hope to read
from you soon

Best Regards

and another:

OK.. Angela Am glad to hear from you..and that is exactly Piano lesson
Terry needed..and his very interested when i explain to him.. and
thanks for the information you get back to me, Everything sound good
to me and am okay with you.. and i will instruct my secretary to issue
out the payment to you asap and for confirmation,And as soon as you
receive the payment....And Terry will now have access to come for the
lesson, More so i want to tell you that the Payment will come from
fedex Or ups Currier to you in excess payment which is over payment
which will included the nanny fees on the check am sending to you,
because the nanny will need the rest money to relocate to your
location with my son for the tutor lesson....Please as a good teacher
i will want you to help me to handle this payment with care and with
the instruction when you receive the check....When the tutor start in
two week time if you take good care of my son i will compensate you
for another extra $100 for the tutor lesson of son. As soon as you
receive the payment you will deduct your own money for the tutor
lesson of my son for the 1 month and you will have the rest money send
to the nanny, the nanny information to send the rest money will be
email to you as soon as you receive the check.. i will instruct my
secretary to issue out the payment to you asap. Hope i can trust you
with nanny fund and you will handle this for me and i will be happy if
my son achieve his aim in future and Try and show him some love and
caring..... pls email terry for any question

Right then is when I got super suspicious and I asked the guy to please confirm his company's name, his Nanny's name, and what number I could reach her at. I also told him that I'd done a search on his email address and found an ad he'd posted literally hours before contacting me in a state that's about 12 hours away from my own. In his ad, he asked for a chinese tutor to teach his kids Mandarin, and when I questioned him, he said he "forgot" he posted the ad and that his son changed his mind. He never answered my inquiries, so I emailed him and asked him to never contact me again, and that his "son" would need to find a new teacher.

This scammer also goes by the name of jenfica, as I got a very similar email from this person as well:

How is weather over there, I just want to know if the tutor lesson
still available for my son for a month he is 15 years old, He will
come down to you and i want you to calculate the cost of 2 hour per
day for two days in week for the whole a Month and email me the total


Don't ever trust someone who can't string two English words together. I didn't even answer this person. Beware!

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