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 Post subject: SCAM-incredible
PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:42 am 

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Hi there,
I was looking for a room mate because I will travel abroad soon and I was not aware of the word "SCAM" because in my country we don`t know anything about that. I asked everybody and they told me to write back to that guy because it sounds good. I am a very critical person though. It took 5-6 weeks to recognize that there was something smelly going on.
We wrote back and forward till I realized he`s asking me the same questions over and over again, even though we agreed at a point to meet and discuss the payment as soon as I arrive in Canada. I always stop conversations when it comes to stupid people and run far away. Here at this point I was about to do that. But a friend told me to keep that offer.

More than that he was asking me to forward his business with the payments to some friends in Canada. I am so lucky that I don`t know anybody there and I told them I can`t help him with this.
I woke up when I asked him to send me some pics and he sent me some pictures showing a really nasty ugly unfurnished house, did not fit to his description with the fully furnished house with electronics at all. How stupid!
2nd he wrote me weeks later another email with an identical content like the very first email he sent to me. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!
3rd his language was awful sometimes, aggressive and his English grammar was very bad.
4th I received a second Email with a similar story like this one, but with a different name called Johnson.
5t they ignored my questions all the time (that drives me crazy-ignorant people), I asked for telephone numbers and their addresses
I recognized lots of similarities between those two persons, but Johnson asked me to sent money. I don`t send money to persons I don`t know!
Both Johnson and Moore already decided to have me as a roomie and I was amazed of their good heart to pick me. All the other persons there on that room mate web page never answered to my emails, for me it was strange to suddenly get such a great offer compared to others who do not even write back to me, seeing probably an international number and an international email.


> >> > > > > My name is DEREK MOORE ,I am 40 years old and i am an european.I come to the states often mostly for business purposes cos i deal mostly in jewellry.I supply watches,bracelets,wedding rings and jewellry to stores in the states and europe.Infact that is my family business cos we are from UK.I bought a house last year in CANADA i love it there....
> >> > > > >
> >> > > > > It is peaceful and with a loving neighbourhood.Unfortunately my father passed away on the 10th of MARCH 2009 and as the only son in my family i have to go and take care of the family business back in the UK and i realised that it will be very difficult to supply goods to my clients again in the United states while am away and it will definitely cost me a lot to come over to receive payments cos they pay mostly in checks and money orders .So to run the business from there it will be difficult and will be impossible especially the aspect of payment and i dont also want to lose my clients or customers there . So what i intend doing is that i am looking for some one to stay at my house free of charge.......
> >> > > > >
> >> > > > > I dont want to sell the house cos i just bought it.I am simply looking for someone that is honest and trustworthy and clean for two reasons 1. to maintain the house when i am away and 2..To help me receive payments from my clients within the USA on my behalf in his/her name and have it cashed cos they pay mostly checks and money orders and have the funds wired to me here in the UK thru money gram transfer/western union transfer . you dont have to pay me a dimme for the accommodation. its just for the purpose of keeping my business going on in the United state.and if you wanna keep this assignment as a job let me know so i can allocate 10% on each payment that you receive that is if at all, you dont wanna live in the house or if you are far from the house...........
> >> > > > >
> >> > > > > The house is a great one with clean bathrooms,walk in closet,A gym,All rooms and living room furnished with electronics and very close to any means of transportation .If you are interested in handling my business in the state and keeping the house neat,send me an email to my email address on:
> >> > > > > {}
> >> > > > > {}
> >> > > > >
> >> > > > > please send me your:
> >> > > > > Full name:
> >> > > > > Contact Address:
> >> > > > > Phone number:
> >> > > > >
> >> > > > > Thanks
> >> > > > > DEREK MOORE


Thanks for your mail and for your response. The apartment is ready for immediate move in and like I said it is located in:Vancouver cool and nice area.but before i start telling you about it, it is only right that I let you know more about me being your potential flatmate so that you can know somethings about me.
My Name is janel johnson, and I am a 42 year old easygoing female. My Hobbies are swimming, reading and traveling. Infact, I have being to the Canada, Usa and also recently london. I also like hanging out with friends and associating with people but I have not had the opportunity to hang out with my friends as I have being busy with my studies and also as I am looking to have my masters very soon. :) My Dad used to live here in this apartment with my Family but we later moved to danvers where he passed away and I am the only one in this apartment although my mother is still in danvers overseeing my late father's business.
About my apartment, It is a three bedroom apartment and as I live in one room of the apartment, I have two rooms ready for move in. The apartment have the following amenities:
Internet connectivity. (Broadband)
Heating and cooling system.
Phone connectivity
Car Space, et.c
You will have free and unlimited access to all part of the apartment, the Kitchen, the living room and of course except my room :)) and you can also have your own visitors.
The rent for the room is 400$ and this includes the utility bills(all included) and you will be required to pay a security deposit of 600$. This security deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your stay in my apartment.
I hope it suits you well and if you have any more questions you can surely ask me, I would be glad to send you the pictures of my flat and also the tenement agreement so that we can conclude and you can eventually move in.Regards and waiting to read from you soon,


How are yo doing today?I am in London now on a internship project attached to a firm and I have being sent by my firm to supervise and would be back by the ending of middle of Oct, you decided to be my potential roommate and commitment fee of which I speak is one of the payment that is supposed to be in the room I ask you to pay this to make sure I have a roommate so I can tell people that the maintenance of im sending me that I already have a roomie.and money for months to the east of utilities.and 400$ with a 600$ fee which is the deposit and is refundable to you after your salary in my apartment, I want you to pay for this commitment fee 600$ + the rent fee 400$,I want you to pay for this information via Western Union or Money Gram.
STATE ................... LONDON
Postcode ................. SE5 OHQ
then you come back to me with the name of the sender, the amount sent and the transfer of money without control. try as much as possible to make the payment today, so I can prepare your payment and form of agreement. so I await you until your arrival.and remember to send photos of you and hope to hear from you soon Janel care As soon as i have confirmed you as my flatmate, I would send you the Keys to the apartment by mail and also send the contract documents and receipt as well.

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