Modern version of old Fly-By-Night rental scam /Verania Lane
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Author:  EyesWideOpenInNC [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Modern version of old Fly-By-Night rental scam /Verania Lane

I advertise on Craig's list and am used to most of the scams that run there (foreign, bad grammar/spelling, want to send a check that is no good) but this week I got something new.

This particular woman, who was using the screenname Verania Lane,, and said she was moving to this area in Orlando. Her English was bad and she avoided giving any independently-verifiable information; when I pressed, she became beligerant but still never gave any info. All red flags. I did find someone by that name working in her alleged field in Orlando, but she simply could have lifted that identity from the same website I saw. (I read a report of someone who claimed to be a famous doctor but was just a fraud.)

It occurred to me that if you don't know anything other than a name someone gives you (could be false), you could be inviting a thief to tour your house, see your valuables and learn the layout so they can return at a later time to rob--and you'd have absolutely no information to give the police.

I think this chick might be one of the old traditional "fly by night" rental scammers who get in, don't pay (or check bounces), and either can't get out or leave in the middle of the night right before court action, stealing a few things on the way out the door, which I first encountered as a property manager 30 years ago. I bet the economy--and landlords getting wise to the new kinds of internet scams--is gong to lead to more and more of this kind. (I'm also encountering a lot of potential renters lying about employment.)

Here's some of her emails:

Hello, I'm a professional female relocating to Raleigh.
I have a job already as a counselor in Downtown area.
I'll like to know a bit more about your renting conditions.
Long term desirable?
How many more occupants live in the house?
Safety of area-my job require for me to travel, I want a safe place to drive to and from home in the evenings.
What is your zip code? (My job is in zip code 27603)
I'm a bit familiar with Gresham Rd/Capital Rd, when I visited a friend and I was there for my interviews.
Thank you so much, please let me know if you prefer that I call you over the phone.
Verania from Orlando.

I responded: Where will you be working? (for whom) and what hours? At this time there is just me here, although I could rent two rooms. Let me know if still interested

I'll be working for a counseling services for the youth and families. I'll be visiting their homes in the evenings and meeting at my office 3 times a week. Has you rented before to other people? I'm looking for an stable environment-meaning I prefer to know who is living in the premises, vs estrangers. What is your zip code? Thanks!

My response: yes, I've rented to others, but I've owned and lived in this house for many years. I understand your desire for security, as I am a single woman, but I'm pretty picky, and guarantee that I've never had any problem with anyone here. To that end, I'd like to know the name of the agency/organization you are working for, and hours, so I can confirm employment.

I'm understand your interest about verification of employment to secure your rent. Prior to verifying employment are you interested at all to know a bit more about a prospect tenant? Legal status, reason for relocating,etc? The financial status of an individual is a priority, however the must important aspect for me to live with estrangers is mainly: personality, habits, emotional stability, and also age is a very important factor. Specially since you mentioned the possibility that you could rent two rooms. For someone that claims to be pretty picky you have miss important factors for an harmonious situation. Thanks

Notices she doesn't answer the questions at all but instead gives run-arounds similar to other Craigslist scammers. So I told her I wasn't interested, to which she responded

So, let me are probably middle aged, fat, terribly lonely, and hate getting up in the morning knowing that you have to look at yourself in the mirror...again =(
I'm not a scammer...I'm a professional female that happens to have the privilege to know two languages.
In my native tongue "estrangers" is a legit word. Look it up.
It is completely illogical and stupid for someone to ask for verification of employment when you haven't even spoken to the person about terms, or answer the questions that someone interested in the room may have. <all that information was posted in the ad--another red flag> Thanks for your previous reply, but this email does not require one. So...STFU!

I received six more emails, each one more beligerant than the next. She said she was a family counselor. Would a family counselor really tell anyone to Shut the F-ck up? For all she knew, I could be her boss, coworker, organization board member, large donor, or even a fat, lonely middle-aged client of her new employer! I don't believe anyone in her field would carry on like this.

Author:  anet32779 [ Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Modern version of old Fly-By-Night rental scam /Verania Lane


I was searching for my old friend Verania and I saw this posting. I just wanted to mention that Verania is a real person and what you described is simply a negotiation that did not go well. The background as you described for Verania is indeed true. This is not a con-artist type deal, she is originally from Panama and has lived in Orlando before looking to relocate.

I felt compelled to post this as she is a counseling professional and her reputation should not be tarnished by this posting. It is amazing how one simple posting like this can do horrible damage to a person and their reputation. Again, just a quick note to validate Verania. Sorry your experience did not go well and that word were exchanged between you and her, but she is certainly not a con-artist.

Best regards,
A friend of Verania from Longwood, FL

Author:  admin [ Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Modern version of old Fly-By-Night rental scam /Verania Lane

EyesWideOpenInNC wrote:
I did find someone by that name working in her alleged field in Orlando, but she simply could have lifted that identity from the same website I saw.

My guess is that you are correct about this . . . Verania has become a victim of a type of Identity Theft. The scammers are using her name and information (location and job) in their emails so that when people try to do a Google search they will find the information on the REAL Verania and that will make them think that the deal is real.

This is why I always say it is not the name, or email address that really matters in these cases . . . if they want you to wire them money or cash a check/money order for them, then it is a scam.

To the other poster, I am sorry that the scammers are using your friend's name in their scams. You are right, it can blemish the reputation of a good person.

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