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 Post subject: I'm wondering what someone can do with my name and adress?
PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:50 pm 

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I was scammed by Christen Elizabeth Frances. I am wondering what someone can do with my name, adress and phone number?? I did not give out any banking info but they do have pics of our place. I have terrible credit already and about 2 cents to my name anyway... is there any security precautions that I should take? I'm fairly certain that no one can steal my identity since my credit is terrible anyway but just to be safe. Also how is one suppose to find a roomate without being scammed??

 Post subject: Re: I'm wondering what someone can do with my name and adres
PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:07 pm 

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Since they don't have any pertinent information such as your birthdate, soc sec number etc (which is what would be needed to apply for any kind of credit), there's not much else they can do with a name or address.... a good deal of the time these scammers are from Nigeria or the UK amoung other places overseas so having your address and such will be of no use to them, they will just move on to look for another person to try and scam. My best advise is to always deal "locally" no matter what it is you're looking for... and for the most part, always go with your "gut instinct".

 Post subject: Re: I'm wondering what someone can do with my name and adres
PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:49 pm 

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I have the same problem. I gave my address, phone #, full name and photos of inside and outside of my house knowing she is a potential renter. Pls read below email correspondence from scammer. I googled her name and it came out as a scam. Beware!

1st message from email address <>
Thanks for getting back to me and I read your posting on Craigslist,
and I am very interested in the room. It’s in the perfect location for
me and it sounds like we could be great roommates. I will be arriving
the state by earlier of the next month just let me know when we can
start the lease although i wont arrive the state until 10th of
About me: I'm Jessica Smith female from Spain, 27, am currently
working with the Federal Agency of Works and Natural Resources . I am
pretty quietand neat, but not obsessively so. I’m responsible and will
pull my weight around the apartment and pay bills on time. I like to
cook, and it would be great to have people to cook with or eat with,
but it’s definitely not a requirement in a roommate. I don't smoke and
I don't have any pets. I've got a lot going on this year, so i won't
be around the apartment all that much. Mostly, I’d just like a place
that I can come home to and chill at the end of the day. I am social,
though, and get along well with most people. I probably won't have too
many house guests, but I would like to feel comfortable
bringing friends over once in awhile.
More so i would really want to secure the room before my arrival, and
more so to know if it would be possible for me to pay for the room
before my arrival,So i will like to know the total amount of the room
per month and the utility included. All these information are very
important so that i can submit my proposal to my Organization.My
Organization will be responsible for all the fees and the payment .
Please let me know if I can give you any more info that would be
helpful for making your decision. I will be more than happy if you can
tell me little about you too. I will also like to see more picture of
the room if possible.
Thanks & God bless
Jessica Smith
2nd message:
Thanks everything sound good to me. Then concerning the payment, I have a financier that will be handling the rent deposit payment on my behalf,i will instruct him to make the payment for this as soon as you give me the go ahead to make payment to you.Kindly get back to me with your full name, contact full address your contact phone number home phone and cell phone and also remind me the total deposit fees so that the check can be sent to you and you can get it on time.and This will give me strong prove that the room will be hold for me.... cant wait to read from you. I would have love to call you but i dont have access to international call on my phone becos we are in remote area
3rd message - this brought my speculation
Thanks so much for the information Am here to let you know that Please consider the room is rented to me and the payment will be mail to you asap. As regards my car,i am planning on having it delivered to the house before my arrival so that i can settle in comfortably,you can understand that transiting cross Atlantic is not easy so i am making arrangement with the car dealer ,and i want the car to be delivered before my arrival .after the rent and security deposit has been paid to you by my financier. I will ask you for a favor here, can i rely on you to take delivery of the car for me when they are delivered?
I will instruct the person in charge of the delivery of the car to contact you to schedule a delivery time that will be convenient for you to receive the car for me .As you will be handling the delivery of the car with the rent and deposit to be sent to you so that you can help me to make the payment when they are delivered. I will really appreciate if you can do this for me and promise to compensate you adequately for your time and efforts on my arrival in your place.
God Bless

 Post subject: Re: I'm wondering what someone can do with my name and adres
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:11 pm 

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I have been hit with this same scam today. The first message was quite short. Luckily I did not give them any information. I almost fell for it this time as well because of all the detail in the second message. My only clue was that she says she speaks French and English and working on a masters degree, which was kind of strange since her english wasn't very good, with lots of spelling mistakes. I will copy and paste it to see the similarities. I thought the emphasis on the church thing was a bit strange too.

Also the email address was differant this time. I'm glad I google searched her name.

Thanks for getting back to me... I think i should briefly tell you about who i am to start with, it is necessary to know something about me which is more important in any room share (knowing something about someone you want to share a place with is very much important).Ok, My name is Christen Elizabeth I'm 25 years old female... I love music and movies a lot but not around much since school work is pretty heavy. I enjoy having a couple friends over once in a while but not a party person. I am honest, adventurous, friendly,I do keep a clean house and respect to others,I don't smoke,don't do drug and drama free. I love pets but i don't have any at the moment but if you won't like it then ill keep off from it in the building... I finished my degree in UK, I am single... I do bible study sometimes we do karaoke night with my roommates then! I go to church every Sunday and I do respect of any person's belief...All this is just a little about me and i think we will get to know more about each other by the time we been together if possible. Please I need to secure this place for myself before my arrival to your place as I'll be moving in with my luggage's. Please i need someone who is open minded for real to stay with,i make people smile always and i want in return. I will be moving in by 20th of February for the next one year for my masters degree.

As regards the rental application,i want you to send it to me for my review,i will eventually have it filled and signed on my arrival in your place as i am of the opinion that such documents are best filled and signed physically.It can be prepare in my name "Christen Elizabeth Frances"

My back ground; I was born in England UK, my Dad from USA but my mom is from UK,both of them lives together in the UK... I attended University of Buckingham, England i speak both French and English,am presently on research work at Santa Rita Guam USA,I am almost done with that because its part of my perquisite for my masters in Microbiology. I would have loved to call you but this is a remote area calls is hard to go through from here. I really have interested in renting from you but I won't be able to see the place before my moving in because of the distance between us and some other reasons,but with pictures I will be glad with you if you can forward it to me over the e-mail. Please let me know if you have a garage or parking space because I will have my own car come over before my arrival,however my Dad will discuss more better with you about my car,I want to know the total payment of the place and more over I will send your email to my Dad for him to email you later because he is the one that will be handling the rent and security deposit fees on my behalf but nevertheless,I will like you to send me your full name and the physical contact address,your phone number as well,so that my Dad can issue out the payment to you as soon as possible,Dad also let me know it will be very easier and saver for him to transfer the rental fees and security deposit to you within a day if you have either visa or master card,pls. let me know if you do... with that you can hold on the place for me till my arrival. I will be looking forward to your email soonest. You can contact my Dad at his cell phone number (+44-7011-136-269).

Kindly get back asap,thus,further proceedings can take place and look forward to meet you.

My Regards


 Post subject: Re: I'm wondering what someone can do with my name and adres
PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:34 pm 

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Yes, I was scammed by Christen Frances, gave her and her scam father my name, adddress and VISA number, just cancelled it thank to this site.


I received all the same emails including this last one:

How are you and your family?. I will like to bring it to your notice that I am planning on having Christen's car delivered to your house before her arrival to your place so that she can settle in comfortably like I have stated on the phone,so I am making arrangement with the car dealer to deliver the car before her arrival after the rent and security deposit has been paid to you and with the meal. I will ask you for a favor here,can I rely on you to take delivery of the car for her when its delivered? I will instruct the car dealer to contact you,schedule a delivery date and time that will be convenient for you to receive the car for her. As you will be handling the delivery of the car with the rent and deposit to be sent to your visa account so that you can help her handle the delivery payment to the car by Western union money transfer to the car dealer to cover the car and the shipping expensive to your place and for her parcels and baggage ahead so she do not have too much to do on her date of arrival... The delivery payment will be included with the funds that will be transferring to you. I will really appreciate if you can completely render your effort towards my daughter's arrival to your place. The funds will be transferred to you by Monday and I am going to give you a call once I am about to effect the funds to you.



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