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 Post subject: Anastasia date customer services and anti-scam FRAUD
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:28 am 

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Keywords; fraud, Anastasia date, scam

The giant fraud that is anastasia dates “anti scam” and “confirmed profiles”

The anastasiaFRAUD organization swamp the internet and you tube with false advertising to try to drown out peoples complaints about the site. They try to suppress all the complaints and examples of fraud by inserting their anti scam message and fake anti-scam guarantee videos everywhere they can.

The anastasiaFRAUD group of companies (amo Latina, asian beauties, Arabian date) have made hundreds of millions of pounds with a fraudulent business model and use part of their wealth to try to astro turf the internet.

As an antidote to the lies and fraud of this company, here are the FACTS.

Claim: None of the girls are paid to chat.
Fact: They ALL are given rewards for chatting and letters and even for allowing their pictures to be used. Ukraine is so corrupt it is a cash and barter economy, officially recorded and taxable payments are not made it must be admitted. But it does not mean the payments are not made.
There is plenty of evidence of the adverts these local agencies place to entice girls to sign up. Customers who complain are generally at the end of a 1000 mile chain of electrons. From a distance it is difficult to prove that a specific girl has been rewarded with a specific payment. Anastasia rely on this to dismiss any claims against them.

Claim: AnastasiaFRAUD reflect all instances where they are caught out on the local agencies actions. Their “implausible deniability” model claims that they give the agencies strict instructions and any breach is the fault of the agencies.
FACT: Anastasia know what goes on. Their entire business model is built on and specifically designed to encourage FRAUD. E.g. payment to the agencies for each profile, payment to the agencies for every minute of chat and payment for each date organized through the site.
FACT: Anastasia have offered no evidence or recorded instance of an agency having its contract terminated.
FACT AnastasiaFRAUD have offered no evidence that they have actually fined an agency for allowing fraud.
FACT: Anastasia FRAUD have never published details of female scammers they have banned from the site. We know of only Five instances where this has happened.

Claim: “confirmed profiles” are genuine.
FACT: This is an absolute brazen lie and demonstrably untrue. Previously on this site we have listed instances where the women are married with children yet their profiles say single, no children. Confirmation should be by internal passport that lists such details as marital status and children. These profiles were reported to AnastasiaFRAUD and NO action taken. We know from investigating the profiles of the married women, that they were paid for their photo shoot and having their profiles listed, but that it is translators behind the local agency who write the letters and appear on chat.

Claim: the “anti scam” policy returns your money if you have been scammed.
FACT: very rarely. We know of only three instances where this happened.
FACT: What usually happens is Anastasia claim there is “not enough evidence”. The case of Yulia Marchenko is an illuminating one. This lady scammed her fiancées out of more than $50,000 (she is a translator primarily not a date). At the same time she was dating, she was in a relationship with one of the mafia who run the local agency in Nikolaev (Dmitry Ratushny, who does apartments and taxis) and had his child (Yana Dmitrievna Ratushnaya DOB: November 11, 2011). There was clear evidence of deception and fraud because her profile stated single & no child. A team of detectives confirmed this information on the ground in Nikolaev by accessing public databases. Anastasias response? Not enough evidence, provide a birth certificate! Actually to get such evidence breaches all kinds of privacy laws. It is possible, but illegal (we got it anyway!). AnastasiaFRAUD is a multimillion dollar organization who claim they have a verification team. If they were serious about eliminating fraud, they could check the accuracy of such information in 10 seconds or less. But no, they don’t, they fall back on “not enough evidence” to avoid paying out!

FACT: Anastasia FRAUDS whole anti scam policy is designed to minimise refunds and legal liability. There is a reason for this. Every man who uses the site is being scammed! If every man who was scammed by the site was able to claim their money back they would be bankrupt.

FACT: The anastasiaFRAUD terms of service are illegal and restrictive.
The terms of service ban customers who complain on the internet.
FACT: AnastasiaFRAUD cancel accounts of customers who make complaints for breach of TOS. They then say no customer = no complaint to deal with.
The terms of service say customers agree that all transactions take place in New York. The European data commissioner might have something to say about this! (see google rulings). Anastasia use this to dismiss law suits from customers in other countries.
The Anastasia TOS say customers agree to go to arbitration if a dispute is not resolved. The arbitration is worthless and inaccessible to most customers. Anastasia use their usual “lack of evidence” and “it was the local agencies fault” excuses to avoid liability.
FACT: European consumer law covers transactions on the internet on AnastasiaFRAUD.

Claim: AnastasiaFRAUD subcontracts agencies in the Ukraine and seeks to claim that any fraud is the agencies fault.
FACT: anastasiaFRAUD has been given extensive evidence that one of its agencies in Nikolaev is fraudulent from top to bottom. Known fraudsters acting as translators and managers who actively organize scams (Anna Butuk, Yulia Marchenko). Known mafia who do not speak English listed as translators (Dmitry Ratushny). Obviously fraudulent profiles (Oxana Firsova, Yulia Tatarinova, happily married ).
FACT: NO action has been taken by AnastasiaFRAUD to shut this agency down or cancel its contract.
FACT: the fraudulent profiles are still listed.

Help stop this giant criminal organization! Spread the word, publish this link!

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia date customer services and anti-scam FRAUD
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:33 am 

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the irony, but the AnastasiaFRAUD organisation have a new site in their franchise "African beauties"

I am sure they have verified the identity and HIV status of all the lovely ladies from Nigeria and Ghana who are on the site! Go on men! connect with scammers in Nigeria, safe in the knowledge that you are "protected" by the Anastasia FRAUD "anti scam" policy!

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