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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 6:46 pm 

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I appreciate your thoughts and your email helps. I do think about the mistakes I made with this and it will take a while to overcome foolishness I partook in.

 Post subject: And here is my conversation
PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 11:31 pm 

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Ok, so I almost fell for it. No, not really. I didn't have the money to send him, but it was funny, leading him on. He came from OkCupid (I have since deleted my profile), and his name is Johney_wood (he uses this for all of his e-mails and screen names).

johney_wood: Hi
Me: Hello
johney_wood: How are you doing today?
johney_wood: Can you remember me now?
Me: Sort of
johney_wood: You mean what?
Me: I sort of remember you
johney_wood: name is johney from myspace
Me: I can see that - it's listed here on Messenger - where do you come from?
johney_wood: Am from GA Brunswick...and you?
Me: Pennsylvania
johney_wood: It has been a long time you have come on here?
Me: Yes it has
johney_wood: Ohh that cool...but presentlyu am not in the state, am in nigeria for now cause am doing soem contrct thr now as am a road contractor
Me: I remember you now
johney_wood: that good
johney_wood: I forget what you told me that you do for living baby?
Me: I work in IT
johney_wood: What you mean by IT?
Me: Information Technology
johney_wood: Oh that cool
johney_wood: I think that what make you busy to get on here talking to me?
Me: Yes, that and my family. I also have loads of other things I normally do, rather than sit on the Internet and chat
johney_wood: Ohh okay
johney_wood: Am so happy to meet you on here tongith...cause i need your help?
Me: What can I do for you?
johney_wood: They are fighting in nigeria for now because of elction going on and i have to move from where i am now and stay at hotel
johney_wood: and i need little money to add with the money with me now cause i have not got my pay yet?
Me: That sucks
Me: You want me to send you money?
johney_wood: Yahh i need your help?
johney_wood: that all?
Me: You are asking me, someone you have never met before, a complete stranger, for money so you can come to the United States as an immigrant?
johney_wood: Ohh soon i finish the contract i will be coming back to the state and i will love to meet you in person
johney_wood: I know i may be complete stranger to you now but i want you to know soon i will get back to the state
Me: Are you kidding me? Do you realize how crazy you sound?
johney_wood: no am not kidding you ok
Me: America already has an immigration problem, and you want me, a single Mom with 3 kids, to send you cash to NIGERIA of all places, to help you come here?
johney_wood: If you dont beliave me i have payment will come out next week monday ..... i dont know if you can help me cash it so that i can pay those workers and coming back to the state
johney_wood: Am not one of people you are talking about okay?
Me: How much do you need?
johney_wood: I only need $150
Me: $150 will pay the workers AND help you get a hotel?
johney_wood: Nooo
johney_wood: listen
johney_wood: it for the hotel bills i need that for
johney_wood: the payment for the workers is not yet issue from the company bring me here
johney_wood: next week they will call me
Me: How do you know?
johney_wood: to let me knoe if the check is ready?
Me: How do you know they will call you?
johney_wood: Not the first time they have been calling me cause they are the one give me the contract
johney_wood: and this not my first time have been travel for contract
Me: Don't you have family there you can get it from?
johney_wood: Tthey have died
johney_wood: I live alone
Me: Well, I will need all of your contact information then
johney_wood: What information baby?
Me: Name, address, etc
johney_wood: Give me your email address so that i can send it there now?
Me: You have it already
johney_wood: No baby i dont think so
Me: If you can IM me here, you have it
johney_wood: I dont understand ?
johney_wood: Ohh okay baby
johney_wood: let me email you the information you will send it too now okay
johney_wood: sorr am asking one of my workers will collect it for me asking is information cause is the one going to collect it for me
Me: You dont know your own address?
johney_wood: I have send it to you
johney_wood: That is one of my workers information you will help me send the money too
johney_wood: cause is the one going to have it for me at westernunio here
johney_wood: You understand me?
Me: I do
johney_wood: You see the mail now
Me: Yes I have it
johney_wood: Baby are you send it now so that i can have the information you use to send it to me
Me: No
Me: I'm not sending you anything but a warning
Me: Do not contact me again
johney_wood: *expletive* you
Me: you wish
johney_wood: Wwhat you mean by all this you are saying
Me: I mean, leave me alone and quit begging for money. I work had for what I have, and cannot give money away to every hand held out to me
Me: I cant find that address, either
johney_wood: Anything you like do
johney_wood: I know god will help me
Me: Then start praying
johney_wood: I always praying...but tonight you make me crying
johney_wood: thanks you
Me: You're welcome. The police now have your contact information, and will be checking into this

His info is:






ZIP CODE......23402

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:21 pm 
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Hi there, and welcome to the board. Thanks for posting the info - it will help other folks research if they are being scammed. It sounds like you also want to bait your scammer. Excellent. I would, however, check out the folks over on . They've got a fab mentor program that teaches you the ins and outs, if you want a mentor.

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 Post subject: Money order model SCAM!!!
PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 11:17 am 

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Just got the money orders today!!!! LOL WOOOHOOOO

email addres's

These 2, lol.... glad we have google..

same story, model in nigeria... just got paid in money orders, wants to come visit... cant get cash... almost did it.. I was going to go to the bank and ask the manager what to do before i found this site... WATCH OUT FELLAS.. I think If we really want a foreign chick we need to get off our BUTTS and take a vacation...

I think im going to play with this second one, see what happens.. Ill keep ya posted

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:15 pm 
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Hi, and welcome to the board. It sounds like you want to bait your scammer. May I suggest that you check out this thread first. ... 1256#11256

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 6:05 am 

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oh dear, I have been a potential victim of a scamster (probably Nigerian as they mentioned west Africa in one of the early emails). As soon as they start talking about money you know it's all BS but for a couple of weeks I was fooled, despite early suspicions.
The person responded to my profile on a dating website.
It all seems so obvious now but they are quite sophisticated and concoct quite elaborate profiles/stories of themselves.

my queston is, if they had sent a cheque, how does the scam work from there? Do they then ask you to wire the money before you know the cheque has bounced?

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 12:22 pm 
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leepal wrote:
my queston is, if they had sent a cheque, how does the scam work from there? Do they then ask you to wire the money before you know the cheque has bounced?


You take the check to the bank, it appears real to the bank, the bank tells you that it is clear, and you probably trust your bank more than this person you just met on the internet so you take the word of the bank that the check is good and go forward with the transaction. Days or weeks later the bank contacts you and says "Sorry, it was counterfeit" and they want the money back . . . but remember, you don't have the money now because you already wired it on because the bank had told you it was good.

Shawn Mosch
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 Post subject: Someone trying to scam me
PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:35 am 

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This is almost laughable. I was in a chat room and some girl starting talking to me. She started to flirt and such. I'd never heard of the Nigerian scam through Instant Messenger, but she wanted to chat through IM. I thought okay. I created a new YIM name just to remain semi-anonymous anyway.

Well, today I actually started chatting with her. Automatically she starts hitting me up for money because she's in some hotel room in Nigeria. When I originally talked with her, I thought she was in Pennsylvania. This whole thing is whacked.

Here's the Yahoo transcript from singlewinifred:
09:38:23 AM singlewinifred: hello
09:38:30 AM mrtycoppen: hello
09:39:17 AM singlewinifred: how are u doing today??/
09:39:58 AM mrtycoppen: pretty good. Urself?
09:40:24 AM singlewinifred: better
09:40:30 AM singlewinifred: where are u now ?
09:41:07 AM mrtycoppen: work
09:41:16 AM mrtycoppen: Did you not feel good earlier?
09:42:20 AM singlewinifred: yes i do my dear
09:43:21 AM mrtycoppen: Where are u now?
09:45:59 AM singlewinifred: i have to tell you about my present situatin
09:46:08 AM mrtycoppen: ok
09:46:49 AM singlewinifred: my dad has a company whch makes sales of electronics internationally.The company makes sales within United States and in West Africa
09:47:33 AM mrtycoppen: ok
09:49:02 AM singlewinifred: So he thought instead of going and coming he decided to move with his family to Nigeria.So all bcos i had noone to love and care for me back in the states,i decided to join my family in going to Africa
09:50:21 AM singlewinifred: eaching here i was attack by hoodlums and they took away the address of my dad place and the little money i was holding
09:51:11 AM singlewinifred: Right now In the hotel where i lodged i am owing the hotel bills so the Hotel manager seized my travelling document..saying Untill i pay My Hotel Bills
09:51:36 AM mrtycoppen: Sounds bad
09:52:56 AM singlewinifred: please if can help me out to pay for my bills so i will be set free.I promise to do anything for you and i promise to make you happy and i will pay back the money
09:54:21 AM singlewinifred: Right now i need ur help me out and i will like to meet u in ur home as soon as u can help me out i will like to come to ur state to live with you.well I will be Glad If u can Give me a Try and help me Out Of Here.
09:54:38 AM singlewinifred: :(
09:55:02 AM singlewinifred: u there?????
09:55:18 AM mrtycoppen: I'm here. How much do you need?
09:56:44 AM singlewinifred: the bill is $550
09:58:10 AM mrtycoppen: I'm not sure how I could help u out. Money's kind of tight right now.
09:59:34 AM singlewinifred: how much can you help me with ??
10:00:42 AM mrtycoppen: I'm not sure. I need to check with my bank to see what I have in there. I haven't paid all my bills this month either.
10:01:03 AM singlewinifred: can you call the hotel manager
10:02:22 AM singlewinifred: so u can tell him that you are going to help me with the bills ?
10:03:41 AM mrtycoppen: I don't know if I can help you with your bills. I told you I have to check to see if I can.
10:04:03 AM singlewinifred: u can call him pls
10:04:19 AM singlewinifred: i really want to be in state soonpls
10:06:25 AM singlewinifred: u there?
10:06:43 AM mrtycoppen: I'm here. I'm busy on something at the moment. Hold on.
10:07:26 AM singlewinifred: okay
10:16:50 AM singlewinifred: u there now?
10:18:07 AM mrtycoppen: I'm here
10:18:35 AM singlewinifred: so what are u saying my love
10:18:55 AM singlewinifred: are u going to help me out from here ???
10:19:03 AM mrtycoppen: Where is this hotel u're staying at?
10:19:28 AM singlewinifred: in africa my dear
10:19:38 AM singlewinifred: wetland hotel
10:20:00 AM mrtycoppen: I thought you were still here in the states
10:20:16 AM singlewinifred: nope my dear
10:21:24 AM mrtycoppen: I'm afraid I can't make international calls to the hotel. I don't have long distance.
10:23:45 AM singlewinifred: why
10:23:56 AM mrtycoppen: saves me money
10:24:05 AM singlewinifred: pls i really need ur help
10:24:41 AM singlewinifred: try the num pls and talk to him pls
10:25:13 AM mrtycoppen: ok, give me the number
10:25:26 AM singlewinifred: +234 8084748388 that is the hotel manager num
10:25:40 AM mrtycoppen: Ok, give me a few days
10:26:09 AM singlewinifred: oh i dont want to stay here anymore pls
10:26:20 AM mrtycoppen: ok
10:26:24 AM singlewinifred: just do anything to get me out from here pls
10:26:33 AM singlewinifred: i promise i will be ur pls
10:26:45 AM mrtycoppen: Do you have a picture?
10:26:47 AM singlewinifred: i have to get out from you pls my love
10:26:56 AM singlewinifred: yes i do
10:27:54 AM singlewinifred: u there/
10:28:02 AM mrtycoppen: I'm here.
10:30:04 AM singlewinifred: pls

Here's the original chat transcript from another site.
Jun 16, 10:34 mcoppen76: I don't get online there often, but I will if you added me.
Jun 15, 19:42 Queen: i have added you are u on line there
Jun 15, 16:59 mcoppen76: mrtycoppen
Jun 15, 16:57 Queen: what is ur yahoo id
Jun 15, 16:56 mcoppen76: Well, I gotta go home. I'll be sure to talk to you later.
Jun 15, 16:54 Queen: okay
Jun 15, 16:53 mcoppen76: A friend of mine share the rent
Jun 15, 16:53 Queen: You and who?
Jun 15, 16:53 Queen: Yep
Jun 15, 16:52 mcoppen76: No. U?
Jun 15, 16:52 Queen: u stay alone?
Jun 15, 16:52 Queen: Okay
Jun 15, 16:51 mcoppen76: at work, but about to go home.
Jun 15, 16:51 Queen: Where are you now
Jun 15, 16:48 mcoppen76: I like to travel, but I don't get to much either.

Anyway, I'm going to stop correspondence with her now. I would never have sent her money anyway.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 7:30 am 

Joined: Tue Nov 27, 2007 7:24 am
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I am extremely glad I found this site. I found it by mere accident trying to find this persons yahoo profile. I received this from a dating site I have a profile on.

Hi there
I saw your porfile and I like what I saw and read I am new to this site and also to online dating.I think we could & would have lots of fun with each other we could hang out spending time with good stimulating conversation doing all kinds of fun & exciting things as sharing our fantasies together getting to know each other being friends and leading to having a real relationship with you, you'll find I'm also very flexible as well, so lets talk getting our fun with each other could reach me on my private mail address cos I would not want to be disturbed by other members on the site.And also my subcription will soon be over on here.You can see my picture ones we make contact because I have problems loading my picture.So pls do mail me as soon as possible.

ella2admire05 at y/a/h/o/o d/o/t c/o/m
ella2admire05 at y/a/h/o/o d/o/t c/o/m
Make my day with an email back!

I am glad that I saw this E-Mail addy posted in another comment. I too feel really bad for those that have been scammed by these type of people, but I am extremely greatful that they posted their stories to help others like myself stay away from this nonsense. This is a wonderful site. Once again thanks.

 Post subject: my scam
PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:56 am 

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i have been getting and stupidly replying to a marria_martins_002 at yahoo and she has been tell me im the one for her and im like no f@^*ing way

yeah shes beautiful but i bet the girl in the pic is not this one i talking too

i saw a post about this earlier and thought this was a close enough forum for
she wants me to give her money and let her stay with me in the US and then marry her for life and be the flesh of her flesh and bone of her bones real poetic crap which sounds bougu and quite odd to me

WATCH OUT than k god i typed in the basics of the emails and found you guys THANK YOU

 Post subject: Re: Scamdad
PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:38 pm 

Joined: Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:40 am
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Mernus wrote:

Just had a soldier come into my office who wanted to report that his Nigerian/Model/Honey had him case a bank check for her in the amount of 3600 euro. The bank he cashed it in did not wait the customary 10 days for it to clear and now he ows the money back. I can't help him, so I turned it over to the Secret Service and it does not look promising. My wife has connections in Nigeria, namely with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice. I will let you know what I find out. We may be able to purchase a little bit of justice at a very small price.

File comment: I attached pictures of my scamercould you please find him too I want justice so bad he gave me this sob story that his cell phone blew form the wrong wattage in Ghana.So stupid me I send him one the address there is 15th old ritz road Madina,Accra Ghana 00233 I know it by heart the persons name that signed for it and I addressed the pakage to is Fred Darko he is suposibly the hotel Manager hotel name Ritz Hotel.... please help
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 Post subject: Re: Nigerian Scam using yahoo instant messenger
PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:02 am 

Joined: Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:42 pm
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The new user's scam name is Whyte Roony and is prowling the social site She claims to be a single 38 year old female from San Antonio, Texas. When asked, she's never been to River Walk. Yeah right, like that is possible being from San Antonio. She claims to be trying to get a death certificate for her father that died in a oil company accident. Also her mom is critically ill. She claims to be born in Texas, but when questioned on such a strange name says her mom is from "somewhere" in Africa. She is stranded in Nigeria where is is " really bad". She has been there for 5 days and is going to be kicked out of the hotel with no where to go. She is looking for someone to cash a cashier's check drawn on a US bank for US funds. Of course she is always online adding social friends, almost always middle age males. No mention of how she has such easy access to the web when in such dire straits in a Nigerian hotel. Her photos on her PerfSpot page look like three different people and when asked if she has any more of her, she has conveniently left them on her desktop back in San Antonio.

She'll try to play up the "you're the one one for me" story. And is looking for a "good man" to spend her life with. No gender in 6 years (check out her photos and you'll KNOW that's got to be hard to believe. I think she (probably a he) is targeting people who have professional or business credentials. I've been exposed to the Nigerian scams (never fell for them - too good to be true principle) since around 1981. So I am ending my communication with this person after our first chat (today) and reporting the person to the PerfSpot scam department to help protect others. I'll probably catch heat via e-mail or other from the person, but if I can stop someone from getting burned it will be worth it.

She kicks into gear around 5am EST. So be careful chatting with this person. She likes to use the phrase "baby" endlessly. It only took a few minutes for her to start in with the scam pitch. She's using the Yahoo messenger user name of to conduct her chat sessions.

I hope this helps.

 Post subject: Re: Nigerian Scam using yahoo instant messenger
PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:13 pm 

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Not sure how many people this will reach but I am posting it where ever I see someone scammed from Nigeria. Below is a link that provides information on how to report international fraud. International fraud is typically handled by the Scotland Yard.
The link is: ... arrest.htm

Good Luck! to anyone that has fallen victim.

 Post subject: Re: Nigerian Scam using yahoo instant messenger
PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 1:15 am 

Joined: Wed May 21, 2008 12:45 am
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My scammer was from IM'd. I fell for him hook,line, and sinker. He promised he was paying me back when he got home,and over the last few months have lost $70,000 to Nigeria or wherever. I could not believe he was doing this and I was falling for it until my credit card # got stolen as well. Maxxed out 3 credit cards with cash advances,and when he was getting a "client" to write a check to pay me back what was borrowed, they all bounced. I want to know if anybody out there has had any luck prosecuting these sob's? And 2 of my credit cards are boa. I have filed bankruptcy,and after reading some of the stories here of BOA, I may be in for a battle.

 Post subject: Re: Nigerian Scam using yahoo instant messenger
PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:23 pm 

Joined: Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:05 pm
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I just wanted to update everybody on what I learned today.
It would appear that pretty little Roony Leslie Whyte is still up to her wonderful ways, but now she is working from the WooMe site and her new yahoo messenger name is
I am currently playing with her on line, and have not been hit up for any money yet. She is still doing the "meet me online at 5 am" thing, but I don't stay on with her long enough for her to ask for anything.
I was informed today that her Dad is dead and her Mom is ill and that she is trying to get Dad's death certificate so that she can get access to his money and open a resturant in Texas, or as she put it, "here with me if I am good to her".
Tomorrow I will give her a little more time and see what she has to pitch. I'll keep you posted.


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