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 Post subject: another scam
PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 1:23 pm 

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From The Desk Of,
Barrister Salisu Bello
Equity Legal Services Lagos-Nigeria
45 Marina Str Lagos



This letter is not intended to cause any embarrassment in whatever
form, rather it is intended to contact your esteemed self, following
the knowledge of your high repute and trustworthiness.Firstly, I must
solicit your confidentiality. I know that a proposal of this magnitude
will make anyone apprehensive and worried, but I am assuringyou that it
is made in good faith and will be of mutual benefit to both of us.

I am Barrister Salisu Bello of equity legal services Lagos Nigeria, a
solicitor at law.
I am the personal attorney to Mr.Kenneth Giggs,a national of your
country,I am writing in respect of my late client who was involved in a
Auto crash with the whole passengers aboard on August 6,1997.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for almost 7
years now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the
deceased since you are a foreigner.The security Company where the fund
was deposited ordered me to notify his relatives over the lodgment, so
to claim the lodgment valued at US$18.5million dollars.Now that all my
efforts to locate them prove abortive I urge you to assist me in
claiming this fund.I am willingly to give you 40% of the total sum for

Upon your acceptance, I will detail you on the next step to take. This
transaction is free from all breach of law and hitch free do not
entertain any fear.All I require is your honest co-operation to enable
us seeing this deal through and also your telephone and fax number.
Please this proposal must be kept confidential, on your respond I will
inform the security company here in Nigeria,that I have finally come in
contact with the relative of my late client.

Best regards,

Barrister Salisu Bello (SAN)

 Post subject: A Real Piece of Work
PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 10:16 pm 

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I have been IM'd by two men ..(1)claims he is from Illinois...his mother lives in Nigera..he just happens to be a photo journalist..and gets an assignment in Nigera? About 3 days later..he IM's me..says his company didn't send him enough money, the airfare went up, could I help him? I asked how? He said he would Fed-ex me the money order from his company to me, and then I should go to my bank, cash it , and then send the cash + additional $500 to cover the airfare to him via western union?!?
He promised to pay me back as soon as he got back to the US?!? His yahoo name is Lovedoexist...I ALWAYS RED FLAG ANYONE ASKING FOR MONEY ON IM ..and so very sorry people haven't.
(2) this guy has very sexy hottie pic's..and after looking at them figured they were copied from a magazine(LOL)he said he was from the UK but has lived in Iowa for the past 2 years and owns a Mini mart..gas station.After a week of woooing me with compliments and thought he had me right where he wanted me..he IM's to say he has to go to UK and check on his store there?? I asked how long he would be gone? He didn't know , but it wouldn't be long. we finished our chat, and an hour later he IM's me says there is a problem at his store, he needs money because he just spent all he had on airfare, and could i help? I asked how? He said to western union him $300 and he would pay me back as soon as he got back from UK.I told him NO...I don't send money to strangers!! Good thing I didn't...He found me on profiles, so i went on there to see and he had 14 female friends, so I sent a Beware message to all of them, this guy told each one of us a different story about where he lived and what he did for a living and had asked all for money..Thank God none of us gave to him!! His yahoo name(s) Maze_Leo, and cardozofred,
his MySpace name is Alfred_1.. Seems both these men are looking at profiles of women that are plain jane looks, lonely, unhappily married. And think they have what it takes to make you believe they want and love you..HaHaHa not so, and I hope this helps anyone who gets asked for money from someone on IM !!! God Bless us all .


 Post subject: Recently scammed
PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 10:29 pm 

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I believe I am being scammed.

My story is similar to so many others but I just had to vent.
I am not even going to try and get the money back, I feel as if I am paying for my stupidity.

I started chatting with a gentleman via YAHOO Messenger because he saw my profile on YAHOO Personals. Things seemed okay and I only lived a few states away. We chatted for a few weeks and I was going to make plans to visit him. All of sudden he had to go to London for business and he is a doctor. We had just started talking and I thought let me be adventerous and visit him in London. When I told him this he initially seemed genuinely excited. Closer to the dates of my visit he was called away again this time to Nigeria. In the meantime he had gotten robbed and he was low on money.
I repeatedly asked him about his job giving him money and he said that
his job paid for the airfare and housing. Other expenses were out of his pocket. I have been helping him since November 2005 and stopped a few weeks ago. The amount of money that I have sent via Western Union was a large sum of money which I will never see again.
You are probably asking where did I get this money to send, I got it through cash advances from my credit card.
He promises to pay me back. He recently wired money into my bank account for a substantial amount of money. Then he asked me to send some of the money back to him.
I am currently talking to him because in the next few weeks I am going to London for business where supposedly we will meet.

I am curious to find out what wil happen with the "meeting".

 Post subject: oh dear
PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:08 am 

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Judging by your post, you already know the answer, he won't be there..

Very much doubt you will get the money back, read the other stories, also visit have a look through the databases you'll probably find his picture..

Sorry this isn't a sympathetic message, but I'm a realist and I treat the net no different than real life, don't give money to strangers.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 11:25 am 

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Motorhead, there will be no was all a scam,playing on your emotions .Don't send him any dime ,no matter what. ask your bank to find out if there was really a transfer .many atime, what happens is that the bank wil only find out after a long while that the transfer was fake,and that means you are liable to pay it all back.
Ask your back to verify the transfer,and wait .
But there will be no real meeting betwwen you and your scammer, you can bet .
hope this helps.
You can learn more on this scam at

Learn about how thousands of people are losing millions of dollars monthly to romance scams, and how you can avoid becoming a victim at Read the latest scam news updates on

 Post subject: Yahoo Messenger scam
PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:24 am 

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I talked with a guy named Tim who said he was originally from North Carolina, doing work in Nigeria. He had a 12 year old son, his wife died 5 years ago in a car accident in Nigeria. We had been conversing through Yahoo Message for like 6 months. He told me that he and his son were planning their trip to finally come home because his contract in Nigeria was complete. He told me that he was waiting for a check from his company in order to purchase the airline tickets. He asked me if I could cash a cashiers check for him and send him the money through Western Union. I told him that I would not be able to send it until I knew the check had cleared. He was persistent and wanted me to send it as soon as possible. I received the check and immediately called the bank that it was supposedly bought from in Texas. I gave them the account # and check # etc and they confirmed that the check was indeed fraudulent. I even e-mailed them a copy of the check as Tim had e-mailed me a copy. Of course I did not even try to cash the check.

I explained the situation to them and asked if there was anyone that I could report this to. They told me that it would be very hard to locate this person in Nigeria. These kinds of things make me crazy, we need to get the word out to people. Too many people have been taken with this kind of fraud. I appreciate your site. I just wish people would see it before they become victims. I got very lucky!

 Post subject: DIDNT GET ME
PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 1:24 pm 

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lilian hastrup to me
More options Jul 29 (6 days ago)

Dear love,
The first time we were introduced over the computer, I knew you were the one for me. The first hello and the first goodbye we both knew. It has been a little over 5 hrs, and we are still fondly in each other's minds, souls, and hearts. Before I met you I had no idea what love really was until my heart truly started aching for you. Every mins we did not chat, and each time i think we far apart, tears ran down my face unconditionally for the longing of you near me. I never knew a man could have stolen my heart and made it truly his. I never knew I could love a man more then my own life. I long for the day I can finally look into your beautiful soft kind eyes and tell you how much I love you, and need you. The true beginning of my life is when i will be in your house . , and all my dreams are finally coming true. I don't know about all of yours? Seeing you every day is going to be the biggest blessing to my heart knowing you are in touching reach of me, which does scare me, however in a wonderful way. You are my every heartbeat, my every gasping breathe of life. What I need to survive and make it through this lonely world can only be conquered with you by my side. I do not think there are any words that could describe the way I actually feel about you. All I know, is you, dear king, are the only man that is in my mind, the only man that is in my soul,

the only man who truly and unconditionally has my heart for my lifetime and many more lifetimes the world has to offer us. When I think about you, my eyes start to water because I know you are somewhere else and not in my arms. But the thought of you keeps me going and going for another breathe of fresh air to keep my longing for you in my life going. I will never leave, and I will truly never hurt you. I admire you. You are my inspiration for anything, and everything on this cold damp earth. I never thought my time would come to love, and then it came and I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all. I have stacked it piece by piece in my heart for you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, and you are the only man I will only give all I have to offer forever. I hope you never let go of me because I love you, and I know you love me too as much as I love you. Just the thought of you brightens my day completely, and sometimes I do bring you there on purpose to make myself happy when I am down. Picturing your smile makes me smile, and I cannot wait to actually see that adoring man I know with the unforgettable smile I know so soon. I treasure you locked in the big steel safe of my heart. I love you, sweetheart, and that is the only thing that is never going to change in my life. Always, and truly yours forever.


lilian hastrup to me
More options Jul 31 (4 days ago)

Dear my love ,

You just don't know how much I love you. You are the best man any woman could ever ask for.It is you who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I, one day, wish to have your children. You just don't understand how much I adore you, appreciate you, admire you, trust you, respect you, and over all love you.
I believe this is it, you are the one for me. Being away from you drives me crazy and makes me want to be with you right at this very instant. I just think of this separation as a test. I can deal with it. If this is what it takes to be with you then I will go through it. Well, are you tired, are you ok?' and lots of questions like these I always ask you. Not because I just want to ask or curious, but every question comes from inside of my heart. I know we are so far apart from each other and I try so much to be with you. I know, this is so hard but nothing on earth can make me loose my true love for you.
Although we've never met in person, I still really love you. I don't know when I started to love you, it started with sending e-mails and chatting with you everymins wishing you a good morning and good night with a lot of feeling in them. Then, some mins ago, I found myself loving you and couldn't stop this feeling. Just you knowing me more and more each day and how you understand me in everything, that's why I love you more and more. Every time you say hi, you brighten my life.
The distance is our problem but if we look at it in a different view, we will know this is the thing that can prove our true love. It's not so long, M. D., every dream will be come true and we will smile with a tear of happiness together when we talk about the past, in our house with our little kids that you told me you want to have with me... , and your smile. I will wait for the day we are together and I hope you will wait for me. dear my love I want everyone to know that I love you with all my heart and all my soul. You make me feel like I can fly. I'm in love with you even though I am thousands of miles away from you; I am forever by your side.
You have imperfections just like everyone else, but that is why I love you. You make me laugh; you make me cry tears of joy. I truly could not live my life without having you to talk to and to confide in. You will know more about me than anyone, you will know my thoughts, and you will know my heart inside and out. You will have a way of making my heart skip a beat, and I want you and the whole world to know, that I love you, king, and I will be forever yours. Thank you for showing me what kind of love all women deserve.
I love you with all of my heart.

Your boo





y would u put me in this kind of position...1st of all this doesnt even sound remotely legal...not to mention the fact that this is certainly no way to conduct a professional business transaction...its illeagal to change dates on a check and also to post date a check...if it was that important then im sure your boss could have done it for you or the customer could have gone to his bank...makes no sense to send it halfway across the world to have me cash could have had him wire transfer the money into your account...thats easier and instant...for all i know the checks could have been stolen or the very lest its a highly irregular way to conduct business and totally unneccessary...if i receive the checks i will be sending them back to the return address...if there is no address ill e-mail u once to get one...if i hear nothing they will be thrown out...i am sorry but thats the only thing i can do...and if this is a legal transaction u should have at least asked me 1st...however i believe the answer would be the sorry if this causes you problems but it just does not sound right to me


lilian hastrup to me
More options 4:34 am (9 hours ago)

hello love,you are getting me wrong,its very legal ad could you say such a mess to mean i can do you any arm.i love you babee and i cant watch you been armed.if its the date that is making you feel otherwise you can write the present date that u receive the cheques,i can never pay you with evil,the payment was meant to have been done since 3 of july 2006 and thats why i ask u to backdate it btu if u feels that backdating the cheques will make this transaction illegal then u can just sign on it and write the date you received the cheques on it and then take it to a cash point or your bank.Am sure if thr cheques are not real your bank will confirm it and if its real they will do the same but i just want to let you know that i cant do you any arm and this transaction is legal,if u are saying thats the transaction is illegal that means u dont love and u dont need me and all u have been saying to me all these while is nothing but a lie.i would have ask him to wire the money into my companys account but NIGERIA is very undevelop and there is no way i can receive the money here and the client he dosent have time to go and send the money through western union money transfer that was why i ask him to send it to you and then u can help me cash it.and i believe that u can do anything for me cos i trusted you and thats why i have confidence in you.Let me know your opinion and i want you to know that i can never make any illegal transactions with you.i love you babee.cant wait to hear from you and to be with you
kiss kiss


Alan Cort to lilian
More options 1:42 pm (20 minutes ago)

im sorry...but if you doubt my belief in you that thisisgenuine...please look at the following links to web sites...and there are thousands more...about 50,000 more ... eck_system

oh ya and a few of my personal favorites thati came accross...any1 familiar looking????????

heres a list of your other profiles...

oh ya by the way...the United States Secret Service and the FBI also have files on least thats what they told me when i emailed them copies of all the information i had on u, including the recorded conversations we had...ya they were all recorded from the start...and interestingly enough there are actually several more sites on the net that list you as a nigerian scammer...but the thing i like about this whole experience the most is that your lilian hastrup name wasnt listed...the agents were very happy to add that to thier list since it was newer than the others...i dont expect to hear from u again now that youve been discovered.

heres a list of some ip addresses that you have used...since youre not too good with english ill explain what an ip address is...its the location on the internet of your computer and thru that can be traced your ACTUAL location...where u live...who u are...even a phone least thats what the secret service and FBI agents told me...good luck in trying to not get caught as i understand the nigerian authorities also have a file on sure they are less friendly than the USA officials...i understand they have no sympathy for your kind and the penalties are pretty
IP address:, or, or, or, or, or, or, or, or , or, or


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 1:25 pm 

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:47 pm 

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I have been getting ALOT of yahoo messenger spam, it always starts the same way

They always ask if I have a cam, of course they never do.
They are always from either the UK or mid/east coast, and of course in Nigeria or Africa for work. Then they send me pics and ask for pics.
One last night and again an hour ago, I asked for their number, one was:
Maybe someone can figure out if they are valid and to what.
I usually mess with them untill I get bored, then put them on ignore and click the checkbox to report spam... anyone know if yahoo actually does anything with that?
This is very very annoying.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:28 am 

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A whats going on Im new here. I was scammed this past month or so meet this chick who went by the name Taye Abifarin who now I know was not a woman at all on this website dating website called anyway she or he gave there yahoo Im address started chating at first she wanted me to give her money i said no. She said she was a model and her manager stole her money and she was stranded I said i was hurting with money myself later on she said her uncle was going to help her with her problem she said she was going to send me a check for her plane ticket i received the checks from a us address. I was kind of skeptical but never the less I went to BOA to cash them they were travelers checks 10 of them all made out for 500 dollars I should have known something was going on then but I didnt long story short got arrested my bond was 30,000 10% percent of that was 3,000 got out now I guess I have a case I dont know I called the DA they said I have no charges pending. I dont know whats going to happen to me I did a IC3 . Gov report and everything. I even printed out the conversation I had with the person after I got out of jail I have the person saying everything about nigeria and the money hopefully th ejudge will see it in my favor or the DA drop charges. Pray for me I have 10 counts of forgery this isnt right. I recently saw the pic of the woman that those guys used on the screen name is Brinasweety look out for her. If you now of any help please holla at me.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:30 pm 

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Location: Long Beach, California
Hello Blazing,

My name is Annie McGuire and I am the Chief Fraud Victim Advocate at Fraud Aid, Inc.

I'm going to ask you a few questions that will lead toward clearing up your confusion; but first, please understand that either (1) the charges have been dropped, (2) there is a blacklog on data entry, or (3) your name may have been misspelled when your data was entered.

Although I am asking you these questions in the open, please click on the Profile button at the bottom of this reply post to access my email address and send me your answers via email.

1. Did you cash the money orders?
2. If so, did you send the money off to the scammers?
3. If you answered yes to either or both of the above questions, how much do you owe and what contact have you received from the creditor?
4. If no to #'s 1 and 2, were you arrested at BofA at the time you presented the money orders?
5. Have you received your indictment? The indictment is a document that states the charges and the the name and address of the court in which those charges were determined. The is sent by surface mail from the court to your street address.
6. Have you been arraigned?
7. If yes, were you represented by an attorney, public or private?
8. If no and you need a Public Defender, please contact your Public Defender's Office to determine procedure, meaning the sequence of events for your court's jurisdiction, and the moment at which you are appointed a Public Defender. These rules differ from state to state.
8. If no and you can afford an attorney, please seek advice from your personal community of friends and family about who would be your best choice for a Criminal Attorney, then make an appointment for a consultation only. A consultation is an hour of the attorney's time and that's all you pay for. If nothing else, he or she will be able to determine if your charges are pending or have been entered into the system or if they have been dismissed entirely.
9. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, you are free and clear because your Prosecutor's Office and District Attorney are fully aware of this scam and are not interested in you. If so, your next step is to contact your court to find out what steps you must take to have the arrest removed from your record. The rules for this differ from state to state.

If an indictment has been issued and the charges have not been dropped, then we will work with your attorney to provide him or her the ammunition needed for your defense.


Fraud Aid, Inc.
Free Fraud Victim Advocacy
Since 1999

 Post subject: the answers
PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 2:39 am 

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1. No 4. yes arrested at B of A 5. No havent received any indictment 6. I dont know I received a bunch of attorney letters in th email. I think once your arrested you are arrained. I dont know But a month and two weeks is a long time to build a case.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:21 pm 

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DONT BELIVE crap YOU HERE FROM THEM THERE LYING look how this girl tried to trick me she sent me along email crying and crap talking about how she was stuck. Go along with them its fun look what happens when i said the fbi word to her. She deleted her account and everything its funny.

Alisha Robbinson: ?
Todd Vaughn: yeah
Todd Vaughn: im here
Alisha Robbinson: you bz
Alisha Robbinson: ?
Alisha Robbinson: so can you see it
Alisha Robbinson: ?
Todd Vaughn: yeah i got it
Alisha Robbinson: raelly
Alisha Robbinson: so when you raed it finish tell me what you think about it
Alisha Robbinson: and what you will do about it okay
Todd Vaughn: i allready read it
Alisha Robbinson: raelly
Alisha Robbinson: so what do you think we can do about it
Todd Vaughn: i dunno
Todd Vaughn: i email them allready
Todd Vaughn: i would really like to help you out i just hope your not pulling my leg
Alisha Robbinson: okay
Alisha Robbinson: am very happy
Alisha Robbinson: to hare that from you honey
Todd Vaughn: but i sent emails to both
Alisha Robbinson: nope am not
Alisha Robbinson: and i will not
Todd Vaughn: how long have you been there
Alisha Robbinson: more than 2 yes now
Todd Vaughn: where do you live
Alisha Robbinson: i stay in hotel
Todd Vaughn: how much do you owe
Alisha Robbinson: 1000$
Alisha Robbinson: honey where did you mail
Todd Vaughn:
Alisha Robbinson: yaeh
Alisha Robbinson: raelly
Alisha Robbinson: so how will you send it
Todd Vaughn: so you dont have any family ove here
Alisha Robbinson: i told you
Todd Vaughn: im talking about extended family
Alisha Robbinson: i have nobody
Todd Vaughn: Dr. Yusuf Adeyemo

Im sending you this e-mail an regards to Alisha Robbinson the american woman in room number 12. Im really interested in her and was wondering if you could explain to me an detail of what kind of situation she is stuck in. Also i would really appreciate if you could email me back with what it would take to help her out.

best regards , M V
Todd Vaughn: thats what i emaild its a start
Alisha Robbinson: raelly
Alisha Robbinson: ?
Todd Vaughn: yeah ill help you out the best i can
Alisha Robbinson: raelly
Todd Vaughn: of course
Alisha Robbinson: so how will you send the money now
Todd Vaughn: that im still working on
Alisha Robbinson: when will you send the money coz i want everythinkg should be fast here okay
Alisha Robbinson: you there
Alisha Robbinson: honey you there

Hide Recent Messages (F3)

Alisha Robbinson is using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger and certain features may be unavailable. Click here to invite Alisha Robbinson to upgrade.

Alisha Robbinson: you there
Todd Vaughn: ya
Todd Vaughn: you there
Todd Vaughn: are you okay
Alisha Robbinson: why are not responding
Alisha Robbinson: what ahppeming there
Todd Vaughn: i was eating
Todd Vaughn: what happen to you
Alisha Robbinson: not raely
Alisha Robbinson: think about the bill honey
Alisha Robbinson: when are sending it be fast honey
Todd Vaughn: where do you want me to send it
Todd Vaughn: my dads gonna send it i told him about your story he works for the fbi
Alisha Robbinson: true wester union
Alisha Robbinson: really
Todd Vaughn: yeha
Alisha Robbinson: so how will it be noe
Alisha Robbinson: so when are you sending it
Todd Vaughn: he's really exicited about helping you out
Alisha Robbinson: raelly
Todd Vaughn: yeah the FBI helps people out all the time in these situations
Alisha Robbinson: you mane in usa
Todd Vaughn: yeah im in the united states
Alisha Robbinson: maen
Alisha Robbinson: in usa
Alisha Robbinson: so who are fbi?
Alisha Robbinson: are you the won sending the money or fbi tel me?
Todd Vaughn: federal bureau investigation
Alisha Robbinson: okay
Todd Vaughn: you know they work for the us government
Todd Vaughn: they have an office over there
Todd Vaughn: my dads gonna contact the embassy over there
Todd Vaughn: and help you out
Todd Vaughn: where are you located
Todd Vaughn: address

 Post subject: My Foolish/Sad/Stupid/Idiot Naieve Scam Story
PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:37 pm 

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I need to first start off by saying, thank u for creating this site and providing a central way for people like myself to share their story and educate other would be victims on this stuff. When I cam to this site I placed in the search dating scam. I then found this thread on yahoo messenger dating scams, and found that it had over 15000 looks and like 40 posts or something. I shrugged, knowing that so many had come before me that went through this. Upon reading part of these stories things lined up so perfectly with my situation. I shrugged again and felt ashamed and foolish. Before I get into my story I want to point out these two quotes which were in this thread that really hit home for me. These quotes were almost exactly what I went through.


They always ask if I have a cam, of course they never do.
They are always from either the UK or mid/east coast, and of course in Nigeria or Africa for work. Then they send me pics and ask for pics.
One last night and again an hour ago, I asked for their number, one was:
Maybe someone can figure out if they are valid and to what.
I usually mess with them untill I get bored, then put them on ignore and click the checkbox to report spam... anyone know if yahoo actually does anything with that?
This is very very annoying.

This one hit home because the "girl" who found me through was from the UK and doing modeling in Africa. "She" was doing the modeling in Lagos, Nigeria.


I have been talking to this girl on yahoo. Some model. She wanted me to cash her check so she could get money.. Shes in Nigeria. I thought it was funny.. and That she showed great looking pics of herself. I was like wow.. then she ask me to cash her check.. I was ok DUHHHH.. I am glad that i thought it was a little weird and went to google seach. I would like to report her and see what can do to catch the idiots. Bad this i was tired and did the dummest thing gave her my address and name.. I don't think she can do anything with this info. But how can i watch out for her.. What can i do? Email me back PLEASE at as to what i can do..

thank you

This was me also, but I dove in and didn't report :(

Well it started back in August of 2006. I had moved out of my prior roommate situation and into a nice luxury apartment. I was starting fresh again and was into my first real apartment. Well, since I don't goto bars and am not a major socialite I decided to start searching online and meeting people that way. I must have gone through 5-6 dating sites to just see what would happen. I eventually was contacted through by someone known as Rooney Whyte. This persons emails is Well anyways, we started talking on yahoo messenger and "she" let me know of "her" situation in Nigeria and that she was left stranded when her agents wife had a stroke and this made him return back to the UK to be with her. (Some reason he didn't take this model Rooney either). Well things went on and "she" told me more of her background that her father had died and that she went to Lambeth college for a degree in accounting. But, she wasn't using this because the modeling was making more money and she neeed to help her mum back in the U.K. Well, I got her to give me her number which I called. this was of course a 234 nigerian #. I was able to talk to her and she sounded British (although most Africans in nigeria do). Eventually I thought I had enough proof to help her get out of nigeria and back home to the UK. I helped her pay $200 to get to the US but she was rejected when she didn't have her travelers allowance (like $500). So she was sent back to nigeria and I aided in providing this.

This is a 6 month story which I won't go into fully. After this she finally got to the US and was staying with her cousin in florida. His name was Timothy Whyte. I also talked with him eventually while he was supposedly in barbados vacationing.

Let me get to the details on things I lost besides my time and sanity. I really wanted to see her so I sent a used laptop with webcam to a certain address in texas where she stayed while in the US. this was with a friend named lisa perez that she met while modeling before.

All in all, I had numerous email address, talked with many people in canada, europe, and africa. the calls had the area codes for these different places. I sent money to europe (via western union), and africa. One thing I noticed was that all the people I talked with sounded british and were probably african. I realized that this must be a global worldwide network that operates in many countries. The one I talked with in Canada sounded like a legitimate business as it had an answering machine and proper business voice mail address.

Lets get more into the money part. I initially sent her/him western union of like $1500, $200, $100 amounts. She had always promised that she would return me the money. Starting in december until now I received about 5 checks of different amounts varying from as low as $1500 upto $4500. The first check I received written out to me was automatically seen as fraud by my bank because it was from my bank. There was also a number for the individual that the checking account belonged to. I called her and she told me she was frauded and was still working with wells fargo to get her money back. Well this should have been it for me. I came home and yelled at this for working with fraudulent checks. I knew she had to be a scammer but she said that her agents sometimes are involved in this fraud and she can't do anything about it. I wanted to believe what she had to say and did.

There was one for $3700 that finally bounced after like 10 days. It looked completely legit and that the funds were there. the banks told me that things cleared and that it looked good. during that time another character in the plot, a man named Kawu needed help with his house and paying his bills or he would be sent packing. After I had deposited the money and things looked good to my bank (I had called them and verified that the funds were there and no holds were active) I proceeded to help out this Kawu.

All this time I received so many warning signs from friends, my own research (didn't find this site) and just the situation that I should have backed out. The mentality I had was that this couldn't happen to me and that not all situations are bad in nigeria. I wanted to believe it, I wanted to disregard the signals. I was in total denial of the facts and the truth. My closest friend got really upset at me (he had every right) for sending money and putting effort and time into this. He knew it wasn't legit and actually had talks numerous times with this where he would ask "her" age and couldn't get a straight answer. He was very skeptical, but I pursued. At one point he commented to me that I was in love with an idea. I was in a fantasy world that I created and wanted to believe. I couldn't accept what was staring me in the face.

Well things finally ended for me when that first check of $3700 bounced and this left me down around $10k. All my life I've been a saver and a watcher of my finances, and this just washed me out. Fortunately I'm not totally gone from this and I also am single, but I have so much rebuilding to do and reconstruction to do with my financial situation. All this money could have gone to pay my college bills and help people of my family. after getting out of it and looking back I don't know how I did it and how I committed like I did. I see how foolish I was and what a waste of my time and money this was. It just pains me :( Every day I think about this mistake and how amazingly stupid it was for me to continue doing this. They are extremely crafty though and weave a decent story. I do wonder if they actually have an organization that stretches worldwide.

There is a lot more to the story but I am getting tired typing. I need to ask a few questions to finish. They do have my address, and phone number. can they do something with this to hurt me in the future? I did open a second checking account which I gave them the details to in terms of the account #, but I have already canceled this. Also, should I tell this person I'm reporting them on here? I still talk with them but mainly just ask them questions and try to get them to admit their guilt.

thanks for any advice u can give and here are the email addresses of the scammers involved.

thanks for reading my story.

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Hi, GSS, and welcome to the board.

The expression BTA (basic travelers allowance), or travelers allowance, seems to crop up quite a bit. Several years ago when foreign exchange was severely controlled/regulated (in Nigeria, but many other countries too), it was very hard to legally obtain any foreign currency. However, is not fun to arrive somewhere without at least some small change in your pocket - you were not allowed to take local currency with you (not that anybody would have changed that for you), nor foreign currency either, except for what you had brought into the country with you previously.

This led to the introduction of the BTA. It was the amount you were allowed to legally purchase and carry around with you in the days of strict regulation.

The scammers have turned that to mean you have to have at least this amount in your pocket to be allowed to travel, which is not true.

You may be asked to provide evidence of how you intend to finance your stay in a country when applying for a visa, but that is a different matter.
I realized that this must be a global worldwide network that operates in many countries.
You're right. Scamming is, sadly, a worldwide deal, with scammers operating everywhere they can find an internet connection. Canada, Nigeria, the US, the UK, etc.

A little info on the fake check scam...a very common scam is for a scammer to send their victim a check for goods bought on the internet, or to send these to someone met on a dating site. When these relate to goods, the checks are usually made out for more than the selling price of the goods and the scammer concocts some story or other and asks the seller to send the difference in value to an associate. Sometimes they may give a reason for cancelling the deal, and ask you to refund the whole amount of the check they sent. If it was sent to someone met on a dating site, the scammer asks that they clear the check through their bank account and send on the money to a third party.

In all cases when a scammer sends a check, money order or any other form of negotiable bond these are forged. The scammer relies on the fact that banks will show the checks to be cleared and credit money to your account when in actual fact they have only passed a local inspection and it can take weeks or months before the check bounces.

This means that the you would notice that the check has apparently cleared, send the goods and forward the money. When the bank finally realises that the check is forged, you would be required to pay back the amount of the check to the bank and can and will face criminal charges for forgery. Some victims of this crime have even been sent to jail as accomplices in fraud.
The mentality I had was that this couldn't happen to me and that not all situations are bad in nigeria.
Not all situations in Nigeria *are* bad, but the bad sometimes overshadows the good.

I'm sorry you've been scammed. If you're feeling stupid, don't, please. These scammers have taken months, maybe years to perfect their craft of spinning lies. They've taken the trust that you put in them and abused it. I know it will be hard to trust people at first, but it takes time to heal.

You will be safe from the scammer if you block/ignore his emails.
If he calls you, politely tell him you are no longer interested, then hang up. He will soon stop bothering you and move on in search for other victims.

Please don't tell him that you've reported him to SVU - he will only try to convince you that he is real. He will not admit that he is scamming you.

Thanks for posting the email addresses. The google spiders will pick them up and make it easier for others to determine if they are being scammed.

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