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 Post subject: Possible Romanian girl scam?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:10 pm 

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Hey folks,

I have befriended a young Romanian woman (21) who I met on a popular adult webcam site (cam4).
At the time I was thinking with a certain other part of my body and not the brain, and I ended up paying her $20 via Paypal for a private show on Skype.
You get the idea.

There's nothing wrong with the above really (hey, I'm a single guy), but because we had each other on Skype we started chatting after a few weeks and she did another show for me - this time for 20 Euro.
By now we had been chatting for quite a while on Skype and I was attracted to her.
She also told me that she needed to do shows for men over the internet to pay her rent and she was short this month. Because of this I paid her an additional tip of 40 Euro.

We kept chatting for days and some nights we were up until the early hours talking about how fun it would be to get together etc. I remember being very tired in work but still felt great because I thought I'd met someone special.
Anyway, she kept talking about how she had to pay her rent and she needed 110 Euro in total.
I stupidly gave her another 70 Euro because I felt sorry for her.

At this point you have to remember that it didn't make a huge dent in my bank balance and can afford to help out a girl in need in this way. I know that Romania isn't a very well off country and I saw it as charity in a way.
I also paid by Paypal which is fairly safe.

The other day she brought up the idea of me sending her money by Western Union because men were cancelling their payments on Paypal for private cam show.
It would work like this:

  • She sends me her earnings by Paypal
  • I keep what she earns
  • I then send it via Western Union

Because I work in the ID/AML (Anti Money Laundering) industry I thought I'd mention that I don't trust Western Union.
After I said this she dropped the idea.
But, I did get a photo of her ID which seems real. And I've seen a few fake passports in my time (usually from Iran).

I sent her an additional 20 Euro tonight because she needed it to pay for an exam but I did it while reading this forum.

It's probably best if I present the rest of the story as a series of bullet points.

  • She appears to be a real, genuine woman. She always looks the same on a webcam.
  • All her photos appear to be of the same person.
  • Her sob-story about being abandoned by her mother, her father dying a few years ago seems real enough. She says she lives with her 15-year old sister who she has had to look after for years. I have also seen the two of them on a webcam together (not like that!!) just when chatting to her.
  • She said that her sister was going on a vacation with her school and was supposed to go yesterday but she didn't go because the school changed the hotel and raised the price for the trip (her sister is still there today). She wanted me to visit Romania while her sister was away.
  • She eats very basic food, she said she was going out to the market today for 2 hours and wanted me to send her the 20 Euro before she went because of the 2 days Paypal takes to move money to her credit card. She ended up just going to a local shop and paying 7 Euro for a chicken and some cabbage (more expensive than travelling to the market) after I said I'd give it to her.
  • I have: her ID photo, her (possible) real name, her DoB, because we chatted on Skype I have her IP, her cell phone number, her email address, many photos.
  • So far, I have given her 150 Euro (some in payment for "services", I admit).

More on the Skype thing: because I know a thing or two about computers I was able to trace her IP when chatting on Skype and it came from an ISP in exactly the same place she says she is from.
She also describes the area extremely well, and it fits in with her coming from there.

So far, most of her story checks out, but there are a few red flags:

  • She says she recently split from her boyfriend but I once watched her on the adult site mentioned above and I saw for a flash of a second another person's hand off to her side. I challenged her on this and she said that sometimes he goes to her place.
  • Her sister didn't end up going on a vacation after I said I couldn't come to Romania at such short notice.
  • She cancelled a long shopping trip late at night (20:00) after I said I would give her the 20 Euro.
  • One sob story after another, even if the amount of money involved aren't huge.
  • She really wants me to visit her and left me the following message once when I was at work:
    look i have something to tell u
    i was thinking if u can come here to spend some time with me
    i want to come but the tiket to fly is verry expensive for me
    please think about it and give me an answer
  • She would regularly not have a webcam (it was her friend's) when I wanted to see her on Skype.
    Now she says she's bought her own - that's how I saw her with her sister today.

I have saved all Skype chats so far with all other info that I've gathered and I really want her to be genuine but something told me to be very cautious.
Maybe it's because what I do for a living, I don't know.

I know one thing though: I want her to be genuine.

The verdict?

 Post subject: Re: Possible Romanian girl scam?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:31 pm 
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I think you already know the answer. Scam

Shawn Mosch
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 Post subject: Re: Possible Romanian girl scam?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:53 am 

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The amount of money send may not be huge for you, but it is for her. ... per-capita

I have been to Romania and you do not pay 7 euro for a chicken and gabbage.
She probably is real, but she is still scamming you.
Basically she is a modern times hooker, telling you and other men what they want to hear. You are just one of the regular Johns.

Excuse me, ma'am. Is your refrigerator running? *gasp* It IS? Well, you better go catch it before it runs away! A-ha! A-ha! A-ha!

 Post subject: Re: Possible Romanian girl scam?
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:09 pm 

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Queenaguilera is a complete scammer.

typical romanian girl scams.
"" - Romanina scams

Met her on mfc. Did some sweet talks and then said she wants to do a meeting.
She said she wants to buy a nice dress for meet up asked to wire 500 euros through western union or moneygram. Once money was wired, we spoke once or twice on phone(not sure who it is was though). Then again she asked me to wire 600 euros through western union or moneygram for doing her shopping. On doing that she asked for more...I said i can only through bank transfer so she said..she doesn't want to meet.

I send her money in the name of Nedelescu Elena. Complete scam. avoid.

She is someone who will rip your money since western union n moneygram can't be traced...Please don't transfer any money through western union or moneygram

Her camsite details ... nAGUILERA#

God bless..

Stay safe

 Post subject: Re: Possible Romanian girl scam?
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:25 pm 

Joined: Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:12 pm
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I have been in contact with a girl from Romania who I met on a Cam Site. We have developed a internet relationship where she has sent me a few email and some personal non-nude photos. Recently she asked me to send her a Western Union money gram to help her with the Christmas Season. I really don't mind the amount asked for $300.00 US. But I am hesitant to release my personal information. I would much rather send her the money through her cam site even with the cut they take to maintain my anonymity

The whole thing is depressing as I feel that I am being taken advantage of. Any suggestions??



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