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 Post subject: scammers US "working as expats" Be SAFE
PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:30 pm 

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I have had 4 of these criminals. Most claim to be widowers with young sons, in construction and are expatriots working somewhere else because the economy is bad here. Had 2 give me the exact same story in 24hrs!!! I didn’t know anything about this stuff so I said, “OMG I just spoke with someone else who must be on the same type of contract as you are!” Outrage!
They will get hateful if you let on that you are talking to anyone else and if they think you are on to them, so DO NOT Challenge them.
They will try to get you off of Match email as soon as possible and on to yahoo or a private email- DO NOT until you are very, very comfortable because then you are at their mercy and have little security. These people prey on lonely people, (or why would you be on Match?) especially if you say you are looking for someone of a specific income/ educational bracket or if you have a certain level of education because then they think you have money. Very persistent and clingy…I blocked 3 of them after 24 hrs.
These people are sophisticated, organized criminals, not just individual hackers. One guy "slipped up" and after a few "chats" and left me an IM on yahoo messenger after I had gotten off that he'd call or text me in the morning. I had never given him my number. He traced it from my email. Like an idiot, I had never given him my last name, but I forgot that my last name was on my signature at the bottom of my email. Takes 2 min. to get a phone # if you have an email and a last name.
Next day, he gave me the "my kid broke his leg and I can only pay the mean old hospital part of the bill, and they are demanding money" story. He wanted me to send him 750 pounds (approx US$1500?)
Um, no. Go to the billing office and work out a payment plan. Good luck, Bye. BLOCK.

This was the smoothest one. The rest get hostile. Watch for ,"Angel, Honey, Baby, Beautiful" any syntax errors, and in grammar/ spelling and asking you to take down your profile because " I thought we had a connection" or "something special" after 2 IM chats. I am very sorry if my earlier statement has offended people who may be English speakers as a second language. That was never my intention. As someone who speaks another language, passably, I know I make terrible syntax errors and hope native speakers forgive me and understand the respect and good will in which I am trying to communicate with them. I imagine that most people still reading this long note are NOT criminals and so they will understand the spirit in which I am trying to convey the idea to trust your good judgment and maybe even have a friend read the communications with you as you get to know the person who says they are an expat.
I wonder where these people get their profile photos... Change your Facebook profiles to "friends only". I think they harvest photos from open profiles, which is SO EZ to do... just 2 clicks...I hope someone else can benefit from these lessons I learned.
Here are the names- maybe changed now ... Be Safe, lots of people have a lot of fun on Match!
caringloverdad or caringlovingdad, conference46, curlyseeker, sctt23156

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