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 Post subject: How stupid I was - Colombian girl used me
PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:14 pm 

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October 2010, it was usual day for me, but now I see it was day which changed my life.
I was reading CKM magazine at hairdresser while waiting for my turn and there saw article about websites where you could talk to naked girls who do everything for you. Idiot like me remembered name of one such website ( and decided to check how it looks like when I return home.
When I entered website, I chose category with latinas and randomly clicked on picture of girl with tattoo (3 stars) below her stomach. When I joined her room, I was pleasantly surprised with her face too, she was very beautiful.
We started to talk and soon she invited me to private chat (which I pay and she receives money from website for that), I used my credit card and we continued to talk in private chat. She told me she is from Manizales and was surprised that I knew for their football team Once Caldas etc. She also told me she has small kid, father of her child abandoned her, just like her father, so, she only lived with her mother and young kid. And I felt sorry for her and wanted to help her. In the end of that first chat, I asked her for her facebook, she gave it to me and on facebook I confirmed it was same person (though she told me fake name at first but I thought it is normal that she uses fake name while talking to strangers on that website).
At first, we only talked while she was "working" on that website because she didn't have computer, actually she had it but needed to be fixed. After week or two, she already asked me if I could send her money because her kid was in hospital and she didn't have money to pay and return him home from hospital. She wrote in that way that I thought it was real and sent her money. Meanwhile we were talking almost every day (and literally only talking) on that website and I was already spending a lot of money as that chat is something like 4 or 5 usd per minute. Finally, I remembered she told me she needs around 100 usd to fix her laptop and offered her to send her that money since with those 100 usd she could fix laptop and I would not spend more money on stupid naked website. She fixed laptop with my money and really she was online from her home and we talked through msn, not while she was working. So, I thought I will not have more costs. Except for tickets to Colombia of course. We talked about me going to Colombia because it would be complicated for her to get visa to Europe, also because of financial situation and anyway she was only 20, I was little bit older (23 years then) and as a guy it was logical for me to travel there. I wanted to go to Colombia in January but couldn't after all and we decided to wait for June when my season (I play basketball for one club) and my school year ends. I was final year of University but because of trainings and almost every day chats with her I was skipping classes at University and instead of finishing University in June last year, I had to repeat year and still didn't finish it (hope to do it in September finally).
So, we were chatting, she showed me through cam her house, her mom and kid, her friends, everything. But, from time to time, she was asking me for the money. Sometimes to pay the bills, to help her mother, once for her birthday (I send her money for new camera), for her kid's and mom's birthday, once her friend was in Jamaica and didn't have money to return to Colombia because one man with who she went there left her (!?)... wow, now I see how stupid was I, and I forgot some things... yes, she also needed money for doctor, dentist... and other things. She really looked like person in love when we talked, I mean I am not ugly guy and there are girls here who like me, I thought if there are girls who would like to be with me and I did nothing for them, why wouldn't girl for who I did everything?
First sign of suspicion appeared in January when one guy on facebook sent me message about her, but she somehow convinced me it was surely some of jealous girls from her work because they couldn't find someone like me.
This is message from that guy in Spanish, unfortunately: espero no incomodar solo quiero que sepas que tu novia tatiana de colombia solo te quiere sacar dinero para sus fiestas ella mantiene ebria y con muchos hombres se que trabaja en una pagina de naked y alli la conociste solo espero que pongas atencion a lo que te digo y ponte a pensar en ello solo mira ella te elemino del facebook te haz preguntado porque ????????????' ella trata de utilizar su belleza para manipularte no se tu que tienes en tu cabeza y que piensas de eso
After that she deleted facebook, but in reality she only deleted me and blocked me, while others could still see her profile of course. When I found out what she did, she told me that facebook is not important as long as we have msn, she doesn't want that others bother me when they see I am her boyfriend (she wanted that we appear as in relationship on facebook even before I go to Colombia).
By the way, now I see this guy knew she would delete me, now I am confused little bit :D Anyway, after that another lie, she told me she won't work for anymore and that she found job in supermarket. I believed her, but after I noticed she usually comes online at msn in similar times like before when she was working, I decided to check. And there she was at again. Worst thing is that I never told her to stop working there, but she still lied to me for some reason. She begged me to forgive her and idiot did forgive her. I continued to go to to check from time to time after that (without logging in) and I started to notice that she talks to many guys like she talked to me when we started, she was so happy when they were coming online, she talked to them like they are her boyfriends, she had such 'in love' faces... I thought, wow, great actress. But, I also thought that she maybe did same with me and decided to test her. It was already April, 2 months before I should have came to Colombia. I tested her with money of course. I was telling her that I don't have money to send her because I have to save it for upcoming trip and she was of course angry and didn't even want to talk to me. After two-three days she would wrote me again, asking for money again. Finally, in beginning of June, she 'left me'. Of course, I didn't buy ticket because I saw what was going on. But, I will go to Colombia and Manizales for sure soon as it is beautiful country, I love countries with such landscapes. I will also visit Manizales, but will try to avoid her since I wouldn't like to see her on the street and do something bad in foreign country.
After she left me, this 'jealuous friend of her' who warned me wrote me again: oye nuevamente te escribo te acuerdas que aun di ate mande aquel mensaje nunca me creiste lo que te decia ahora mira ella te dejo porque ya no le enviabas mas dinero ahora quedaste solo ves ella solo queria tu dinero no le importa si no eso y sabes porque te lo habia dicho porque a mi tambien me llo hizo me saco dinero para una cosa y otra y la puse a aprueba y ya me dejo de querer lo siento por ti pero te lo habia dicho

So, I was extremely stupid and at least I learned my lesson. But I lost so much money (didn't calculate but at least 5000 euros I guess) and more importantly time. I finally recovered financially after one year, but those 9 months can't be recovered.
I'm sorry I didn't see this website earlier, but if I am allowed I would like to post infos of this Colombian (real and name she uses at her job) so people could see and not make same mistakes as I did. I surely forgot some things, but this is more than enough I think.

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