Anastasia Dating Is Scam
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Author:  fool999 [ Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Anastasia Dating Is Scam

I have a proof, that Anastasia Dating is a Scam. I have received an insider information
of an emplyee. She told me that between 1000 and 2000 men are visiting every year
Odessa in Ukraine. Only 1 or two of these men marry the woman!!!
It is all about creating an small income for the girls but much more for the site and
a lot of associated people from translaters to restaurants. It is a scam industry.
I wonder if someone has already started legal steps.

Hope that this helps someone


Author:  Iceman [ Sun May 29, 2011 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Here is a list of 20 things about Anastasia (now

Where to begin with this site
1. Most expensive chat service around that one can be overcharged more than what one is normally charged for
2. Scammers have been found there asking for money
3. Ladies have been known to commit marriage fraud
4. Ethnically backward and will not change its advertisements to include all ethnicities (like african men, asian or indian or hispanic men)-only one ethnicity focused with its advertisements
5. Rude customer service at times
6. Prostitutes found on the site
7. Expensive tours where one can meet disinterested ladies and waste one's time and money-ladies may not even show up to meet you
8. Abuses the IMBRA Act where it prevents obtaining contact information from a lady but if one cannot pass this through Anastasia's letters or chat system then should it not be forbidden to pass it through their phone system?
9. Expensive phone system-Over 50 bucks for five minutes but let's say one only talks for three minutes you still have to pay for the full five minutes although one did not use it-If you go over the five minutes you get overcharged!
10. Ladies may not even appear as they are in their photos
11. Profiles can have the same lady but with same name but with different ages and heights
12. A lady's profile can have a lady's name changed for eg one thinks one is talking to Anna when in fact one is talking to Anna but later on the name on the profile changes to Elena by the site!
13. A lady can be on several other dating sites talking to other men unknown to the man she is talking to on AnastasiaDate-Unfair to the man who is paying his money
14. Accusations that ladies are not completely writing their letters but the translators are the one's writing the letters so it is not coming directly from the lady herself
15. Ladies being on for a long period of time and not finding anyone-Why?
16. Bombards one with many letters for the purpose of paying money to open and send letters. More letters one opens and sends the more money is made-Only a money-making site-that's why they send hundred upon hundreds of letters to you-more opened-more money made!
17. Improvements on the site are like a waste of time e.g. games like tic-tac-toe and pool. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to play tic-tac-toe as if that is the best game to find
18. No refunds on letters for if a lady rejects you on the site
19. Ladies have been known to be golddiggers found on the site
20. Also girls may be on the site but also have boyfriends as well unknown to customers

Author:  HarryBrown [ Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Oh Dear Iceman, I've seen you post this very same report on lots of other sites.

When we argued before, It transpired that you have a grudge against a particular girl who dropped you for whatever reason and now blame the site, the whole operation, the world and everyone else but yourself.

What you fail to mention is that are actually the best operation in this business. They are the only ones who even remotely try to run a real show.

1) All the girls on the site are real
2) You get refunded if there is any scam
3) The tours are great
4) There are success stories (I personally know one)
5) It is not expensive given what you actually get, or, if you think it is expensive you really shouldn't be looking for a wife on the other side of the world.
6) The girls are like girls you would find here in the US, good, bad and ugly. You choose which ones you are interested in.

There are lots of people who use Russian dating sites and don't meet a future wife. This does not mean that the site is a scam. As always, make up your own opinion.

Author:  Pennywise [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Oh Dear Harry

If that site is legit, how come I am receiving mails from them without being a member, having subscribed to anything or in any way have asked them to mail me? I am not looking for a woman and certainly not a russian one.

Author:  Iceman [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

HarryBrown wrote:
Oh Dear Iceman, I've seen you post this very same report on lots of other sites. When we argued before, It transpired that you have a grudge against a particular girl who dropped you for whatever reason and now blame the site, the whole operation, the world and everyone else but yourself.
:shock: :arrow:

I am sorry to have to tell you but I am not the individual you are speaking about but I believe you are referring to irina matyushkina Id 1080121 who was with another gentleman who eventually got tricked by this woman. I found this list that I posted above elsewhere and thought it would do well to be posted here and apparently it has. So what if there are these "stories" you speak of?

I also have a story that I can share as well and that is that divorces do occur with Ukrainian women. I found this story that I can share on a Russian divorce legal site and I will just quote a portion of it:

"My wife is in the Ukraine with our two children. She has decided to seek divorce...My wife is already romantically...involved with someone and she wants this to happen soon."

Hmm doesn't seem like a "Success" now does it?

But getting back to the point, I found out that Anastasiadate did speak a great untruth and a great falsehood concerning the translation of a woman's profile on the Russian social networking site vkontakte whose profile clearly showed that she was married but yet your site anastasiadate said she was single and available as a member. :mrgreen: Her name is Eugenia Bespala ID: 1613537.

I am posting the comments that I found at another place on the internet and here they are and again these are comments I managed to find elsewhere and I quote:

"Topic: anastasiadate Watch out for Prostitute Eugenia Bespala ID: 1613537

I managed to talk to my friend who happens to be an Expert Translator who has translated agency letters from the Ukraine and knows the Russian and Ukrainian language.

I submitted to him what you all had said and asked him if you all had been lying about the translation that you all had given here on this site concerning the lady's profile and here is what this Expert Translator told me concerning the profile of one of your professional chatters also known as a prochatter on the site:

Sent: Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:06 pm

From: XXXX



"Yes you are absolutely right. They are lying about that translation.

♥♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥!!!Я ЛЮБЛЮ своего МУЖА!!!♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥.

Means "I love my husband" there is no other translation. It is very specific.

There are other words for partner, boyfriend etc so they are probably

hoping they can get away with this due to most people's lack of knowledge of the Russian language."

Here is an Expert Translator and here is what he says in summary:

1. "there is no other translation"

2. "It is very specific"

3. "they are probably hoping they can get away this"

4. "They are lying about that translation"

Here is what we gather from all of this: through its customer service has been Exposed For its Lies Again-As Usual."

Hmm it seems you all are exposed here now in a very Big way. :shock:

Author:  PluckyPilot [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Hello Iceman, just came across this post researching anastasiadate. Have to say that as a Russian speaker I must disagree with your post.

"Я люблю своего мужа" is often used by young girls to talk about their boyfriends. I can't vouch for where your expert translator actually lives but it is quite a common phrase in Ukraine and Russia where I visit often.

In fact - you can check this for yourself using (never use for Russian, it always generates spurious results).

муж сущ. фразы | g-sort общ. man; husband; bedfellow; helpmate; lord; partner

Hope this helps! Maybe that person didn't have bad done by them after all?)

Author:  silverwoman [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

I found my ex husband using this website. It's good to know it may be a scam as he deserves to find out. Wow, two thousand men go to the ukraine a year. That's a lot.

Author:  PluckyPilot [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Well, from my experience the site is not a scam. I think that the site actually appeals to a broad range of people some of whom are quite vulnerable emotionally and I can see how and why they can get angry at the site. It often appears as if the site is trying to block your direct contact with the girl, and this might be true to a degree, however I found it quite simple to place a phone call to the the girl I wanted to be in touch with and got her Skype and Viber details right away.

There is plenty of space for mis-comunication as the above example clearly (in my mind) demonstrates. To think that this fellow branded a girl on the internet as a p*********e based on this misunderstanding is quite disturbing frankly speaking. Given that he could have actually checked with a proper translator prior to this relatively easily makes me think that he is of a slightly unsound mind. Also, and this is for iceman, to republish such comments I think is honestly unworthy. I mean, this is the girl's real name and presumably iceman is just a handle that you created for an internet forum. Shame.

Author:  Pennywise [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Same question for you PluckyPilot

If that site is legit, how come I am receiving mails from them without being a member, having subscribed to anything, or in any way have asked them to mail me? I am not looking for a woman and certainly not a russian one.

Author:  EyesOpenNow [ Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

To confirm my suspicions about Anastasia Date, I registered under 2 different screen names, using 2 different email addresses; I submitted different bio data, ages and photos. Women who aggressively persued me under one name, did the same VERBATIM when I used the other screen name and email address profile!
Anyone who has ever been on the site will notice that women will request chat time using identical sexual matter how far apart they may live. Men will also note that the women will practically beg to keep you chatting and to receive emails and photos from the guys...I strongly suspect that the females get a cut of that money men pay to chat and mail! Does anyone have any further info on that aspect of the operation? I am anxious to know!

Author:  ih 1066 [ Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Hello, greetings to all~!

I would like to comment on the scam issue of Anastasia date. I would also like to mention I was the sorry dumb a$$ that had the fine opportunity to meet this little girl listed her by the name of Eugenia Bespala! I joined anastasiadate late in the summer of 2011, I was chatting with a few ladies and then I started chatting with this Zhenya or Jane or Eugenia. We chatted for little bit, then I stopped and wished I had for ever!) but needless to say I came across her in chat! She is not really what I had in mind for a lady, I never liked the green eyes or pale skin, but after we had chatted this lady was good, very good! Mind you it had been over two years since me and my lady ripped the sheets after fourteen years. So I chatted with this Eugenia, she came across very strong, never chatting about sexual things in chat that I thought was great! Most ladies will chat naughty. So we chatted, I sent her roses and then she told me of how we are to find love when we are to meet, so dumb a$$ me bought tickets and booked the apartment service with Anastasia date. I flew into Kharkov in 31 January of 2012 and stayed for twenty days. I wanted to make sure that Jane and I was to have quality time together. So like a dumb a$$ here I am in the country that I know nothing about, and it being the coldest I think on record. I met Jane at the Paris restaurant in the city of Kharkov. With a agency translator that was wonderful to work with.
We had spent many times together and she seemed to be always very moody, complained about my American manners that I should pay more attention to her and her needs and so on! Well it happened to be cultural differences not manners! Going back into this history I forget to mention that after I already purchased tickets she informed me that she was to finish three more years of university and her international law degree! Wow this is news to me!
When we were together having dinner one night she out of the blue asked me if prostitution was legal in the place I live! I replied no, I was taken back by this, what kind of question is this? This was at the Dafi market place restaurant upper floor, same place as the movie theater. Jane had no winter shoes and I promised I would buy her them, so I bought her some winter shoes and some for summer spring. I also purchased her a new jacket because the one she wears is old and not good, same grey one she wears in her video at Anastasia date, so she got a new jacket.
I was really starting to wonder about this “girl” so when she had to go away for four days to her family matters, what ever they really might have been, I dated outside of her, I did meet this other lady, her name was Katherine, she was totally different from the little girl Jane. She was warm sweet and not pretending, her profile did say she did not smoke and she did when we had drank too much at dinner, she asked if I thought less of her I replied no! so my time ended in Kharkov, I returned home and continued chatting with Jane and Katherine. I also was emailed by Jane and was to be told when she would be needing money. She said her father had taken her money to buy a new kamaz, it is truck in Ukraine. She also said she was to go to China if she had the money. She was learning Chinese at university and not better English!??! What ever! So in the during this time I told her I would return in July after I caught a couple concerts here in the states. I also forwarded her email to my friend that is very proficient in internet espionage, he did some track ping or what ever and said she is on website selling herself, I went to this site, thought it was her it was not! Not knowing that I turned on my web cam doing so! So then I found her, I clicked on her, she was! I asked her not thinking she would know who I was if her hair was dreadlocks no she replied hair beads,. She then leaned forward and looked into her screen, she jerked her head back in shocking surprise, she responded, “I can kick you off from here” I was to ask her why she was doing this, my only response was, “WHY”. I clicked off from this in total sickness, I could not believe what I just saw, her portraying herself as such a lady and then this, just sick. I never in my life thought I would have been with a prostitute, but I had one! It is bad!
So, then my friend was like, you cannot let this go! You need to post and warn everyone about this lady! So I did, her furnished me with information from and everything. I doubted about the marriage and child thing, this would have been on papers from her passport. So he had me post all over the place, I was not mad, I was just sick to my stomach about this. I also sent a letter to Anastasia date and informed them, they said they would remove her profile if I remove the posts. I replied, you need not remove her profile she can do what ever she wishes. There are many writing on this “rip off report“, some are very crude and actually mean, I felt sorry for then with what everyone said. Yes, there are good and bad in everyone, she had some good in her but one must remember what it is like over seas. What was very scary she could have played her cards right and been married to me and my accounts! She could have had me good, but someone was looking out for me! I stay off rip off report because I started to defend her and the agency. I did not want my person known about this because of being in business in the USA and I would hate to be asked a question about this prostitute I saw!((
The Katherine I saw I actual was starting to make k1 visa papers for her, then her mother passed away! This is true, her and her sister had a younger brother that was a minor and they have to fight for his custody. I am to meet her when I go back to Kharkov. She is a very good and true lady, not like this two face Jane!
I never in my time, been taken advantage of by the agency of anastasiadate, I receive everything I paid for, it was good there minus the most gross disgusting dating experience with this Jane I eve had in my life! So yes, ther eis prostitutes and bad things on dating sites, just like any place else!
I was also informed that this Jane was most likely arrested for being what they call a girl of easy virtue, I am not 100% sure in this not seeing her face, but her height is right and the voice, she is wearing blue outfit in police station if it is her, here is the link on you tube. I am not 100% sure but it sounds like her to. Perhaps one can pull records at Kharkov police department if one wants more information about this lady! 22.5.12 - В Харькове "поймали" 20 девушек легкого поведения

I close now, I am not mad at this lady, I pity her. I never had no issue in service with the agency of Anastasia

Author:  haggis [ Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

I, too, believe this site (and all the related sites, like Asianbeauties) to be a scam. I have had the same experience as others, including:

1. letters from girls I've never met telling me how much they been enjoying our long chats (e.g., ID 1191835 among others on Asianbeauties)
2. letters from girls I've never met thanking me for being honest with them in my letters and chats (e.g., ID 1194361 among others on Asianbeauties)
3. letters and chat invitations saying how cute my photo is (I don't have a photo posted for good reason)
4. generic invitations to chat (e.g., "your profile really touched me") from girls I've chatted with frequently (e.g., ID 1577246 among others on Anastasiadate). Ummm...hello?!
5. photos from women, after I stupidly sent a gift, that look nothing like the girls' photos in their profiles
6. girls whose videos look little like their photos (again, 1577246 among many others on Anastasiadate)
7. video chats during which the girls talk to other people in the room, get up to get a drink, look bored, etc. all while without touching a keyboard. So, who's really doing the chatting??
8. Pleas for money to be send to them, to relatives, etc. And I can't believe how many Ukrainian girls have their cell phones stolen while riding the bus!! They then beg for me to send them money so that they can replace it. Telling this lie must be part of their training program. One girl, who is no longer on the site (Viktoria, aka Vika), begged for $1000 for a new laptop! Another (Juliya from Nikolaev, who is still on the site) also wanted money for a phone and a camera. Others want money to pay for English lessons.

The list goes on.

I can't believe that this site is allowed to operate. Give that we are using interstate and international telecommunications systems, I would think there would be Federal (USA) crimes involved here.

Author:  justinsimpson [ Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

Hello IH1066!~

Hey I will promise not to bash you, hey man I found this scammer Evgenia Bespala on her boy friends page. Sorry to say this he posted him and her together at the same time you was there with her! Sloppy seconds!)) Just joking. I really understand now. Yes she is bad, you write you are not mad at her? I cannot believe it! I would have been so mad I would have flown back over there and god only knows what would happen. All the time, all the money and to be mislead by this scammer! Prostitute! I got a hold of my buddy that knows you well, I asked if you had the recording of her on the gender site selling herself! He said he does but he does not know where it is, he will have to check he saved and did not know what folder it is in!((
This goes to prove what a horse apple operation Anastasiadate really is! Her profile is still online!(( you are still active with them, what is it like to be online the same time she is? What are your thoughts? I would want to climb through her monitor screen and grrrrrrrrr!
There is a guy online at (ripoffreport) john rT, he has made posts, he is in Kiev, knows a lot about the situation over in Ukraine and is very knowledgeable, I think he is with the consulate there. I wonder if it is not john tebb the ambassador to Ukraine? He knows a lot about K1 visa things and who can and who cannot come here to USA!!!) Anyways I have more information to post! Photo and text!

Fedka Makovetsky
тебе со мной и мне с тобою повезло...
Feb 2, 2012
Fedka Makovetsky You with me and I with you luck ... Feb 2, 2012

This is off his site with her all over the place, sad man sorry!

PluckyPilot Idiot! You yes! This man that saw her, or any one on here is not unsound mind! There is beyond reasonable doubt in the accusations at hand! You sound like the agency! I bet you are!)) Garbage! Scammer protector!


Justin Simpson! Fear Not!

File comment: Eugenia Bespala the scammer prostitute
x_58dcf6f3.jpg [ 60.78 KiB | Viewed 801885 times ]

Author:  haggis [ Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

EyesOpenNow wrote:
To confirm my suspicions about Anastasia Date, I registered under 2 different screen names, using 2 different email addresses; I submitted different bio data, ages and photos. Women who aggressively persued me under one name, did the same VERBATIM when I used the other screen name and email address profile!
Anyone who has ever been on the site will notice that women will request chat time using identical sexual matter how far apart they may live. Men will also note that the women will practically beg to keep you chatting and to receive emails and photos from the guys...I strongly suspect that the females get a cut of that money men pay to chat and mail! Does anyone have any further info on that aspect of the operation? I am anxious to know!

That's funny, as I have done precisely the same thing, with precisely the same results. I have also noticed identical "come ons" from women in the same city at the same time. So, I conclude that someone(s) at the "agency" are just plasting out these invitations randomly and without knowledge of the women (if they really exist).

I will say that I met a couple of legit women honestly looking for a relationship. I've been to China on business before finding out about this scam site and can say that many Chinese men treat women abominably. It's heart-breaking at times. That said, there are legit women, but they seem to be a minority. I did have two women try everything in their power to get my email address by going around the system. One succeeded, and we have been keeping in touch via email, Skype, and letter.

Author:  justinsimpson [ Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anastasia Dating Is Scam

anastasiadate harbor prostitutes, scammers and mentally defective ladies

AUTHOR: JohnrT - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is just a short outline of what we will accept and what we do not in regards to ladies coming to our country of the United States of America! Any photos and any names associated to and or of, witnessed by or has done harm by committing any lewd act and gaining financially from this act is written below !

Applicants who aren't eligible for a visa include those who:
Have a communicable disease
Have a dangerous physical or mental disorder
Are drug addicts
Have committed serious criminal acts, including crimes involving moral turpitude, drug trafficking, and prostitution
Are likely to become a public charge
Have used fraud or other illegal means to enter the United States
Are ineligible for citizenship

The need to prevent criminals from entering the US has been one of the longest standing parts of US immigration law. In some form or another, criminal convictions have been used to deny entry to the US since the creation of the country.

What is considered a criminal ground for inadmissibility?

There are six basic criminal grounds for inadmissibility:
· Crimes involving moral turpitude,
· Violations of controlled substance laws,
· Conviction of more than one offense,
· Drug trafficking,
· Prostitution and commercialized vice, and
· Commission of a serious crime in the US for which the immigrant asserted immunity from prosecution.

What is moral turpitude?

Moral turpitude is one of the most amorphous concepts in immigration law. There is no definition of moral turpitude, although many courts have attempted to construe one, using phrases such as an act of baseness, depravity or vileness. While there is no set definition, it is clear that the moral turpitude involved must be part of the essence of the offense. A crime involving moral turpitude need not have resulted in a conviction for it to render a person inadmissible, and admitting to an act that has the elements of a crime involving moral turpitude is sufficient to bar entry. Where an actual conviction occurred, the only issue is whether the offense was a crime involving moral turpitude. Where there is only an admission, a number of other steps are required. First, it must be clear that the act admitted to could have been criminally prosecuted in the place where it occurred. Second, the immigrant must fully understand the elements of the crime to which they have admitted. Third, while the immigrant needs to say that he/she is guilty of an offense, he/she does need to admit to all of the essential elements of the offense. Fourth, the admission must be totally voluntary.

What type of controlled substances violations will make me inadmissible?

Beginning in 1952, convictions for violating laws relating to controlled substances became a ground of inadmissibility. Convictions of conspiracy and attempt will also render a person inadmissible.

What type of multiple criminal convictions will make me inadmissible?

Multiple criminal convictions will make a person inadmissible, regardless of the seriousness of the offense, whether the multiple convictions were the result of the same general enterprise. However, the person must have been sentenced to at least five years in prison. Offenses that are considered “purely political” are not included.

Do I have to be convicted of drug trafficking to be considered inadmissible?

Drug traffickers are inadmissible, even if there is no conviction, so long as the consular or immigration officer “knows or has reason to believe” that the immigrant has been involved in trafficking.

Do I have to be convicted of prostitution to be considered inadmissible?

A person coming to the US to engage in prostitution, or who has engaged in prostitution within ten years of their application for entry, is inadmissible, as are those who have made financial profit from prostitution. No criminal conviction is required, and the bar applies even to nationals of countries where prostitution is legal. Those who have been forced into prostitution are not inadmissible.

What is considered to be a serious criminal offense?

Those who committed a serious criminal offense in the US, claimed immunity from prosecution and then left the US are inadmissible. A serious criminal offense is any crime of violence, and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or reckless driving if the crime resulted in the injury of another person.

The following is information in regards to the IMB, Anastasia date does not adhere to IMBA. Please read below and the underlined will show that they are not in compliance. There is never any signature or background check made on clients, the ladies are never furnished this information, this is why they do no allow them to release personal information from the ladies on their site. They as the agency are not following the IMBA, these ladies at anastasiadate do not know who they are meeting.

International Marriage Broker Defined

The definition of International Marriage Brokers in IMBRA covers virtually all for-profit matchmaking entities, whether U.S. based on not, whose main business is the facilitation of dating or like services between U.S. citizens and foreigners. The definition excludes matchmaking sites whose principal business in not providing dating services between U.S. residents and foreign clients and which charges like fees for its services regardless of the gender or national origin of the client.

International Marriage Broker Obligations

Before an IMB can release the personal contact information of a foreign client to a U.S. client, the IMB must: Important!!!! anastasiadate does not follow conduct!

Search the National gender Offender Registry to determine the record of the U.S. citizen, and disclose any information found concerning the U.S. citizen to the foreign client

Obtain a signed statement from the U.S. citizen revealing any current or past protection or restraining order, most criminal arrests and convictions, virtually all arrest or convictions for domestic or sexual offenses, multiple convictions for substance and/or alcohol abuse, the U.S. client's marital history (including the reason for termination of any prior marriages), the ages of any of the U.S. citizen's children under the age of 18, and a list of all States and counties that the U.S. citizen has lived in since the client was 18 years of age.

Distribute to the foreign national a pamphlet currently being developed by the U.S. government to educate foreign fiancé(e)s about U.S. domestic abuse laws and resources for immigrant victims in the U.S.; and

Obtain the foreign national's written consent to disclosing her personal contact information.

IMBRA and Initial Contact With the Fiancee

The background information must be provided before the foreign client's personal contact information may be released to the U.S. client. Additional information must be provided by the IMB to ensure that the foreign national is aware of his/her (for simplicity's sake, we will adopt the female gender henceforth for the beneficiary, and the male for the petitioner) immigrant rights in the U.S. and her ability to defend herself against domestic abuse. At the consular level, all K1 visa beneficiaries will be asked during the visa interview whether they became acquainted with their U.S. citizen fiancé(e) through an IMB, and if so, whether the IMB complied with the various disclosure obligations of IMBRA.

K Visa Interview Changes

The U.S. consul must ask the fiancé(e) during the Embassy/Consulate interview whether an IMB facilitated the couple's relationship, and if so, the consul must determine the name of the IMB and confirm that the IMB acted in accordance with the new requirements regarding information gathering and disclosure, as well as pamphlet dissemination.


The new rules will have a substantial impact on K1 petitioners who met through international marriage brokers. It should not affect petitioners who met though services like Yahoo! Personals which provide contact services with foreign nationals as an incidental part of their services. The fiancé(e) will be asked in every instance whether she met her fiancée through a matchmaking site. If she replies untruthfully and is found out (a very real possibility), she will be denied the visa and barred from ever receiving a U.S. visa of any kind. If she admits to the means of acquaintance, but can not convince the consular officer that the marriage agency provided her with the required disclosures, the visa may be refused.

For warn the agency is not in compliance at all or if so very little, their aim is not to make real relationships work, that develop to marriage, it is pure profit on their part. Stay away from the agency of this Anastasia date. Look at ones that offer what they fail to do! Check out They have statement that they do back ground checks in accordance with the IMBA act!

So yes, I would say stay away from this anastasiadate, they are not honest, I will have more information in regards to other things that they are having full knowledge of and are not, I repeat not in compliance of or have any morals either!

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