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 Post subject: Romance Scammer Abusing Old Man -- Please Help!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:02 pm 

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Guys, this is really bothering me! I share a place with this older gentleman... He's got this overseas, Internet relationship thing going on... and it is clearly obvious that he is being scammed but he doesn't know it. The woman is a knockout from Ghana, Africa, claims to be 38 but looks 22. This old man has sent her (or him sitting behind a PC in some corner of the US)... he has sent laptops, monthly payments for cybercafe sessions, money for food, money to "pay" for a visa (yes, you read right: "PAY" 150 bucks for a visa), $500 for medical check-up, etc...
Of course, she sends him sexy "generic" pics and what have you which he's pretty proud of....
But the thing that gets me the most and saddens me btw, is that this poor man is clearly lonely, has had two bad marriages, and is currently disabled... but the saddest part is that the scammer is having this man believe that she is going to come this Valentine day!! As you can imagine, this poor guy is basing everything about his life, his every plan, on that woman's coming -- which obviously is a false hope. It's even sadder that, the poor guy actually believes that he had asked God to send him someone beautiful that will love him for who he is, and that God has answered his prayers!

Errrhh, I cannot take this anymore... I'm the only one around here that gives him of my time to talk about his sooo romantic relationship with that non-existent person -- and I have to hear it everyday.
I am a pretty wise guy... though, I understand he's being scammed, I look at the man's loneliness and cannot bring myself to tell him the truth and take away what I think is the one thing that makes him happy! What do you think I should do: Tell him or not?
The conniving thing is that I think these scammers know these poor older guys really don't have a choice -- and they deliberately prey on that fact.

This thing has been on-going for over 6 months now, you can imaging how much money this poor dude has spent -- money that he really doesn't have, as he's on disability and food stamps!

I've only been here for 2 weeks and my morals cannot allow this to continue. How do I put this to him in a soft manner that won't break his heart and/or make me look like a hater?
14 hours ago - 1 week left to answer.

Additional Details

Guys, at the end of the day, I cannot face this man and tell him the hard truth. I'm going to try and discretely obtain his email address... and then, one of you here who knows more about these scams (like the lady who provided the Ghana scam link) can write him with undeniable evidence that this is a scam.

Contact me if someone is interested about writing him... I shall provide the name of the lady/scammer and other pertinent information, in case you wanted to do some research and put her/his *** behind bars:


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