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 Post subject: Another Romanian Scammer
PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:36 am 

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I lived in Romania for 4 years, I thought I has seen it all, I must say that do not trust any Romanian not for one second, I have met a few good Romanians, but those have been very very few.
Well before I left I met this one girl that well I had given some trust, and never tried anything on me. her real actual name is Cristina Gabriela Tecutu. I met her through a local usually harmless chat site, and then proceeeded to meet her in person. After leaving Romania earlier this year, She said needed a job etc.. I have a company in the country and said ok, but u must do the work. She agreed. For a meargerly wage. however due to the financial crisis which has had a terrible effect on Romania. I knew probably business would not be picking up in my sector of business. As soon as I landed back home, It turned into something different, no surprise there. She started telling me that now she wanted to go rent a apartment and that oh it would be mine as well, Ha, I knew that would not happen, I told her that ok, yeah, at first I told her that she I just want her answer a local phone to the business. And of course when i check, he would answer it, but when clients called, there was not one called that was answered, all the time I had nothing but voicemails to answer. Well once the business died down even more. All of a sudden our relationship now turns into a romantic one. She begins by telling me that she needs money sent to her to help pay the rent of course, Showing me a fake rental agreement to a apartment that doesn't exist. Well at least it was a expensive imaginary apartment. It was like 150 euros, I said well ok, Its not much, I know she is lieing to me, but I will help her out.
As this progressed over several months now she was asking me to pay her medical bills, which where not so cheap. I refused, I knew better, So of course then came the threats of her leaving and not working anymore.
Of course I told her fine, I am not paying your medical expenses, but of course the illness got worse and worse, finally i said ok just a small part, but u must get a job. well, after pay themeager imaginary rent, the next con job. Was when she decided to tell me that she wanted to get married with me and of course she would come to live with me, They all say that, beleive me few will ever leave Romania, because they think they can get away with all this with impunity. they don't seem to know that the laws have changed in their country and now they are also susceptible to EU laws. Which by the way anyone who has been conned by Romanians do have recourse in the courts if its worth the time, and also law enforcement agencies like Interpol are now seriously starting to address dating and marriage fraud, And beleive me you should not have mercy on these people, they will prey on more victims. Time and time again, I have seen all the stories and all the things you read here , time and time again, They need to be addressed accordingly.
Anyway, now after the threats, she comes to me and says ok, I want to marry you, (of course u do) She yes I do really,I will reserve a date at the courhouse for us to get married ( please u cannot reserve a date at the courthouse there until 2 days before u get married), mind you I just went along with to find out what she was up to just to put a final ending to the con game. Anyhow she knew I was coming to Romania to take care of some business here. When she said of I want to rent this lovely restaurant for the reception but I need x amount of money, I said aha, Here comes the scam, Ok, Which restaurant, of course it was one that didn't exist. No such place, So I said ok sure I ill send you some money, well i went to a law enforment agency and they said yeah wore her some money we will do it, So you can have that documented and then you have a case. So we did, Now she is probably facing charges,

If you meet a woman in Romania , have her investigated there are private dectectives that will work there for a fair amount and will provide you with all the information and background on the person before u send any money to anyone in Romania, There are recourses also to get your money back or to fight these scammers.

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