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 Post subject: Bucharest Scammer **BEWARE** Liar, entire family involved
PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:42 pm 

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Name: Andreea Pelin

dob April 15 1987 (Claims to be 22 yo, looks much older)

Address/street: str. Mihai Eminescu nr 19, Rosu-Chiajna,
County: jud. ILFOV,

Post code: 077040

City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Phone: 011 40 761 630 211

I originally met Andreea on World dating partners Romanian site. A part of site. & Facebook, yahoo messenger

Andreea she lied to me and manipulated me. I traveled to Bucharest. I really liked Andreea a lot. And I thought everything was fine. She was the person in her pictures and everything seemed normal. I thought I found the one. But over the past few weeks she became more and more distant. I was at her house for over a month. I woke up one Sunday near the end of my visit and her mom was like you are leaving here now. I was engaged to this girl. Anyhow, to make a long
story short, her parents made some demands on me. And asked for money. I'd been helping them out with stuff all along with small things. It seemed normal. But the demands became more detailed, like, "you give me €6000 for a new roof for this house. You give us $800 for her university tuition right now! Stuff like that. I was like, I can help you all. I agreed to help over time. I loved her and believed in the girl and her family. I offered her a chance to one day live in the usa if she wanted to. For her, and her family. I really believed in this girl and I loved her. I really cared about her. Her mother was one of the ringleaders

On the final day I was driven around without knowing where I was going for over an hour and then dumped at a hotel. After I paid the bill, she girl gave me my ring back and just walked away. Didn't say anything. She just left.

I'd refused to give out any more money. During my time with them I was subjected to emotional abuse, teasing and emotional manipulation.
Her entire family are in on this scam, they may also be into organized crime. One of them (the uncle) lived in a large well furnished home while the girl resided in a makeshift farmhouse behind it. It may not have been her true family even. They are a very sick and heartless people. Andreea claims to be in Bucharest university (UNIVERSITATEA TITU MAIORESCU, Bucharest) studying of all things.. accounting. Her father was suppose to have been a Romanian military officer and musician who left her and her mom while she was young.

She could be so much richer if she just lived an honest life. These people are into long term scams and will go the lengths to make everything seem right. She contradicted everything she presented herself to be to me over the year. She claimed to not be about materials things but when I arrived to Bucharest everything was about money. And how I was too 'cheap'. This women and her supposed family are very low. Lowlifes of the lowest order. I made sure that she has been blacklisted on the federal/gov. level. She will never see the usa much less the west in her life. The painful thing that i am dealing with these days is that I still love her but I hate her too. It is something I am trying to deal with emotionally. There are times when I really miss her. But I know that she never loved me and in a way, never existed. Forthat I hate her even more for what she did to me.

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