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Author:  scorpio44 [ Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:17 pm ]

REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS, born April 23, 1978 Lagonoy, Camarines Sur, The Philppines, married March 18, 2008 at Makati City, The Philippines with a Dutch guy.

I am her husband from the Netherlands (we are still married, no plan to get any dirvorce or annulment). I met her in 2007, and we got married in 2008. On September 17, 2009 i found out of her secret life. I found out that she met this American guy in December 2008 in a bar called Bottoms in Burgos Strip Makati City, where she worked as a bar girl. She got bar fine, that means if a man liked her he pay 3.900 pesos to have gender with her. REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS got and still gets lots of bar fine. REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS start to have a realiton ship with this man from January 2009 till September 18, 2009 when this Amercan man found out that she was married because of mine investigation. I found out of her secret email account en i found out of the password of this account and when i open it i saw all emails between her and him, also emails of other man she had contact with in November and December 2008. She used the name VICTORIA, that is her working name, also MONA is one of them, but it is all the same persons. THIS IS NO SPECULATION, but real facts, because i have all proof of this. REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS got money from this man, and other man she met on Filipinaheart and Asiankisses (both profiles are already delited because of me), and she got aldo money every month of me. When i found out of her bad doings i could not believe it. So i investigated deeper into her life. A ex boy friend also from the USA, told me she cheat on him in 2007 and he met her also in a bar, called Billboards, a sister company of Bottoms in the same Burgos Strip, Makati City. The internet link in the first page by Perry is also proof that REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS is a scammer, and use differnt names, like REBECCA MAKATI, VICTORIA HELLO. My wife sleep with man for money and it is posible the did it with out protection, means un-save XX, there for she can have AIDS, but she never let hersel tested. She will contact men from internet daiting sites, and try to get money from them.

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Pic 1-5 taken in May 2009.
Pic 6-7 taken in October 2009.

Author:  scorpio44 [ Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:25 pm ]

After this mess REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS is still working in Bottoms Bar on P. Burgos street in Makati City, Manila, The Philippines. She told me in December 2009 if i dont want her to go back to the bar i must support her every month 70.000php. I told her you must get out of your mind, do you know how much that is in Euro's? I guess she want more money from man and work in Bottoms Bar. On February 13, 2010 REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS dissapeard and i had no communication with her. I put her on internet as missing person. But on February 25 i heard from her sister in law she had accident and that she colaps and felt down to the ground and bumb her head and was in hospital. Then i knew she was not missing but hidding from me.

I was in Manila last March to April 2010. I spend 28 days for vacation and try to talk to her. We saw eachother only for 8 days. The time we spend together she always ask me for money and she told me you never support me any more. Well she got that right after i found out she was cheating on me.

Her cheating go back long time ago. When i met her in June 2007 she had still contact with her ex bf from America and at the same time she had contact with Perry from New Zealand. A week ago i resieved from him the WU copies 2007, he was sending her 2100 NZD. Her ex bf in 2007 told REBECCA that he knew she has a other bf that loves her. And in the mean time she still work in Billboards under the name of PAULA. Later she work till now in Bottoms Bar under the name of Mona or Mona Lisa and called herself as real name VICTORIA.

When i return to Holland in April we still had contact, but it finish again on June 28, 2010, the last time i talk to her was on July 18, 2010 when i called her father and on August 21, 2010 i discover that my wife has a Filipino boyfriend where she live with and he know she is working in Bottoms Bar. I suspect he know she is married and that make him also guilty. I know REBECCA OLPINA OBIAS is a prostitute and that is very illegal in the Philippines, that she still commited adultery and that is also a serious crime in the Philippines. I suspect she also commited fraud, and is still scamming man for money.

This woman is unbelieveble in what she is doing and her family is also helping hidding and profit of the money she make. You can say the family is using her for money reasons.

Author:  holahope [ Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:12 am ]

Sorry to hear of that very long story. That's the price of getting serious to a woman like Rebecca.

Author:  Horsesbreath [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:59 pm ]

I am so sorry for you. She is a scammer and a con artist. I had a similar experience with a woman who said she was from Kauai. Her name is Jacqueline Anton. That is her alias name. Her real name is Jeanette Levitt. She also goes by Jacklyn Anton. She also has aliases of Jeanette Page, Jeanette Ramsos, and others. These women are evil and have no empathy for the men they con. They need to be exposed. I am grateful you exposed this woman Rebecca or whoever she is. She not only needs to be exposed for who she is, but others need to be warned. Hopefully other men will be smart and do background checks and this site will pop up so they can read about her exploits. Thank you!

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