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 Post subject: money order cashing and love stinks
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:11 pm 

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Thank you to scammed3 for posting the email they received from their scammer. Your scammer was using the name Terry Smith. I think he's at it again, only using the name Michael Smith. I received an e-mail from him talking about Thelomy...I googled it and thank heaven found this website. My e-mail is pretty much word for word the same as the one you posted. This person claimed to live in WI, said he was a cival engineer, just lost his wife to cancer and has a 10 yr old son-never asked me for money. Thanks to this website, he didn't get that far. I was a bit suspicious when a person that claimed to be a cival engineer had so many mispellings and strange sentence structure. Then when he mentioned Germany in the last e-mail-things just didn't seem right. It's strange that since I found this site, I haven't heard from him. I responded to his last e-mail with a one sentence comment instead of answering the endless list of questions like an idiot. Soooooo glad I stumbled on to this website. BEWARE-he/she's at it again, only it's Michael Smith now, not Terry.

Hello how are you doing..?Im sitting here looking at some previous email from you and as well looking at your pic on tagged ..In fact i think i deserve you and you deserve me so i think we do deserve each be told i like your name and you have a beautiful name..I like that has a nice meaning.. well in Germany they say names given to people tell who they are and where they are coming from so i guess i pretty much i understand you.

Am the type of man when am with a woman...i don't look at any other woman no matter how they might be still wouldn't move me..i think we have a lot of similarities and qualities that makes you more interesting to me...for i can tell you are a very special woman to me and i had like to begin a relationship with you... in life there are so many surprise that comes in different forms..either been it by love....difference.... and qualities.... i have found that one reason am saying this and i hope you understand,

Now ,if you asked me the most important characteristics in a woman that I am looking for? i would say someone trustful, since it is really hard to find someone to trust this present time around.a woman of loyalty.honesty,sincerity.caring,understanding and with a kind heart.but in a real realm of nature.How do you know if you have found your Thelomy There are guidelines. Your Thelomy is the first person you think of when you wake up in the morning, and the last person you think of before you go to sleep. The mere thought of them puts a smile on your face. In the presence of your Thelomy, the things that hurt
from the world seem to melt away. Time has no meaning, and forever could never seem long enough,because you want nothing more than to be with them, and be together.Your Thelomy knows just how to touch you, when, when, how soft, when to take you, when to allow them self to be taken. Your Thelomy understands you,not just the person you project, or that person that you allow the world to see, but the real you. The one that you don't show anyone, for fear of rejection, or being misunderstood. Your Thelomy sees right through all those ruses and sees you, for who you are. And loves you,faults, flaws, eccentricities and all. They know how to cheer you up, will hold you when you are hurt, and will let you get snot all over their shirt while you weep. Your Thelomy will surprise you with little things, just because. Whether it be a surprise floral delivery, or your favorite candy. They will fight the world for you, so that you don't have to do it all the time,and will be your worst enemy when you are being self destructive,because they love you too much to allow anyone to ever hurt you, including yourself. They share the same thoughts, love with the same passion,
and feel with the same intensity for you, that you feel for them. They are so much your soul mate, that they say the same things at the same time,because you just think THAT MUCH ALIKE. Your thelomy is your muse.They bring you inspiration to create,the strength to go on, and
try again, when you think you have nothing left, and the capacity to fall more and more in love with every passing day.. and this what make the most important characteristics in a woman that i look tell me what do you think about my Thelomy?

You have touched the deepest part of me when i thought no woman could
ever reach..

Now i am Seeking a New Life, New Memories, with a New Love.. I respect women, and appreciate the differences we have; I enjoy most all outdoor activities, including: a Hike, Bike, Camping, Water Skiing, picnicking, and want to learn how to Snow Ski, and dancing
( I love to dance, and I want to take dancing lessons, would you?)I love being spontaneous and flexible; My Hero, is my,Uncle .. My Uncle taught me everything that a great Baptist
Gentleman should know in how to treat ladies, people, and others that affect my life and love; He taught me Honesty, Trusting,Loyalty, Love, Life, communicating, and much much more. I will give you an unexpected gift at an unexpected time; Love going to the Beaches something too take a walk with my dog, very romantic beaches, visit small shops along the coastal highway, and more so inland, I enjoy PDA, hugging, passionate kisses, holding hands,
stop under the moonlight and kiss passionately, I am a touchy freely Man, and I love lots of attention from my love, and you will have lot's of attention from me; romance is an ongoing process through the rest of our lives. Remember, it's not the destination, but the journey, that truly defines who we are. Can you make me feel like I can fly?...

Can you send me some pics of you if you don't mind and let me know if you want mine...

Looking forward to hear from you as usual...Take care..


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