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 Post subject: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:11 am 

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Hello everybody,

I'm very surprized that I didn't find anything yet in this forum about one of the biggest datingscam websites: 'Anastasia International' ( or 'Anastasiaweb' (

They offer thousands of extremely beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls on their website, all of them desperately seeking for the love of their lives. Looking at the profiles you already start to have your doubts, because it just is too good to be true. Almost all the girls are stunning photomodels and often highly educated. The only way to get in contact with the girls is to write a message and since most of the girls don't speak English that well, all the messages have to be translated (according to the organisation) and therefore you can buy 'credits' (worth $5 to $7 per credit) and for each message you send or receive they subtract one credit.

At one moment I wanted to give it a try and I bought 4 credits. I wrote a message to a girl I received a message from and in this message I immediately gave my home address, e-mail address, telephone number and asked the girl to contact me directly. I got a mail back via the system and she told me she could not read my personal data, it was deleted by the organisation. I complained to the organisation who told me that according to the law they are not allowed to send personal data as e-mail address and telephone number. Strangely enough home address was allowed. I send another message and wrote her that I don't have credits anymore and she has to write me on my home address, which I gave again in the message. Already the next day there was again an answer from her via the system.

From that moment I started to realize that this website is a total scam. I searched on internet and discovered many complaints. It is obvious that this organisation just write all the letters themselves ! They have a bunch of standard letters, but they just hire people to type answers. The girls on the pictures are just photomodels who are absolutely not looking for a man, they probably even don't know their pictures are on the website !

Since I registered as a member I receive almost every day about at least 10 letters from girls. Now after a month more than 100 letters are waiting for me, but of course I am not going to spent $700 to read them ! I read somewhere that these letters are just automatically generated, they have a script running that sends every member about 10 messages a day.

I wrote several complaint letters to Anastasia, which were never answered.

So my advice is to stay away from this scammers, this company are really criminals, they earn probably thousands of dollars on people who believe that they are really writing with the girls, but there is no way to verify this. Anastasia has some phone-service, but I guess you just get some girl on the phone who works for Anastasia, not the girl on the picture.

I would like other people who made the same stupid mistake as I did to buy credits from these cheaters to write their story here in the forum. I heard a group of people is already trying to get Anastasia to court, so we need a lot of evidence of their cheating.



 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:27 pm 

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I have met many very nice and very genuine women on Anastasia. I personally don't suggest reading every email from every woman that writes to you...that would be stupid. As far as it being "too good to be true". If you do any research on Ukraine or Russia you will find that the ratio of women to men is about 4 to 1...add into that the fact that if you are a Russian or Ukrainian man and have those kind of odds in your favor you're not going to work too hard to attract a woman...they're everywhere! So...likewise, Ukrainian women have to try all that much more to be and stay attractive. As far as in other countries isn't like in the us or other countries a high school education isn't acceptable and you are not done with your education until you have finished some sort of university studies. Plus for a Ukrainian woman to support herself she can't just get a minimum wage job and wait for her prince charming. It won't far as them looking like models or their photos looking professionally done? Do you know any women that go to Glamour Shots or have boudior pictures done? If you were wanting to look attractive and hoping to find an attractive intelligent spouse would you get professional pictures done? yep!

As far as my experience on Anastasia? I have gotten to know some very nice women through their site. On your correspondence you will probably see at the bottom where it says that the letter was translated by "so and so" with an agency number or the name of the agency...Anastasia is a central website that other agencies use. Are there scammers out there? I am sure there are. If some woman starts asking you for money, report her. It's that simple. I personally have found quite a few women that I plan on meeting. How do I know they're for real? Ask them for pictures in their every day life and if they're for real they will send you some pictures...just regular snapshots...ask them questions and build a rapport with them just like you would with any other sort of dating website. Yes, the first email that you will probably get from them is a generic sort of email that they send to guys that tells a little bit about them and what they are looking for....they are looking for MARRIAGE! They are not there to mess around and don't want to be played with. If you are not willing to learn a little bit about their country and customs and maybe be able to put yourself in their place for a couple of minutes then maybe you should just stick with dating websites in your own country. Are you willing to learn Russian or Ukrainian? Are you willing to travel to Ukraine or Russia to meet them and their family? Are you willing to hire a lawyer and take care of getting her a visa so she can come to your country to marry you or would you be willing to marry her in her country so her family could be there for the wedding. If the answer is no to any of these questions then who is scamming who...and who is giving who false hope. You don't lose out on anything but some woman who is hoping to find a decent man and move to another country and leave her family and everything she knows behind might be a little dissapointed if you start writing to her and then say "I don't have any more money to email you"....then you definately don't have enough money to go visit her or bring her to your country. Nuf said!

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:47 pm 

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Anastasia is a scam and a waste of your money. That way they operate is very clever. It is very difficult to prove fraud in a legal sense. They send out fake letters to make you think a girl is interested in you. Their goal is to deceive you into thinking some beautiful girl is interested in you. So you pay a lot of money to write to this girl. That is how they make their money. At the very best she is just deceiving you. Most likely it is not even the girl you are corresponding with.

The way Anastasia has set up their business let's them avoid any responsibility for the deception. By using a franchise system they can claim they knew nothing about the deception. They can claim that it is the agency they hired that recruited the girl that is at fault. If you actually find that agency they will say the girl deceived them. They claim the girl is passport verified. But that is done by the agency that hires the girl - not anastasia. Even if they email you a copy of her passport, it does not prove anything except the girl is in on the scam herself. It is unlikely you will ever find the girl. The only way you can do that is to spend a lot of money hiring a Russian detective. Even then the girl can still lie as they are quite good at it. Or she can just say, "well, I'm not longer interested in him."

There are some good agencies out there. Anastasia is not one of them. The fact that they do not allow any personal contact or full name or address or phone or email is a Big Red Flag. You don't really know who your writing back and forth too. Personally I thin they just hire professional letter writers to carry on the correspondence.

They also use the internet to spread their anti-scam message. Which is itself a scam. On their site they claim hundreds of successful marriages but their is no proof that these testimonies are genuine. A good agency posts pictures of the couples at least. I suspect they just make them up and lie like they do about everything else.

The girls on Anastasia don't ask you to send them money. They ask you you to spend a lot of money writing to them. It just a new level of sophistication in the Russian letter scam. It is a front of legitimacy based on deception.

Don't wast your time or money. Now they do have tours but that is another level of their scam. You won't meet the dream girl you spent all that time and money writing. You'll meet somebody but it won't be her. Most likely she is a pro letter scammer. She makes good money at it and would rather you stay at home and keep writing her. That is how she makes her money - by the letter.

You can read about my experience with Anastasia International here:

Go check out Jim's Agency-Scam site. Lots of good info there.
http://Delete this post - it is

The comment left above is perfect example of how Anastasia spreads their propaganda on the internet. You will find comments like this on boards because they prowl the internet trying to promote their anti-scam message. It is a scam in and of itself. They have even tried to redefine what a scam is. They are the very definition of a scam. And they will lie to no end about it.

Ask yourself this. Why would a happy customer would go on a site like this to defend Anastasia's scam??? If he was so happy why would he even be looking here? The way most find this site is to google anastasia is a scam because they are looking for some info about Anastasia. Doesn't even make sense except that they hope some guy will read it and be convinced to come waste his time and money at their site.

Do not be deceived.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:34 am 

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First a reaction to the scammer called 'Bretski83':

It is so obvious that YOU are working for Anastasia and try to defend them by writing this completely ridiculous
and fake message. That it is fake and complete nonsense what you write is obvious, because you write things
about Ukraine and Russia that are absolute nonsense. You have probably never been yourself !

First of all: a ratio of 4 to 1 ? hahahaha, there is no country in the world like that.
Everybody knows that there are more women than men in Russia and Ukraine,
but not 4 times as much. Just look on or search for statistics on internet
and you will soon find out that the ratio is something like 1.05 to 1 and the difference
is mostly caused because of the fact that men die younger than women, so most of
the lonely women in Ukraine and Russia are above 60 years old !

Than you write that education in Russia and Ukraine is not like in US and GB.
You are right, but in the complete opposite way: universities in Russia are known
as the best in the world. Their theoritical knowledge is on average much higher than
of an american citizen, also because more people attend university than in the US,
because most people in the US can't afford it. And hey, everybody knows that
americans are stupid, right ? ;-)

And do you really think that men still believe that Ukraine and Russia are still filled
with extremely attractive women, desperate to marry an American or European man ?
Those days are really gone, since the economical situation has improved a lot since
10 years ago. For sure there still are women interested in western men and still a lot
of Ukrainian and Russian women are leaving their countries. And I guess because of
this the ratio women:men has decreased, so most of the women now can find a man
again in their own country.

I write quite regurlar with women from Russia and Ukraine via free websites like,, and actually I see completely no reason
ever to spend $1 in my life to paid dating websites, when the scamlevel of those
websites is high or at least there is a big risk. With free websites you can meet
scammers too, but I have noticed that there are many more scammers on the
paid websites (like, the site is OK, but there are many scammers)
than on the free ones. I never get scam mails on any of those free websites.
The problem is that the sites are in Russian, so use or to translate the page and just register yourself.
The women I write are just normal women, I never get such extremely desperate
e-mails like from the "girls" of Anastasia. Most women are interested to meet,
but they don't write immediately their whole life story and women certainly
don't write about their weight in the first e-mail, everybody knows that.
They don't speak English always that good (most of them not at all), but at
least you know you are writing a real person.

Of course Anastasia writes the letters themselves and they just hire girls
to do the phone conversations, maybe Russian or Ukrainian girls who moved
to United States. The whole company is one big fraud, but indeed it is very
difficult to prove this. They claim the letters are of real girls, well, I wonder
if they can show the original e-mails or letters from the girls, probably not.
But will police go so far to investigate this ? I suggest that there should be
a collective proces of men who have been deceived by these liars.
By now there should be thousands of men who have been cheated by them.

And now an answer to the previous letter:

You are right about almost everything you say, but be carefull with Jim's list:
Jim is a bit of a scammer himself, there are just about 10 websites on his
white list and the rest (hundreds of them) are on his black list.
That should make you think. It is well known that Jim gets money from the
10 websites on his white list and that he places all other websites on the
black or grey list. is also on his black list, while I have got
some nice e-mails from real women, also a lot of scam e-mails (it's about
50/50 there). It's not the website to blame, they just attract a lot of
scammers, because their site is in Russian and English, the scammers know
that American and European men are using the website.
And about Elena's models I have strong doubts too, it is very similar to
the way Anastasia is working. And Foreign Affair, who is on Jim's white list
is almost a copy of Anastasia, here you pay even 9$ for each message.

Conclusion and very important tip: forget about the paid dating/marriage
websites. The chance you will be cheated is big ! Maybe 10 years ago
you could trust them, but later criminals / mafia discovered about the
profit you can make with such websites and most of them are fake.
Especially when they ask you to pay for each letter an enormous red
flag and alarm sounds should appear in your mind. And besides, which
idiot is going to pay $7 or $9 for each message ? When you write with
10 or 20 women and they are not allowed to give their e-mail address
to you (and you are not allowed to give your e-mail address to them),
it's obvious that the correspondence is going to cost you hundreds
of dollars. If you want to pay for a dating/marriage website, become
a member of one where you pay a fixed amount per month (and not
too much of course !) and where you ARE allowed to exchange
e-mail addresses. Than be careful for the scammers (you recognize
them immediately, they write desperate letters that they are looking
for the love of their life and they give their e-mail address and very
private information in the first letter)

I would recommend everybody to just only use FREE websites and
than be careful who you exchange e-mails with. Or maybe it's even
just much better to just GO to Russia or Ukraine, you will see yourself
how the situation is and that women are not immediately throwing
themselves on you when they hear you are from (West-)Europe or
USA (especially not in touristic cities like Moscow, St.Petersburg,
Kiev, Odessa, Lvov and Yalta (Crimea)), those days are long gone.
You can try your luck in less touristic places, but than still don't
expect the same situations as 20 years ago.



 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:45 pm 

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I am one of those fools who took a bet on the Anastasia site and lost. Here's the basic outline of my story. I gave them the benefit of a doubt and began correspondence with a woman from Kharkov, Ukraine. I expressed my concerns to her about the veracity of all this and she understood and assured me she was real. Even attached new photos of her and her children. So I told her I'd like to travel to Ukraine to meet her. Last November I did just that.

Well, I have to say that this woman, Ekaterina, was indeed real and as lovely as she was in her photos. But that's not the whole story. I met with her twice in Kharkov, each time with an interpreter that I had to pay. At our second and last meeting, Ekaterina claimed she was fond of me and was willing to pursue this further. I gave her my personal email address and told her we should begin to communicate without Anastasia Web. Something about this concerned her and immediately sent up a red flag for me. She asked me why I didn't want to communicate through Anastasia. I told her we no longer needed them and that I had a friend near me who could translate her emails for me. I told her how to get a free G-mail account and she agreed to do that.

When we parted I said goodbye for now and went to give her a hug. At this she basically recoiled and did not reciprocate. At the time, I attributed it to cultural differences, but I soon realized that this was a sign that she was basically not interested in me and that ended up proving to be true. She never emailed me after that.

Ekaterina and I agreed that we would both remove our profiles from Anastasia as we'd found someone. Well I removed mine when I returned to the states but hers is STILL up there.

I can only conclude that this scam has many shades and this is one of them. Yes, some of these women are real but their only real interest is in working for the company, in this case, Anastasia. It seems clear that once I told her we no longer needed Anastasia, she dropped me like a hot potato. While I will never know the real truth, this seems about the only thing I can conclude. I have written the customer service people at Anastasia about this and they, of course, have not replied. I doubt they ever will.

So I have learned my lesson that most of these sites are indeed fairly sophisticated little cash machines preying on susceptible men like me. While in some cases the women may be real, my conclusion is that none of them are really interested in a foreign man. What they are interested in is the money they must get for their participation in this whole thing, which in a country where the average wage is $200-$300 a month, can be quite a nice little side income for these women. It's become a bit of a cottage industry keeping translators, web geeks, and small business people flush with western cash.

It is unfortunate but the Internet has opened up opportunities for businesses like this which fall into that "grey" category which is hardly honest, but has enough cover of legitimacy to avoid prosecution for fraud. After all, as the other poster pointed out, the "chain" of custody goes all over the place and agencies can pass the blame to the woman's agency which can pass the blame to the woman who can always cover herself by saying "I changed my mind" or whatever other deception works.

Finally, to add to the other poster's comments about the women in Ukraine not "throwing" themselves at western men, this is absolutely true. I spent a month in Ukraine and traveled to Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov, and the women in these cities seem quite content with the things as they are.

I hope this adds to the ongoing conversation and would be glad to answer any further questions anyone has. These sites are flat out cash machines preying on western men living on hope. I know, I was one of them. I wish there were some way to put them out of business but I'm afraid there's nothing to be done but get the word out. Maybe this is a start. Maybe I'm hoping to spare some other poor sap the foolishness I have felt over this.


 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:30 pm 

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i am getting sick and tired of seeing so called people who claim anastasiweb are the dogs dinner,they are either employers,or somebody that has some thing to do with anastasiaweb in some way,maybe one of the many other dating stes they also own.
i have to had proplems with there customer service,i was seeing a girl called irina matyushkina id 1080121 and let me add is still on this site,i started having doubts about this gir when i went to spend two weeks in her home town of berdyansk where in her letter she promised to spend her time with me and see different sites,i saw her for about twelve hours in that time,a girl knocked at my apartment door and told me to be careful of this woman,why i asked,she is a prostitute,i confronted irina about this with many lies coming from her,on my return back home i hired private investigators to follow and monitor this girl,when the reports came back she was seen going to different cities where she was applying her trade,the investigator i used even paid to have gender with her and even took a photo to show and prove,all the time i was writing to her she lied about everything why? what was her purpose? in january 2008 we had a phone call where we had a amazing bust up when i called her a prostitute she never replied,two days later i got a text message from her saying you will always see me as a prostitute,you be have good life,i reported this to anastasiaweb,namely alexandra who is apparently in charge of customer service,she responded, i had no right to ask girl of past and no right to use private investigator, so please tell me what are they hiding? i wrote a e-mail back and informed her that i am going to take this girl to court as my solicitor has advised me she was spamming looking for a way to get into my country so she could apply her trade,anastasawebs response was dont take this girl to court forget her you find good woman maybe on this site.
firstly let me add in the united kingdom it is false advertsement for someone to claim they work in a chemist as a pharmicist when all they were was a prostitute
secondly,under anastasiwebs policy hey claim all misdemeanors will be fully investigated and the woman removed,so tell me why was this not done?
also my solicitor has wrote numerous letters to them with no response,so what are they hiding,the stupid people that work for them think they can come on to sites like this and write the nicest things happening there get a life we know what you are doing,also when i asked alexandra why there is so many compliants about anastasiweb,and if they are not true why have they not taken legal action? to date no reply this is over a year ago.
make up your own minds but to me this site is nothing more than a site that promotes prostitution,if they did not then why did they not act with id 108121 irina matyushkina?let you decide.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb) - Don't be so naive
PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:56 am 

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I really laugh at reading all your comments. Really guys, just beware of what you write, try and be subtle.

Anastasia is a trade website, it means they earn money by selling you a service, they don't act for your beautiful eyes only. This is called "trade" generally, and "scam" by naive people who don't get the desired result. Most dating sites are only partly free, to attract you, and once you have subscribed you must pay if you want to use them fully. But how many of these non-free dating sites do you qualify as "scam" sites? Just think about it.

On other dating sites, I often receive letters from Africa and sometimes from Russia or Latin America, from women who were "attracted by my profile" but did not even read it and sent me a standard letter. I blacklist them, but does it mean that the website supports or pays such people? They are just unsincere people using a website for contacting richer people in other countries. Quite a normal behaviour when you are poor, don't you think?

On a "normal" dating site, what are your chances of success? Not even 1%, but even much less.
Generally, you need to read 10 to 50 letters or profiles before finding one interesting person whom you want to correspond with. Probably you will meet 1 out of 10 people you corresponded with. You need to meet at least 10 people before finding one you want to go further with... Then your chances of success are 1 out of 1000 in the most favourable case. Why should a "Russian vs Western" dating website have different statistics and chances of success? Just think about it.

Of course, the first letter by Anastasia is often not sincere, whether it had been written by the agency or not. But do you really believe that none of them is sincere? Do you really believe that no real woman are on this website? Don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.

Of course, most women have their pictures shot by a professionnal photographer paid by the agency. This is a good advertisement for women as well as for the website.
In your own country, on local dating websites, where people post their own self-shot pictures, everybody looks awful and horrible! Pictures only give you desire to run away, far and fast. In real life, in the street, in a bus, at office or at a party, would you be attracted by a woman who looks depressive, is badly dressed and with horrible make-up? Probably not.
Then of course, a good photo, well shot, is more attractive. If a professionnal photographer would offer you its services for nothing, would you refuse? Of course not. Russian women are not naive either.

Some people say that when you meet her in real life, you are disappointed, she is not as beautiful as you expected. Did anyone prevent you from asking her other photos, shot in real life? And if you pay attention, you can see a lot of women who are not so attractive. Just use their "Search" link, and you will find also the less beautiful women, the ones who are not in advertisements. Ads are made to attract you, this is trade, remember... Don't be naive, use your brain.

Of course, you should know about their education level. However, in all Eastern (ex-Soviet) countries, their educational system is good and cheap. Higher education is still free or very cheap and many people have access to high diplomas, rather more often than in occidental countries. This is a condition for having a good job not too badly paid, and even with a good diploma, they don't always have a job according to their diploma. Then a high rate of well-educated people is not so strange, if you take care of difference between College and Technical school.
In addition, do be careful about translation of their occupation or education level, it does not always match perfectly what you think. And under "manager" you can put so many different jobs, from office manager - who manages only himself - to...
Don't be naive, just pay attention, and you won't be deceived nor disappointed.

Of course, not all women are sincere, some of them have received money to accept that their profile be present on the site. How many of them? Once again, don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.

Of course, some women on this site are sincerely searching for a man. How many of them? Once again, don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.

For these sincere women, of course, finding a man abroad is not mandatory, but some of them have an open mind and consider this as a possibility among others. Why not? After all, why are there occidental men who are using these sites? For the same reason indeed, they search widely and don't reject opportunities in advance, it would be stupid don't you think.
How many women are sincere about finding a foreigner man? Once again, don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.

Of course, there are men in Russia and Eastern countries. Are they all perfect men or husbands? Of course not.
Would you appreciate a man or woman who drinks a lot, smokes a lot and makes no effort at home, treating you as a slave? Surely not.
That is why some women on this site are sincerely searching for a man, and why not a foreigner. How many? Once again, don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.

Of course, some women on this site would prefer a rich Western man, decent, gallant and well educated instead of a rude Eastern man. Of course, some of them are more interested in your money than in anything else, either your qualities or your personnality. Don't you find this quite normal for people who hardly earn average of $300 a month?
How many among women on this site are more interested in your money than in your personnality? Once again, don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.
How many among women in real life are more interested in your money than in your personnality? Once again, don't be naive, neither "none" nor "all" is the good answer.

Then, just think about what you do and stop complaining useless. Just use your brain.

You receive 10 letters a day? Fine, just read their profiles before opening letters and you will eliminate at least 95 to 99% without even paying a cent.

Of course, website prefers that you use their paying services instead of finding a free way to contact a lady. Remember, this is a trade website.
They propose you a tour? Just don't subscribe.
Do you want to go to Ukrainia or Russia? Rent your flat or hotel without their help, you will save money.

Do you feel attracted to a special lady? Then ask her for real pictures, shot by herself in her real life. If she is sincere, she should be able to give you some. She has no digital camera? Not an excuse, at least one friend of hers should have one. If not, you can emit a doubt about her sincerity or the reality of her profile...
Ask her for details about her life and test her answers. Use your intelligence to detect fake answers.
But don't be too strict: on dating sites, do you always say only the whole naked truth? Do you never hide nothing at all? Is your weight the real one, don't you even cheat by one pound or two? Use your brain and make the difference between showing under her best traits and really lying.
Ask her the last book she read or last movie she has seen: no automatic robot is able to answer smartly such a question. This is true also for any dating site.

Is there a special lady for you, how happy man you are. Then contact her, and please don't wait for the 68th letter, it would be expensive.
Then use their "Phone call" service to contact your lady, just once, and once connected ask her for her personal coordinates (e.g. cell phone, postmail, Skype and email). If you have got at least 2 means of contacting her without help of agency, and that you checked these means successfully, then she is real. For example, if she gives you her cell phone number, just send her a test SMS and ask her to answer you by another SMS, then you can check (of course do this before ending phone call). Same for email or Skype.

As a conclusion, in a few words, be cautious, careful and don't be naive.
Prefer being disappointed and always prefer saying unduly "goodbye" to a sincere woman than saying "yes" to a doubtful woman.
Nothing is white nor black on this website. Use your brain and keep subtle.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:14 pm 

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In response to "dontbesonaive" who makes a couple of good points, although quite redundantly, I would agree with the idea that neither "none" nor "all" is a good answer. However, if one "uses his brain" as this writer suggests, one would be well advised to find the odds NOT in favor of any kind success in using these sites. I have no doubt there are probably sincere women on some of these sites. But as I said, in my experience in Ukraine, the woman I met from Anastasia was simply looking to keep me writing letters to her through Anastasia Web. And, as I stated, I gave this woman my personal email address and she balked at writing to me there. She wanted to know why I didn't want to use Anastasia Web to communicate. I asked her why she DID. She could not provide an answer.

And again, when I wrote the customer service people at Anastasia, they never responded to my concerns. After several emails! Is this the sign of a legitimate business??? Talk about using your common sense!! To not address this shady aspect of their business is an oversight of the first degree to which this writer "dontbesonaive" seems oblivious. He can laugh all he wants but I truly doubt his sincerity or authenticity. Let him "laugh" but anyone with a sincere interest in men not wasting money at these sites would not dismiss the reality that these sites are merely cash machines for their operators. If these "businesses" were really interested in providing satisfactory customer service, they would respond to their client's concerns. But they aren't interested in anything but finding the next sap. Doesn't matter that you won't be back. As P.T. Barnum apocryphally said, "There's a sucker born every minute." I say to "dontbesonaive" and to all the rest reading this, Don't be naive, indeed, and avoid these sites like the plague!!

It is too easy to say "none or all" is not a good answer. The assumption underlying this is that it's somewhere in between these two poles, but the truth with these sites is that the real answer is WAY skewed toward the "NONE" end of the spectrum. Of course it's not "none or all" but more like "most and a very few".

This other writer blabbering on about the prostitute experience misses the point. Whether she's a prostitute, a mother of two, a teacher or a huckster, the game is rigged, the deck stacked and any expectation of a "real" relationship developing from a contact on any of these sites is misplaced optimism.

Look, the long and short of this is quite simple--these sites are not legitimate dating sites, no matter what "dontbesonaive" has to say. Anybody who suggests giving these sites the benefit of a doubt is not being sincere in his interest. These sites are strictly about making money by leading poor saps on to spend money exchanging emails back and forth. If you want to make sites like Anastasia Web profitable, then go ahead. Be happy and exchange hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands, to possibly find that one in a thousand that might actually be sincere and interested. But recognize it is a TOTAL waste of time and money, and frankly, you'd be better off going to Ukraine and trying to meet someone on your own. The money would be better spent than wasting it on dating sites like Anastasia and their ilk. Don't be naive--these sites operate in a "grey" realm with no accountability. Why would anyone do business with such an entity? Take my experience to heart as I was naive enough to give these sites the benefit of a doubt and way too much of my money before I wised up. Don't let anybody without real experience tell you otherwise or try to confuse the issue with other dating sites.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2009 5:25 pm 

Joined: Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:06 am
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I would like to answer to my contradictor.
First, I am real and sincere, I am not paid by any website nor have any interest in them. I am just myself and I have used Anastasiaweb services for a while. I have paid some hundreds of dollars, enough to know what I am talking about. My learning has been rather expensive, that is why I want that readers of "" can benefit from my experience.

My own contacts with Customer service have always been successful, but I had no strange needs. And my own successful contact is not a proof of anything, it has no statistic value, neither the failure of "orbd1" trials. That is why such forums, like "", are useful, because here many people can exchange their points of views and experience, and only a great number of them can permit to make an opinion based upon real facts instead of unfulfilled dreams. Statisticians would tell you that error margin of studies concerning n people is square root of n, e.g. error for 100 opinions is 10%, and 3% for 1000 persons. One opinion never has a value by itself alone, it must always be confronted to others.

I don't say "give a chance any site", nor give any site benefit of a doubt, I can't say anything about meeting websites in general. In this post, I am only talking about Anastasiaweb and no other website; I think I can speak about this website because I gave them their chance. Unfructuously, I must admit, but I met sincere women.

Let's give some details about my own experience. On Anastasia, I received more than 2,000 (two thousands, yes!) letters from women. I eliminated most of them from the first look without even opening letter; I opened roughly one out of every hundred letters, and already eliminated almost half of them after reading their first letter. I exchanged some letters with about a dozen of women and finally found 3 real ladies to whom I could talk on the phone. I also eliminated two women who told me they wanted to correspond only by means of website because they pretended they didn't speak a word of english and needed the translation services offered by the website. At last, I have been in Ukrainia and met one of them, I still exchange some emails (outside Anastasia, then freely and for free) with the two others. I could have this result of real contacts with those three ladies because I used my brain to select them and eliminate most unsincere or fake ads.

I agree that, if I can say "neither none nor all is the good answer" for many things, generally speaking I have no means to know where I should place the cursor.
Anastasiaweb is probably a very profitable website, for sure. I can easily admit this website is very expensive, several times more expensive than usual local meeting websites (those which offer you to meet the girl next door in your own country instead of Eastern countries).

Then, to shorten in a few words, if you want to give this website their chance and offer them the benefit of a doubt, go ahead, but to be wise, first you should be warned:
1. This website is expensive and very well made to incite you to spend your money.
2. Neither all nor none ad or people you see are sincere.
3. You must absolutely use your brain to select wisely who you should correspond with.
4. This website is not perfect, no angel nor evil. Just use your intelligence.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 5:48 am 

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To be honest I have strong doubts you met sincere women on Anastasiaweb,
but maybe you're indeed right that some profiles are real.
But why would anybody waste so much money and time on a website with
99% scam profiles ? You admit yourself you spent several hundreds of dollars
and the result in the end is you correspond with 3 ladies.
For several hundred of dollars you can buy a plane ticket and just go to Ukraine
to meet ladies there. Or first write them via or for free !

I read a bit that what you actually try to say is that the scam profiles are not
the fault of Anastasiaweb, that the scammers are the one who misuse the system.
But do you really think that when you receive about 2000 letters in a short time
that about 2000 scammers are waiting for new profiles every day ?
It's obvious that Anastasiaweb has a script running that sends standard letters
to members. And it's obvious to me that they hire people to type the other letters,
just to generate as much profit as possible. But maybe to prove they are not
crooks, they place a few real profiles. I guess when all profiles were fake,
they would have been in big trouble now. I still don't understand this website
still exists with all the complaints against them.

Nobody should give this website a chance anymore and I hope one day they will
be arrested for the thousands of dollars they have earned with their cheating.
If everybody who has been cheated by them would complain to the police,
maybe something can be done to these criminals, because that is just what
they are. They send standard letters, they type letters themselves, they put
pictures of girls on the website who are completely not interested in a partner
from a foreign country. The girls just earn easy money by sending their pictures
and maybe do a phone conversation once in a while or write a letter.

So yes, this website is evil, pure evil. Made to generate as much money as possible,
so use your brain and stay far away from this website.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 1:31 pm 

Joined: Wed May 13, 2009 1:01 pm
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boys,this is a real scam site, one of the biggest ones,i am turkish,i know so many turkish websites like this for men.this site can easily be understood by taking money even for pictures of women
i did not bought any credits, i signed up here for fun:)

they scripted site for men with photos on system i think... (logically it wont be reasonable to send many mails from women to a men you even don't know what he look like :) )
turkish ones did not made this effort ,they send even only profiles with name+birth date, and like 'hey come and dick me off'
and they did not use real women to date with men,because they are cheaper and more unorganised criminals,just soak people,and when s.m.o get themselves to court,closing the site and opening with another name...

and think of this,these boys whom thought (by themselves) to be reaped the rewards of this site real or admins of anastasia...)

i am from turkey,so forgive me about my english

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:50 pm 

Joined: Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:03 pm
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ANASTASIA INTERNATIONAL IS NOT A SCAM! And here is a list of reasons…
I have spent the last 15 years or my life as a deputy sheriff and have seen every scam possible. I am about as cynical, skeptical and un-trusting of my felly man as they come. I can spot a scam miles away. Scam artists go after $100s or $1,000 of dollars not the relative pennies that on their letter translation service.
1) A letter sent to a lady cost me all of $4 dollars. I make sure and use all 20,000 characters so some stiff has to sit in front of a computer for at least 30 minutes maybe 45 to translate it, proof read and make sure it complies with their rules and policies. Buy the time you deduct for payroll and overhead, Anastasia International is probably pocketing $1 a letter if that service. Does that kind of money really sound like a scam. Even if they are making money on volume, it is still relative pennies compared to what a real scam artist can do.
2) If they really are making money on volume, why does it take 5 to 7 days for the lady to reply? They would need to turn the letter around the same day to make it worthwhile. That way they generate more letters and more money. Anastasia is only grossing $32 a month off of me, which means they are netting a whopping $8 a month; does that sound like a scam? I have also sent letters that were never answered. If it was a scam, would they let that happen?
3) The letters are screened to make sure the ladies are not asking for money or trying to get you to contact them through a different e-mail address. Conning some lonely guy into sending $100s or $1,000 of dollars a month to support “their lady” is how scam artists really work. I have personally never been asked for money and have never seen one report on the net about a guy that was. Try and put up a profile on some of the “un-regulated” social networking sites and the scam artists will come out of the wood work to tell you how handsome and wonderful you are.
4) I have already been dumped by a lady I had spent some time corresponding with. She met someone else, I admire here honesty, best of luck to her and that is how the love game works, Oh well. Ask yourself, would a real scam artist dump a paying customer?
5) Regarding you not being able to send your contact/mailing address/e-mail/phone number through Anastasia’s e-mail service: that is outlawed by U. S. 2005 Violence Against Women Act. You can read more about it @ If you really want to give a lady your personal information, just send here $50 worth of f flowers and you can write whatever you want on the card. If you had bothered to read their rules, you would already know that and probably would not have written your slanderous letter.
Think about it.

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:52 pm 

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it is beggars believe, that a sheriff writes in about anastasiaweb, just because he is a sheriff dont make you agatha christie!!!! or colombo!!! or even ncis!!!! get a grip man, when you search the internet for information about anastasiaweb let me point out out there is thousands of thousands of complaints all relating to same topic, surely detective there is a proplem houston, any non scamming company would not allow such comments that have been made libel, but to date anastasiaweb HAVE NOT taken any of these people to court, for example lets look at the guy who wrote to women in ukraine only to find out she was a whore a prostitute to complain to anastasiaweb and not get a response or the women removed as stated in there terms and conditions, wake up smell the cheese detective, how would you like to get married then find out maybe a year down the line the woman you married was not the woman you thought she was but a prostitute, and being a sheriff i am sure you arrested some of these, if you want to preach law, i am studying law at university and it is a criminal offence for any company to mislead there clients, ie, irina matyushkina claims to be a pharmicist, she is and still is working as a prostitute,as you will be aware if the company has been informed of this and have done nothing they become libel, and in matter of fact are breaking the law, it is not about having a grudge because you found out something awful, but many men do have good morals they abide by, and surely a man has the right to know what his future wife works as, regards this lady i have written to anastasiweb and have asked them this question relating this person, six months later i am still awaiting a response from customer service, surely mister detective, alarm bells should start ringing, nobody doubts there must be some genuine women on this site, but by looking at the complaints there do not seem to be many, the non responsive customer service, something is not right, but like many men are getting sick and tired of seeing people write in who in my opinion and of course other peoples opinion seem to work for anastasiweb, no dating site is a guarentee that one will find a wife, but each and every man wants a good sporting chance of trying to catch the woman of his dreams, and not to be misled THIS IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE, so before preaching law everybody need to have there facts stright, with all the complaints about this website i would not say this was disgruntled men, if there was only a few compliants you could argue your case, but unfourtunately there is thousands of complaints, so detective if you want to become my deputy, i will teach you what law is, and how commercial buisness have to abide by these laws not mislead. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:03 am 

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just to keep you all informed, anastasia international, then went to anastasiaweb, there new name is anastasiadate, now anybody with buisness knowledge, or know a little bit about law, most succesful companies DO NOT KEEP CHANGING THERE NAME UNLESS THERE IS A PROPLEM, a bit of advice is think before you let go of hard earned money i am surprised this company has not been investigated as yet!!! also to add anastasiadate have been threatening websites with the removal of complaints or anyone who uses there name in there complaint this is a violation of your rights, a forum on word press is such a site also the youtube video showing you how this site supposedly rips you off has also been told to be removed the question you must ask is IF THE COMPLIANTS ARE UNFOUNDED WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO BELIEVE OR NOT

 Post subject: Re: Anastasia International (Anastasiaweb)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:30 am 

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Anastasia is a scam. They prowl the internet using intimidation tactics to suppress the truth about their operation. They remove videos telling how their scam is run. They get internet companies to shut down blogs like mine that tell the story of how they rip people off. They will not refund your money if you catch on to their scam before you blew all your credits. They use people to post on forums like this in an information war.

This was my blog and Anastasia got wordpress to shut it down. are a bunch of spineless cowards. So there you go........ Criminals and liars is what they are. I have had lengthy conversations with their liars. I had a lot of letters that were exact duplicates from different scam companies from the same girl. When I confronted Anastasia about this and showed them the evidence they said that they were legit and the other company was the scam ( dream marriage). Believe me they are all scams and they make a lot of money from it. The russian mafia makes a of of money from it. So they will go to any extent to threaten to sue anyone who tries to tell the truth about them.

I have an archive when they started messing with me last spring.

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