Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa
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Author:  Jennep [ Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

Should I call somebody about it? Like the police? I saw on the post that someone was working with the FBI. Or should I just not email him back? Should I email him and tell him nice try? The funny thing is, he put in his email that "this is on the up and up." I want to email him back to and tell him to @#$ off. I'm not really sure how to handle this. Any input would be great.


Author:  admin [ Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa


I personally would not contact him again and block his email address and report him to the site that he contacted you through. A lot of the places that people can go to report theses scams may not even take your information because you are not out any money . . . not a "victim" but an "almost victim".

If you have a personal blog or networking site you are a part of, you could talk about this issue there to get the information out to even more people. (I have one . . . see my signature below)

Some people choose to go down the path of scam baiting . . . basically messing with the scammers to waste their time . . . if you want to know more about that I would go to

Author:  darkamber [ Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

[iI meet a man on cupid .com his name is Samual Wood out of laverne ca. he is now suppose to be in Ghana buying gold for his jewelry bussness wants to start an shop in vail area where I live. he has and international line suppose to be rich but got over there and said they wouldnt cash his travelers checks and couldnt use his credit card that ghana doesnt allow credit cards .haha did reserch and found out they did . wanted me to send money to help and that he would pay back when we meet ha. then he wanted playstation for son, then computer sent to him. hes trying the guilt thing with me. he keeps calling me at work and at home even went as far as to call realiter in vail about buying house up thier for me and him says he wants to marry me. cofessed love after two e-mails to me and insist I trust him and if I dont trust him I dont love him.who said I love him. says he cant get home unless I help him. he says he was born in austral, sydney when I ask him about sydnet he gave me a tour book example(i have the tour book he read) word for word. he keeps bothering me do I have to change my phone number and address for safety. I'm really affraid he'll come after me or send someone after me. what do I do ? was it a scammer? :roll: [/i]

Author:  darkamber [ Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

I feel I'm being scammed by same man he calls himself samual wood-sydeny aus. 53 asian male with 12 yr old son living in laverne ca. 663 lavender pl has phone nu.233-277-292-291 international line. says his wife and daughter was killed in auto accident 7yrs ago. says hes a jewelier . going to accrua ghana to purchase gold for his shop he wants to open in vail, co where I live. he even contacted a realiter there whom I no and he called me about him said it was a surprize for me. he even contaacted my son when he was hurt. but all the sudden he said ghana was underdeveloped and could not cash travelers checks,and he could not use credit cards their to underdevolped. ask me to send him 3000.usd to open bank account. no way dont have that kind of money. then ask me to send 600.usd so he could get jewelry out of warehouse and sell it to make it US. keeps begging me saying I dont trust him and dont love him anymore,I never said loved him. he keeps calling me at work dont no how he found that nu. and keeps calling me at home all hours.
begging me to help him saying I'm all hes got he has no family. its starting to worry me. that he might come after me do I need to change phone and move to differnt address. do the scammers come after people. I do feel like hes a scammer.

Author:  duffymoon2 [ Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

There seems to be no recent messages concerning Mr. Andrew Smith so one would think he has changed names or something. NOT TRUE. I have been talking with him for about a year now and just found this site on a search engine. He has the same M.O. he had 2-3 years go. I have always had doubts and we have had many arguments about them. He started asking for money after a few months. Now it seems he is going to "rot in jail" in Ghana if I don't send him $1800, now it's down to $800. There have been other requests and I have turned him down but he "loves me and I am worth more than all the money in the world". So he keeps coming back even after I have a show and tell with him. I knew I would find the answer that I needed if I looked long enough. Thing is this guy knows the Bible inside and out. That is what drew me to him. We have wonderful talks. After all he lost a wife and 2 children in that tragic accident all of you mention. There is another man, David Nesta, who is also in the picture but I'm not sure just how, not yet anyway. I sure would like to talk to some of you ladies who have photos and were friends (?) with good old Andy if you're still around.

Author:  angel29 [ Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

sidx wrote:
it started mid november when i had a profile on the dumb here thought he would have a house fully for me in new york and no rent included, i just have to help him with money transfers from his clients. he said he lives in uk, money orders take up to 48 hours so he needs me to help. uh alright, i did receive his first check. looked kind of shady but i went deposit it without thinking...just the ''luxury in new york'' that is. anyway, the bank deducted the check twice, insufficient funds. i emailed him go uh whats going on? he sent me 2 more, actual checks from clients not a paper one if you will, i didnt do anything. he stopped emailing for 3 days, and i went ahead emailed him regarding my ''study abroad'' and i cannot service him anymore. he went crazy, ha. PLEASE DO THIS blah blah i gotta let him go eventually cause even my parents are scared that he would send ppl to rob the house. : \

thats my story...and im glad that i had a second thought though, otherwise i would have 3000 dollars negative onto my account. phew..

File comment: is this the man he is now on baboo with the name Bryan and 7 more names
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Author:  baystargazer [ Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

All I can say is Oh my gosh. Where do I begin, My stomach is now in knots. I've been so happy since Dec. 22, 2010, thought I've found true love when I least expected it. I don't want to believe I'm being scammed. Happened to come to this site by chance. Looking up information about GOLD prices, and buying gold jewelry in Accra, Ghana - Africa. Why?... Will here goes my story. After just reading almost the same type aned stories from a few other woman I had to reveal my story for some feedback.
Met this great looking, interesting, intriguing man, named Joseph Robert Williams from Norristown, Pa, (we live 84 miles apart), on Match.Com on Dec. 22, 2010, had signed up on the site 2 days prior ready for dating after my marriage ended 2 years ago. He winked at me and caught my attention. We've been talking for hours daily Yahoo IM messenger. I initially thought should I be doing this, I've read the warnings through the dating site. But I went for it, with much praying, hope. Am a believer in GOD. Nothing happens but chance. We've had just amazing and wonderful conversations. He told me he has his own company dealing with a multiple facets of interests including: he builds customer homes - is the boss from start to finish (is realistic to think he's telling the truth), renovates homes, into telecommunications, fiber optics underground communication systems, aluminum etc. Oh and he was born and raised in Switzerland (he does have this amazing accent), his father had a cleaning company done very well, his mother had a jewelry shop, done very well. He is an a only child, his mother lost multiple pregnancies. His father decided he should consider getting into construction/communication systems, etc. Switzerland didn't have much schooling or livelihood opportunities. He is 50 years old with 7 year old son, sent me 8 pictures. Been to half a dozen countries on business trips. Says he came to the States when he was 20 years old for schooling. Been here since for pass 30 years. His wife and a child and I think either his mother or her's died in a car accident 2 years ago. He's been ready to find and get back into a serious relationship. His best friend of many years, who lives in Holland (2 of his pictures he sent me say from Holland - 1 shows himself, and his friend and his family) talked him into trying Match.Com. He is amazing, we have so much in common, it's like we've know each other always, he is very spiritual and charming. Says he's fallin in Love with me, I also feel I've fallin in Love with him. It's kinda hard to put all in writing here. Early on in just the last almost 3 weeks now since we've met, he has mentioned preparing documents to set himself up for early retirement. But wants to reopen his Mom's jewelry business, will teach me all about his business dealings, will show me how to make jewelry as his mom has taught him (sounds fascinating) and how to help run this shop, plus he has other business interest for income on the side. He wants to travel with me. Take me to Holland to visit his best friend and go other places. I'm his soul mate and I feel like he could just be mine. He said he had a business meeting with a few men from China regarding aluminum 2 weeks ago but isn't sure yet needs to do more research. He's gone into lots of details about everything. He also said he has a business deal planned in Accra, Ghana - Africa to install higher speed internet services, telecommunication systems, etc. which he said is his business (self-employed) involves telecommunications and construction. We were to meet Jan. 1 2011 at a restaurant between both our homes. He lives 84 miles from me he says in Norristown, Pa. Think I already said that. The day before our planned meeting he says he got an letter from the Ministry of Health and Development in Africa that they want to finally do business and have him sign the contract and that he was needing to leave within 24 hours. So our meeting Jan. 1 2011 didn't take place. He has kept in close contact every day since reaching Accra, Ghana - Africa. We call each other briefly 1x's a day then go on-line for hours to talk. He said it will only take 3 weeks in Africa to complete his business deal. He's also sent me flowers and a teddy bear saying to prove he's for real and loves me dearly. And believes in Love at first site and that GOD put me and him together. Everything about him is so wonderful and amazing. Now the real kicker, I don't want to doubt anything about him but I know from research that Accra is right along the GOLD COAST OF GHANA. He said the man who has had great success and is with the company he's contracted with and will take him anywhere he needs to go, has also set him up to see a Chief to show him gold stuffs for investment for his Mom's jewelry shop that he plans to reopen once back in PA. He says gold is very very cheap, the people don't have concept of the value or worth of gold in the states. He just told me he can buy the whole lot of gold he was shown for $250,000 and that it is worth 2 million dollars. But he can only come up with $230,000. He's asked me, knowing my situation that I've been unemployed for 21 months, had a temp to perm job for 1 month in Nov.2010 that fell through, have no money except some monthly money just enough from my parents for utilities and food, till I sell my house/get job etc. Needing to give up my home since I'm in a divorce. He wants us to live together and become husband and wife in future.He's told his son a lot about me, he's excited to meet me. He's asked me to try and come up with $20,000 to help him buy this gold. It is our future to not be in proverty. He is very generous and said before he gives to Toys for Tots, Hatti Relief fund, Orphaned Children, etc. He wants us to be financially free and to be able to help others. In checking out info on Gold buying and prices I found this web site. Now Don't know what to think, or if his story is now for real. seems like it all is possible and he's telling me the truth. Could be a coincidence, the other stories here that I've read. Guess time will tell. I'm to meet him and his son at an airport in 2 weeks when he comes back to Pa, when his business is finished in Africa. Then we will go to a nice restaurant and talk more about our feelings and future together. Do I need to be concerned. From what I've read from others his story is starting to send just a little suspicious, maybe a scam. GOD knows I don't want this to be a scam. Sorry this got long. Any input be greatly appreciated.
Thank you :cry:
Barb Y

Author:  ximora [ Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

I'm sorry but this is loaded with "red flags" (I only had to read half way thru it) and, in my opinion is definately a scammer. I think the one thing you picked up on is "it's too good to be true"..... and with that said, your intuition is almost always correct.

Author:  admin [ Sun May 22, 2011 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrew Smith - Scammer from Accra, W Africa

I edited your last post and took out your email address. This is another way scammers find their victims . . . they surf the net and find email addresses posted on site. On our site, people can always contact you via the "email" button under every one of your posts, so there is never a reason to post your email address.

On to the scammers . . .
Many of them are in Nigeria.
Yes, they steal the photos of people from other sites. They don't want their real face out there, and it is easier to pull of a romance scam if you are a good looking person.

Could they all be the same person? Could be. More likely is that they all work in different "rings". They are all doing the same thing, and each "ring" has it's own letter/story/pictures. There could be 5 guys in the one ring pretending to be Mike Brown. They could all be using the same pictures.

It does not really matter if the pictures or the names match . . . they are all fake.

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