Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?
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Author:  American_in_Romania [ Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

Hello. I am an American living in Bucharest, Romania. I have been scammed by two Romanian females, each with their own technique. I know I should have learned my lesson with the first one. In any event, I believe the website is legitimate. However, it is my opinion that they are highly reluctant to get into relationship or romance based scams. Their focus is on "commercial type" of scams (i.e., bank or credit card fraud, undelivered or misrepresented merchandise, Nigerian Emails, get-rich-quick schemes, etc.)

The relationship scam of course is harder to prove and tacitally considered a moral or personal issue and not a legal one. If the woman says that she loves you exclusively and to the ends of the earth while having a husband or boyfriend already, at worst, she is considered a cheater or otherwise immoral person. The only way it can even take on the dimensions of a fraud crime is if you can prove the intent to commit fraud. But there is the rub. All the woman has to claim is that she had genuine intentions and feelings, but somehow the relationship went sour. By the way, foreign women are scammed by Romanian men too. Although the national past-time in Romania, for a significant number of Romanians, seems to be to take advantage of foreigners at home or abroad, the culture seems to be one of take advantage of anyone you can. So Romanians prey on Romanians. There are a lot of people here that put money before morals. If they need to feign romantic feelings for money, some people can do it without any moral cumpunction. Moreover, they love to blame the victim by saying they were naive, weren't attentive to the warning signs enough, too foolish with their money, or otherwise asking to be rolled.

Author:  American_in_Romania [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

Ladies and especially gentlemen...STOP SENDING MONEY TO ROMANIA! I live here and know that your online founded and sustained relationship is most probably a scam. Gentlemen, especially, you think you found the sexy, beautiful love of your life - not! Your sweetie has two or three men strung out online (at least!) with her false love and endless tales of woe. However, she probably has a real boyfriend or even husband here! If you meet a Romanian online (no matter what type of website, but especially adult type websites) and they start with the medical, dental, rent, tuition, etc. stories. Forget them! Move on! Don't let them play on your natural sympathies. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you sending him or her money is a way of showing your commitment to the "relationship" either. Romanians have a term that they use - DUCKS. Yes, like in sitting ducks. I also think of the term as a combination of D-umb f-UCKS. Don't be insulted, I was one of those too - twice!

If you cannot help yourself and find your wallet or purse opening to save a poor, downtrodden, and desperate newly found love-of-your-life, do three things and in this exact order: 1) Slap yourself back to reality, 2) If #1 does not work, get Western Union to copy the ID of the person picking up the money, or 3) If #2 doesn't work, send the money to me and I will verify the person's identity from his or her National ID card (every Romanian of legal age has one) when they try to pick up the money. In this last method you can tell your "love muffin" that you have a friend in Bucharest, Romania that is going to be your conduit for your distribution of funds because I owe you the money anyway. Pay close attention to your love's reaction. Scammers want to provide little or no personal, let alone real or direct, identifying information. In other words, he or she doesn't want you to have traceable information because such type of fraud is a crime here and can be reported to the police, but then again you are talking about a society that is rife with corruption too. Sadly, the Police may give your case no priority or even just laugh at what they consider your stupidity. If your heart-throb begs off from giving you personal and VERIFIABLE information (full name, current home address, cell and home phone number, workplace, workplace phone number, etc.) or getting money through your friend in Bucharest, Romania - FORGET THEM! Someone that is genuinely interested in you or a relationship with you shares personal information openly and freely. They let you know the real details of his or her life. Also, he or she doesn't hesitate to know the people you know or let you know the people they know, especially family, but I would be the first to admit that there are well-seasoned scammers out here in Romania that have covered such angles. For example, they use the identifying information of a confederate and have that confederate use their own id to pick up the money you sent foolishly. So the love that you know as "Gabriela" may in fact be the name of Mihaela's or Mihai's confederate that will be the one picking up the funds.

I am writing this as a person who has been scammed myself by two Romanian women, who used different techniques. So I am definitely speaking from my own experiences. I am also speaking from my knowledge of the experiences of others that I know personally. Again, PLEASE STOP SENDING MONEY to Romanian scammers (or any other country for that matter). If you cannot control yourself and do feel compelled to send money follow one of my three options first. Really, I am willing to be an intermediary. If you use the friend in Bucharest option and the person turns out to be not who they say they are, I will send the money back to you minus the re-transfer fee charged by Western Union or Moneygram. It sickens me deeply that false love is, unfortunately, a commodity here. DON'T BUY IT!

Author:  glacious [ Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

wow this has become more then i ever thought imiginable ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Author:  AlwaysTrue [ Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

One thing about Scams in general and pertaining to Romanians. I always started with the premonition of possibly being scammed. And the usual problem is that if you don't do anything to be special to them, you're going to fall into the "scammed" group of people for them.

There is possible hope however, and there are ways to get a girl attracted to you(even Romanians), and it is actually the same way you would get any girl normally attracted to you at a bar. You do have to set yourself apart from any other schmo that's hitting on her. Don't be that normal easy guy that is willing to do everything for her, like sending her money for every need. Sure, you can send a little money here and there if you end up liking a girl, but for specific reasons and not very easily. Saying things like, "I'm not very rich, but I do like you so I can spare a little". Don't be so easy, it's the way life works. Same thing at a bar, you say, "Hey, you're hot, how about I buy you a beer". Guess what? She will probably take the beer and you got nothing. So, basically, it does kinda translate that if you act like a victim in the real world, the virtual world has come to a point that it will translate the same way. It evolved and isn't the "Easy Dating" route for the unsuccessful for the most part anymore. So, now it's really like if you want that hot girl, you've got to have the skills to get her. I'm of course only talking from the male side of this, so I apologize if I'm not tackling the female side of being scammed.

I have actually dated a couple Romanian girls, because I feel you get sexy and smart all in one package very easily. Romanians to me seem to all be very intelligent and know how to live life. Sure, there are those that live life for the dollar(and there are prostitutes that even sell themselves for a couple dollars), but not everyone in a race or society will have everyone be perfect. But, I must say, I haven't regretted any of the Romanian girls that I have been with and my life feels more fulfilled from expericing Romania. Romanian women are very sensual too and have a darker side to them for the most part. One of the most bone-chilling moments was one girl looking at pictures on the internet of people that were killed or mutilated in different ways. And she told me she is always curious as to how many different ways a body can be destroyed and she thought it was beautiful. And, this is a girl who turned into a little schoolgirl enjoying her first kiss from my lips.

So, I must say again, please take to heart that yes, if you act like a victim, I think you'll be taken advantage of, but that's really how life works around the world. I can tell you soooo many stories of girls taking advantage of my "nice-guy" friends around here. To put it very abruptly, "getting the money and only having to give up the p*ssy".

So in conclusion, I love Romanians and Romanian girls especially and if you find a good Romanian girl, she will definitely show you a great time and maybe you'll find yourself in a Romanian dance club with the guys trying to teach you how to dance tranditional Romanian dances and telling you to stay away from the gypsies.

Author:  admin [ Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

Same thing at a bar, you say, "Hey, you're hot, how about I buy you a beer". Guess what? She will probably take the beer and you got nothing.

I am glad that you said this. So many people have said "only stupid people get scammed" and I heard one person answer that by asking a group of men how many of them had ever bought a drink for a lady thinking that they were going to "get something" from her later, and did NOT . . . well, you have been scammed. 8)

Author:  glacious [ Sun May 17, 2009 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

mmmm dana found this site with her name attached to it and well its been over four months since i have last heard from her ,,,,,,,,she told me she was about to loose her apartment hahah very funny story considering the stories that people post here about housing and medical expenses and the excuses they use to lure people in sending money

Author:  Seuss [ Sat May 30, 2009 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

I was scammed a couple of months ago. Well, I posted a picture of my scammer there. We talked for 8 mos. I made the mistake to give him my bank info, but I changed my bank acct now, and gave him my soc sec# I have done all I can do for now to protect myself. Has anyone heard of Jason Shola? He is the name of my scammer.

Author:  dangerfield30 [ Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

hello i have been talking to this romanian girl for 3 months now and i am madly in love with her...she hasnt asked me for any moey but what i hear abt from other peoples stories they r very similar..she now says she is so in love with me and she wants to pay for me to come and live with her...i am unemployed and she knows this i tell her im very poor and my life is so messed up but i write her such sweet messages and she says she is in love with me...i dont know what to do where is the scam i have nothing and she knows it and she says she wants to pay for me to come to her....she thinks im homeless pretty much and she keeps saying she wants to take care of me i dont get it i feel like im being scammed but i dont know anything abt the scams and im pretty sure she is scamming me she trys to tell me alot abt her life but it really isnt too much she just works and goes home to take care of her kid...i am so in love now im scared to really realise she is fake i will die..but it just seems to me now from all what ive been looking at abt these women that it is bull.....pls someone give me some good advice...thanks....

Author:  admin [ Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

One way to check on her would be to run a google search on her name, phone number and email address and see if it brings you to any links on scam sites like this.

I would be careful. She may say she wants to pay for you to come to her, but if she sends you the money in the form of a cashier's check or money order then it is a scam for sure.

Author:  dangerfield30 [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

she is just buying me a plane ticket roundtrip and i just have to pick it up...god im so worried im getting scammed i just want to know all the scams so im ready ive never done anything like this before...i talk to her on the phone and she cries to me how she loves me im so in love with this girl im just so scared to find out it is bull..i would kill myself i there any other scams i should lookout for..she says she is divorced and i asked her to show me her divorce papers she showed me this paper but it is in romanian i dont even know what it worried cause she fell in love with me very fast like a few weeks and i have been talking with her for 8 months either abt to be the luckiest guy in the world or the very scared is there anything else i should look for...i did ask her to marry me when i can start making some money she said yes of course but i said i didnt want to rush that i just asked her..she is just to good to be just wondering if there is a scam she could do once im there im leaving in a week and a half..i want to be with the girl so much but after reading all this stuff abt these scamsim scared to death u think i will know once im at the scared to drive off somewhere and get killed or not an egomaniac but i am good looking alot of woman come on to me all the time..but i havent done anything with anyone since i fell for this girlmaybe im just being paranoid im just worried i have noone to turn to for help with this and the people here seem to know there stuff...pls helpme with any other scams that i could fall victom to so im ready when i go..thanks....

Author:  ximora [ Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

she is just to good to be true

You just answered your own question.... not a good idea to go to a foreign country when there are so many questions and concerns not to mention the "dangers" that you can fall into (people have been killed doing this very thing)... trust your instincts... you obviously are in doubt of this situation and "instincts are usually correct"... when in doubt... it's better to be safe than sorry... may be time to forget and move on.

Author:  dangerfield30 [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

people have been killed doing this...i havent heard of anyone being killed yet jesus//im trying to figure this out im madly in love with this girl she shows me pictures of her family of her kid they seem like good desent people from the pictures im sure she is her cause i asked her to take a picture and touch her nose and she did..she knows i have no money im pretty much homeless im just staying with people she knows i havent any family so she knows i have no money she tells me she wants to take care of me and help me do something with my art..she is buying me a roundtrip ticket so i feel comfortable i have freaked out on her at least 4 times in 8 months abt tryiing to scam me she trys to prove she isnt she says she will do anything to prove it she sent me a copy of her id she takes pics of her at work with her work id she writes to me from her work with her work email and at the end of the email has her name and the name of her company address and numbers..she is such a sweetheart to me she doesnt ever ask me for money or my passport picture or anything else im trying to think i dont see a scam let but i really want to go i love her but now after reading allthis stuuff on here im scared as hell..just thinking the there any decent girls in romania?..i just cant figure out what her scam could be if there is one..i dont want to screw what could be the woman of my dreams so in love with her i am dieing being away from her ive lost so much weight im down to 120 lbs from 165 she has to she acts just like me...i see she has gotten very skinny since we started talking...she isnt the prettiest girl i mean i think she is beautiful bt she does not she looks like a normal nerdy girl which i love by the trying to think of everything so someone can help me good...she seems very sensere i cant there any other way i can figre this out should i ask her anything else i mean ive accused her of being a scammer and she tries to prove that she is not she never gets mad at me when i do this just very upset and very down on herself it really kills me doing this to really messed up now from this i need help pls someone just try to help me with this..r u sure i should just walk away.i just dont know if i can...i mean if i go and she jumps up into my arms like she says she will do when we see eachother at the airport and she kisses me i mean how far do these people go...pls someone help me i feel im going to die from this or take my own life whatever i dont know anymore..i dont really see what the scam could be but it seems from on here that all these woman r scammers what do i do..i feel like just ending my life right now...i have her number her address her id her job id her job name address and number..god some one helpme...pls

Author:  ximora [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

If she is willing to do "anything" for you as she claims.... then she'll be willing to travel here to the US to meet you.... then wait and see how many excuses she will come up with for reasons to not be able to travel to you. Below are some links for you to read to give you an idea of just how dangerous traveling to another country can be.


viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2895&hilit=killed Read the first section Scam Victims In The News.

Just remember, anything thats comes across as "too good to be true" usually is.

Author:  dangerfield30 [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

thank you for ur help..all the scams were nigerian scams..i cant believe that this girl who i have been talking to for 8 months who we both have been crying to eachother on the phone for8 months who writes me the sweetest letters all day long every day who shows me pictuers of whatever i want to see wouuld do this...i am 30 years old im very goodlooking i have been told i look like jim morrison and johnny depp..i have no job no family anymore ive had a very hard lif and this girl was all i had left she wanted to take care of me i fugured maybe she really loved me but ur right she will never come hereive asked in the past she says it is to hard for romanian woman to get visas and stuff..anyways..i will say a little abt myself im an artist i never went to college i dont make any money selling art i never did i just can draw good and stuff i read alot of books ive read more books that everyone ive ever met i love them so much ive read all the classics and books by kant santayanna pound blyth to edna st vincent millay kerouac crap just name it ive read it...i have spent alot of my life alone doing very weird things ive always been i cant stop have been reading william carlos williams alot lately i really love him alot i always read his autobiography over and over..he always says he loved america the most he never wanted to be anywhere else...i know im not a smart man not even half as smart as him but i feel i relate to him the most u know like dancing naked under the moon that kind of stuff...anyways i just wanted to write a little abt myself since whoever u r that is writibg back knows that i have noone and now i have noone even more ive decided not to go and be with whatever she is i see very clear now that im doomed always doomed in my life..i will never not be alone i really thought maybe i found someone who understood me and who really loved me i never had love before not even parents who loved me...ive never felt more alone than i do now...i guess i will never know if she was real or not but with my luck i doubt ever loved me here and so why would anyone else anywhere else...i dont know who u r maybe u r just playing a joke on me to make me crazy but i have realised that it doesnt matter nothing does anymore..u r all i have who seems to listen to me and give me advice so thank you very much whoever u truely greatful..but ive also decided i will take my own life tonight i just cant stand this pain nomore i cant stop crying and once again im all alone..i dont even have a place to live i was counting on this girl to help me...but jesus why would she for real..right..i am going to hang myself ive decided i dont really have anybody so i thought id tell u little abt myself..i doubt u care either but its ok u at least tried to show concern and im ready to go...i also really love music i never could play any music i love to listen to it..i love the band kyuss and i love jack whites bands all of them..they r great..i could go on and on abt what bands i love from jesus lizard to danzig but it is too long...there is not much to tell really and anyways who cares...i am gonna kill myself tonight at midnight i want to hang myself from this beautiful tree that is over by this grocery store not far from here it is such a beautiful tree i always stop to stare at it i cant explain how it loos really good but it looks like it is out of a tim burton movie or something i love it...i want to die there with that beautifl tree...anyways ive talked to much i think..i dont think u will care but anyways thanks for listening..take care and take care to all of u people trying to find love anywhere in this shitty is pure hell..for me anyways..thank name is michael my realname by the way...

Author:  admin [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romanian Dating Scams - Have you been burnt?

Please don't do anything to harm yourself. You will get past this and it is not the end of the world. I know it hurts now, but it does get better. Please contact us again to let us know that you are alright!

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