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 Post subject: SCAMMER'S SCAMMER...Enjoy
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 6:40 am 

Joined: Thu Mar 02, 2006 6:32 am
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Well he first said he was from the uk then later SA and now wants to go to US or SA why..well here is tha chat... i am ME and he is scriptbuster....we have been chatting but i lost the earllier part of the chat due to computer breakdown...i'll post his picture as soon as he sends it to me ok. :lol: lest i forget......the thing about this guy is he thinks he is good...can you imagine its our first day...(i guess i was good as well)..brought him out of his shells....he wanted to play slow,and easy plus steady lol..
Also watch the street names and other things like loosermaneer...he thinks he is smart...WEll i was posting this while chatting to the story gets more interesting when he mentioned Uzoka a Nigerian name and later mentioned that he was from Nigeria...this guy is dumb

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scriptbusta: what do u mean
ME: i mean talk here
ME: why are u in the Uk
scriptbusta: i want to tell you the truth
ME: do i even need to force you to help you
ME: if u need help u'll talk here
scriptbusta: i needed money that was why came here
ME: oh ok
ME: why did u say ur friend at first
ME: why lie
scriptbusta: i am sorry
ME: its ok
scriptbusta: i think i deserve anything u wish to decide
ME: so am all hear
ME: hears
ME: ears
ME: lol
scriptbusta: thank you
scriptbusta: i was tricked by a guy named carri
ME: oh ok
scriptbusta: he told me to come to uk to do a movie
ME: oh ok
ME: go on
scriptbusta: when i got there i found out he wanted me to take part in a DELETE THIS POST movie
ME: thats bad
scriptbusta: he told me to start off with 200 pounds
ME: oops
scriptbusta: can u imagine that bastard
ME: its bad
scriptbusta: i had to look for my uncles house to stay
scriptbusta: i'll be going back to S.A next week
scriptbusta: no more movie
scriptbusta: just a local model in my country
scriptbusta: i am content with my status
ME: ok
scriptbusta: my greed almost cost me sumthin
scriptbusta: i was tempted though
scriptbusta: thats a summary
ME: its ok
ME: so what you need now
scriptbusta: i just need to raise cash to come to america
ME: oops....changing story again
scriptbusta: i want to tell u the truth
ME: u said SA
ME: now u said USA
scriptbusta: i am going back to S.A, my home just becos i did make it in uk
scriptbusta: no
scriptbusta: my dream is modellin in america
ME: oh ok'
ME: makes sense
scriptbusta: i thought uk would b
scriptbusta: ok for me
scriptbusta: can i send u emails?, i am abit shaky
scriptbusta: cant believe this happened
ME: nope..
ME: talk to me here
ME: so what do you nee
ME: d
scriptbusta: your support
scriptbusta: ur help
ME: ok How
scriptbusta: u might know sumone
ME: who?
scriptbusta: u know, connections
scriptbusta: i can get to modell for magazines
ME: whats all this...u calling me a fool
ME: i told u to tell me what you need
ME: stop beating round the bush
ME: what do u need
scriptbusta: i need money
ME: i have all the connections
ME: yeh
ME: write it in Capital letters and Bold
scriptbusta: i need money
scriptbusta: i need MONEY
ME: oh ok
ME: so how much are we talking about here
scriptbusta: like u said not more that 5,000 dollars
scriptbusta: 5,000 will be enough for me
ME: oh $500
ME: oops
ME: $5000
ME: ok
ME: how do i get it to you
scriptbusta: r u gonna help?
ME: Yeh sure..i keep my word
ME: as we chat can u send ur picture(s) to
ME: so how do i get the money to you
scriptbusta: thank you
scriptbusta: thank u very much
ME: its ok
scriptbusta: is this reall happening
scriptbusta: "really"
ME: i gave a begger $10000 just last week on the streets of loosermaineer in las vegas
ME: its ok
scriptbusta: when will u be online
scriptbusta: that means i dont have to go back to S.A
ME: yeh
scriptbusta: i can stay here till i get the cash
ME: see....after today all u'll expect is the transfer details accountant will take care of it
scriptbusta: r u an angel
scriptbusta: ?
ME: and that would be like 1pm tommorow
ME: thanks
ME: anyways..u sending the pics yet?
scriptbusta: i have just this one here
ME: ok send it to my email..the email i gave u earllier
ME: u there
scriptbusta: ya
ME: sending?
scriptbusta: i'll be using my friends account for now
scriptbusta: ya
ME: ok
ME: so how do i get the money across
scriptbusta: how can i repay u
ME: i mean to you
ME: Dont worry God will repay all of us
scriptbusta: we stay together
ME: no matter what we do
ME: If you do Good u'll reap it
ME: vise
scriptbusta: i want him to do it more to you
ME: he will
ME: but i want him to pay you according to your ways
ME: anyways..u sending pictures yet?
scriptbusta: yes
scriptbusta: up loading
ME: ok
scriptbusta: is that what they call it?
ME: so how do i get money to you
scriptbusta: by western union money
scriptbusta: is that ok by you
ME: ok...if its the best way for you..
scriptbusta: i'll send u the infos via this email, okay
scriptbusta: thanks a million times
ME: nope
ME: send me now
ME: i am getting it together for my PA to forward to my accountant
scriptbusta: i pray u get to need my help someday
ME: i dont think i would
scriptbusta: i have to cunsult my friend
ME: then...we cant do this
scriptbusta: he is out of town
scriptbusta: "consult"
ME: i have to go.....ok...dont send me emails.....because i think as much as i wanna help..u still are not supportive
ME: so i think its time i say good bye....have to lan my trip
scriptbusta: i am, circumstances are not just favouring me
ME: u are in the uk.....u were decieved....u lived with ur a friend is in the story
scriptbusta: just give me a day
ME: nopw
scriptbusta: nope bro
ME: Give me ur info...i'll ask them to pay you without an ID if thats what you are afraid of
ME: and this is the last time am gonna say it
ME: si give me ur info
ME: $5000 is no small money....but i'll help
scriptbusta: hello, i sumarized the story
ME: its ok
ME: just give me ur info..i need to go
scriptbusta: i am a traveller, i dont know this place too well
scriptbusta: remember
ME: western union is anywhere
scriptbusta: i dont want the money to go into the wrong hands
ME: ok No money then
ME: Bye.
scriptbusta: pls understand
ME: i wanted to seems there are many of you i need to help
ME: ok
ME: ok
ME: whats your friends name?
scriptbusta: uzoka
scriptbusta: okonya
ME: Uzoka....ok
ME: where is he from
scriptbusta: uzoka oknoya
scriptbusta: jamica
ME: what city are you in?
ME: ok
ME: London right?
scriptbusta: north london ,barnet
scriptbusta: thats all i know
scriptbusta: i am new here
scriptbusta: ya
ME: got zip codes
scriptbusta: i think so
scriptbusta: 44 i think
ME: i dont even need it....all i need is
scriptbusta: thats why i want u to give me time to get all this info
ME: Uzoka Okonya
ME: London
scriptbusta: understand, pls
ME: England
scriptbusta: ya
ME: you go to any western union agent tommorow to collect you $5000 ok
ME: i'll send you collection info
ME: and remember to send me the pics
ME: i still haven't got it
scriptbusta: ok
ME: or dont you have a pic
scriptbusta: i got carried away by the mistake i almost made
ME: oops...what?
scriptbusta: myu reall name is adelbert
scriptbusta: my real name is adelbert kristoff
ME: ok
scriptbusta: caucasian
ME: cant u go recieve the money yourself
ME: and where is the damn pics
ME: u getting me angry
scriptbusta: wait
ME: ok
scriptbusta: connection is slow
scriptbusta: we are rushing things, i am nervous, larson
ME: its ok...i am a business woman....time is important..
ME: or should i forget about it
scriptbusta: ya
ME: i mean sending u money?
scriptbusta: i dont have to lie to you anymore
scriptbusta: u are a good woman
ME: Thanks
ME: so whats the truth
scriptbusta: help some else
scriptbusta: i am so ashamed of my self
ME: help some else?
scriptbusta: i did want to do this
ME: Ur English is Good
scriptbusta: u made me want to lie to you
ME: how what?
scriptbusta: someone
ME: u got carried away by the money or what?
ME: can u hold a sec?
scriptbusta: nope
scriptbusta: i am just a guy
ME: i know
ME: i did not say u were a lady lo
ME: l
scriptbusta: someone you talked to before
ME: really?
scriptbusta: we have chatted before
scriptbusta: u didnt treat me well
ME: the fact is you dont need the Money anymore
scriptbusta: i wanted to get back on you
ME: why...?
scriptbusta: i need it badly but i dont deserve it
ME: the picture is not ypu
scriptbusta: yes
scriptbusta: u are a very good woman
ME: See...for the last tme....should i or should i not send the money?
scriptbusta: i am sayin the truth
ME: where are you?
scriptbusta: a lot of nigerians would take advantage of you
ME: oh really
ME: You are in Nigeria
ME: interesting
scriptbusta: u talked to me like i was one of the curropt nigerians
scriptbusta: i am not
ME: hey enough
ME: i wanna help
scriptbusta: so
ME: i never knew you were a Nigerian
ME: what about them
ME: why wount i help anyone fro there
ME: my reward is in Heaven
scriptbusta: u told me the last time that u dont trust any, and that i should go to hell
scriptbusta: u told me the last time that u dont trust any, and that i should go to hell
scriptbusta: i got angry
ME: But why lie you were in Uk if you know u are Nigerian...why mention SA and US
ME: just tell me the truth
ME: i am willing to help
ME: its apromise i made.....
scriptbusta: i am a nigerian
scriptbusta: i am larry
ME: ok hi Larry
ME: can you hold a second?
scriptbusta: fairyguy
ME: i need to use the ladies
ME: oh you
ME: ok
ME: its ok
ME: now i know
scriptbusta: i know u wud\
scriptbusta: its bad
scriptbusta: i dont blame
scriptbusta: u
ME: u and your friend were kinda pests
ME: i wanna help
ME: really
scriptbusta: i wasnt, he was
scriptbusta: he is just 16
scriptbusta: just finished high school
ME: its ok
ME: i really would love to help
scriptbusta: i am sorry for all this
ME: i believe you
scriptbusta: really?
ME: You have your real picture?
ME: yeh i do
ME: i can get you a visa..
scriptbusta: nope
scriptbusta: its expensive
ME: to take pictures?
scriptbusta: but with that money, i can
ME: ok.
scriptbusta: to get visa
ME: Promise me you'll come?
scriptbusta: to america?
ME: yeh
scriptbusta: i have always wanted to school there
scriptbusta: all my friends are there
ME: cool
scriptbusta: just becos there fathers are rich
ME: but you have to do something
scriptbusta: what do i have to do
ME: ok
ME: take a picture holding my name on a cardboard
ME: as soon as you can do that....i'll send the money immediatelly
scriptbusta: at the airport
ME: nope...anywhere
ME: just take the picture
ME: might be in your room
ME: just take it...maye with your friend....i might get 10000 for both of you
scriptbusta: u mean i shud go into a studio, take a picture with your name on it, then scan it, and send it to you
ME: but let him know he was a pest
ME: yeh
scriptbusta: lol
ME: today....if you can..because i have to send the money tommorow or it would be June 20th
scriptbusta: i cant believe u are doing this
scriptbusta: you are so kind
scriptbusta: ok
scriptbusta: i will do it
scriptbusta: just like you kept your word, i'll keep mine
ME: ok
scriptbusta: i'll come to america
ME: ok go take the picture and send to ok
scriptbusta: ok
ME: when should i expect it
scriptbusta: i wish i can express my thanks
scriptbusta: today is thursday, expect it by friday
scriptbusta: or sat
ME: its 12 16 ur time?
scriptbusta: yeh, how did u know
ME: why cant you send it on or before 7pm ur i can send it tommorow morning
ME: i know time difference
scriptbusta: ok
ME: dont forget i am using a computer
scriptbusta: lol
scriptbusta: nigeria's technology is not so advanced
ME: lol
ME: dont ever lie to me ok
scriptbusta: when i tak the picture, photographer have to go to the studio, it will take a day or two.
scriptbusta: i will never lie to anyone again
scriptbusta: this is a lesson to me
ME: ok
ME: just send me the pictures ok
scriptbusta: ok
ME: and i'll send the money the nextday
ME: so what info should i send it to
scriptbusta: larry zorro is my name
ME: ok
scriptbusta: i have one distanct feature
ME: just write it in full
scriptbusta: distinct
ME: its ok
scriptbusta: i am very tall
scriptbusta: they shud know me
ME: give me the Names....Street address,city state and zip plus country
ME: in that order now
scriptbusta: larry zorro, nos 8 olasehinde street, lagos, ikeja, 23401 and NIGERIA
ME: ok
ME: send me the pictures ok...and u'll have the money
scriptbusta: ok
ME: will you friend be included or is it just you
ME: so i'll know how much to prepare for
scriptbusta: he will be included
ME: ok
scriptbusta: thank you
ME: Its ok
ME: All for humanity
scriptbusta: will u like to really confirm if i really exist
scriptbusta: lol
scriptbusta: ok
scriptbusta: can we be friends
ME: yeh..the picture will do.....see.....letur friend hold a sign that June is Not a scammer ok.....that would be all
ME: ok
ME: if you can do that...then $10000
scriptbusta: ok
ME: i know there are lots of scams...but this will do
ME: tell me...what i asked you to hold
ME: i mean..all i asked you to do
scriptbusta: your name in a cardboard
ME: ur friend?
scriptbusta: June is Not a scammer
ME: ok
scriptbusta: on a cardboard too
ME: u know why i said that?
ME: because i wount be sending the money by june
ME: i will be sending it in few days ok
scriptbusta: ok
scriptbusta: ok
scriptbusta: i got it
scriptbusta: i have to go and start
ME: ok
scriptbusta: right away
ME: ok
ME: later ok
scriptbusta: thanks, and may God bless you
scriptbusta: bye
ME: and be quick so i can send either tommorow or next
ME: so u can start planing
scriptbusta: ok
ME: ok
scriptbusta: ok
scriptbusta: bye
ME: ok laters
scriptbusta: bye
ME: bye
scriptbusta: lol
ME: lol
scriptbusta has signed out. (3/2/2006 3:30 AM)

 Post subject: MORE..from his other YM id
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:14 am 

Joined: Thu Mar 02, 2006 6:32 am
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ok..he came back right after i posted the first are his emails.....and again when i have the pictures i'll post them...and all other chats too...
Names: Larry Zorro
Uzoka Okonya
Samuel Uade


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fairyguy86: i have takin the pics, it will be processed by sat
fairyguy86: saturday
me: oh
me: ok
me: i'll expect it then send you the money on monday
fairyguy86: what's the email again?
me: what are your emails.....
me: give me all of them here
fairyguy86: thats all
me: i mean what are your email addresses
me: and and
me: tell me
fairyguy86: ya
fairyguy86: all yahoo
me: write i yourself so i'll know i am not mistaken
fairyguy86: my email address is
fairyguy86: his email address is
fairyguy86: i need yours
me: what about thr script buster email
fairyguy86: i dont really use it often
me: ok
fairyguy86: nope
me: i already gave you mine
fairyguy86: i need to write it down
fairyguy86: i have forgetten it
fairyguy86: i have a pen here with me
me: whats ur friends namwe
me: name
fairyguy86: samuel uade
fairyguy86: what the name of that recording company
me: Zomba records
fairyguy86: ok
me: ok\
me: so u came online to tell me that right

I got disconnected afterwards due to connection problems.....I'll keep you carefull though..he might contact you.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 9:42 pm 

Joined: Fri Jun 30, 2006 3:46 am
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haha :lol: any progress yet mate?

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