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Author:  vee [ Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:20 am ]
Post subject:  Check scam on

Hello everybody,

I am afraid I've also been approached by a scammer, here in Europe.
He sent a cheque by the Bank of Ireland, which I have handed in to my bank, but haven't got any feed-back yet whether it's valid or not.

AND I still haven't got any mail address to send the clarinette to!

Well, here's the story:
I was trying to sell my clarinette on already a month ago.

Today I got this weird email by Mike Lauren (in an awful english), <

"thanks for the update well as you can see the cheque is an overpayment i mean the amount is more than your money,the cheque was sent by a client but he taught i was buying much items from you,but i told him not to bother that you are a trust worthy person so i want you to deduct your money as soon as the cheque clear and send the balance of the money to my frieght company who will handle the shipping after the cheque clear in to your account,the balance you are sending is for the shipping of the item am buying from you and other items they are shipping for my family from other part of the country.i hope it clear to you now but please i need a favour from you i want you to sent an upfront payment of 1000 or1500 euro to my frieght company now through western union money transfer and as soon as the cheque clear you deduct the amount from the cheque and send the remaining balance after deducting all your money ,reason why i want you to sent upfront from the balance is because the other items they are shipping for me might be impounded if not shiped as fast as possible,and you know they cant do anything without payment,so please help me out with either 1000 or 1500 euro on your own to send to them and as soon as the cheque clear you deduct your money back from the cheque payment,this is to aviod my goods been impounded. please get bck to me to now your take on this so i can send you there information to send the money."

Hope, this will help prevent any more scams, and hook the scammers!
Regards, Vee from Germany

P.S.: Thanks to all for their emails submitted!

Author:  admin [ Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Check scam on

vee wrote:
I am afraid I've also been approached by a scammer, here in Europe.

Off of the information you posted I would say you are right, this is a scam. Do not use any of the money from the check. I would also call your bank and let them know that you have just found out about this scam and that the check will come back as counterfeit. Do not go in to the bank to speak with them . . . some victims have gone in to the bank and the bank has had them arrested . . . CALL the bank and explain the situation over the phone. Keep track of who you speak with and what they tell you.

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