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 Post subject: Scambaiting
PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:00 pm 
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You may have heard people talking about scam baiting, or more commonly baiting, as a way of getting back at your scammer or you may have thought of the idea yourself. I don't think that it is a good idea that victims of scams try to immediately bait their scammers and this post is to explain why.

Firstly what is baiting? It's a way where people can waste the time of scammers by answering scam e-mails and pretending to be a victim who falls for the scam. These e-mail exchanges can last, in some cases, for years and the rationale is that if a scambaiter is keeping a scammer busy with the prospect of money, then that scammer is not trying to scam someone who may fall for his lies. As a part of baiting we can, and often do, get the scammers to do stuff for us which wastes time and money for them.

A few of the long-time members of this board have been baiting for several years and we have seen and baited every type of scam which you can imagine. So why can we do this but suggest you do not? Well there are several reasons.

1. We don't do baiting for revenge so we can approach it in a cold and clinical way which allows us to hurt the scammers but keep ourselves safe. I'm sure I am not the only baiter who has abandoned a scammer because I was not happy about the way things were going. Could you if it were your scammer?

2. We are each members of different communities of baiters who provide support, advice and assistance to each other and will help to keep each other safe. Who do you have watching your back?

3. We also have a code of ethics which we bring to baiting. We would never do anything which led to the scammer suffering physical harm for obvious reasons, we would never bait the scammer into sending us money, that would put us on the same moral level as him, we would never involve innocent people in our baits and so on. Could you honestly say that if you had your scammer at a point where you had the opportunity to do anything like that to him to repay the hurt he caused you that you would stop?

4. Most importantly we (baiters) know how to keep safe while we are doing all this. Scammers are not stupid fools but dangerous criminals, so safe baiting is not an option, it's a necessity. It's not all that long ago that a gang of scammers in South Africa lured a victim to Johannesburg and, because he had no money to steal, broke his arms and his legs, dragged him behind a car then burned him to death with petrol. If that's what they do to someone whom they are trying to get money from, imagine what they'd do to someone who has just wasted their time and money for a few months. Also don't think that these people are in far away countries and you are safe from them because they are not and you are not. They work in gangs with international connections and there will be some scammers near you.

If you do decide to bait, please, wait until after you've recovered emotionally, and even then, ask for an experienced mentor at .

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