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 Post subject: Need help w/ intervention, resouces to stop a scam...
PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:28 pm 

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Is there any group out there that provides any intervention type of services?

My wife's aunt/uncle are deep into a Nigerian scam. One big difference, and it's no real difference at all, is that they went looking for an investment and had this presented to them. It didn't land in their email box, they don't have one. And it didn't come via mail or a phone call. The proverbial fly landed right in the web.

They have invested their life savings, amounts of money from their easiy manipulated children that they cannot afford to lose, other family members and at least large sums of money from 3 widows that they know.

You would have to know this family to understand the level of pride and blide obediance you're dealing with here that's keeping them from believing this is a scam. It's been going on since at least last August.

I have warned them over and over. I have provided them with articles and data that says that there is no way in the world that this is real but they don't want to believe. They think this investment was "God's will" and God certainly wouldn't lead them into anything bad. Well, if you want to bring God into it I think he would be in the process of forming a lesson on greed, pride, arrogance.... and when it comes to the part of the family that's sitting idle by while the others self destruct, well, I'm not sure about that but I want to smack a few right in the head.

I wish I had the resources, and support from my wife's side of the family, to fly to Ft. Worth and shake these fools until they either see their being scammed or are too dizzy to cut another check but that is not the case.

Please post or PM me with any advice you may have.

And if you know:
The Walker family of Arlington, TX please Don't give them any more money.

Regards, jb

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 5:02 pm 
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You said that they think it is God's will, so I am guessing that they are very religious people . . . is there any chance that there is someone at their church that they might trust who would speak with them?

If you would like to PM me with details of their story and their contact information I could try to contact them and share with them what I know. I could print out information sheets from different fraud fighting sites that I have worked with in which the details match their story and send that information to them.

Shawn Mosch
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 Post subject: Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scam
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:29 pm 

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I am writing to you in the hopes of perhaps altering a mind set. I am the victim of this fraud. I too felt that this was not a scam because of the information that had been presented to me. I invested $10,000 into this scam but I was leary and decided based on certain information that I acquired to pull out at the eleventh hour. Something told me to do this. Now I am very aware that the "something" was an intervention from above. I got back $9,999.00. The last dollar went for the wire transfer. This was NOT the end. I lost my identity in ways that you can not comprehend. When I went to refi my home it was discovered that there were 5 of me each with a different social security number. I had loans that I did not know about. My credit score was a mess. I did not have any recourse legally so I began doing it all myself...trying to clean up this mess. I had to claim Bankruptcy due to exhorbantant outstanding bills. It took me 3 years to complete my task and as of this date of writing I am clear for most of the "mistakes" but still fight a battle of keeping my so called credit honor clean. I cannot stress enough to all that may encounter these lethal minds that these people are not "innocent". They are guilty of vile and cruel acts. After my contact with these so called business people and my refusal, they did not give up. They attempted to bait me to come to Canada to "meet" with them. They gave me the address of the so called bank AND the time in which to meet them. It was fortunate that I had a business client that lived in the same city. I gave them the address of the bank that I was to go to. It turned out to be bogus. It was also discovered that there had been an elderly couple killed that had come from Minnesota. They had invested their entire savings into a scam that would never be. They believed in this scam so much that they paid the ultimate price.

I can only say friends that we always want to believe that there are only good people out there and that they have our best interest at heart. This just is not so. I have a stack of correspondences sent to me approximately 2 inches thick that I have accumulated through websites that these people set up as well as the emails that I received. I now speak at different meetings about the vicious acts that this scam has produced and how to spot it and stamp it out. The only way that we as decent human beings can assist those that have fallen through with this scam is to network, network, network. Tell, tell, tell. Post as many letters with names of those that fraud and continue in an honest effort to tell someone, and then they will tell someone and so on and so on..... Become a scambuster!

"It is not Gods will that we should fail, it is his will that we should thrive and prosper but not at the hands of those that oppose all acts of integrity."

 Post subject: Re: Need help w/ intervention, resouces to stop a scam...
PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:29 pm 

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Oh can I relate to your frustration. I am in the process of annulling a marriage to someone who scammed me out of money. He as well as his mother is involved in a 419 scam and have been scammed out of over $400,000 US dollars. No matter what I said no matter how I pleaded, they still believe the money is real and they won't stop. I was only married for 4 months and now I am very glad to be getting out of this marriage before it destroys everything I own.

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