Secret Shopper/Wal-Mart/Western Union
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Author:  karleyc1 [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Secret Shopper/Wal-Mart/Western Union

Ok, I am not only feeling like a complete idiot, but am also very scared. I am a single mother and work full time, but making nowhere near what I need to to pay the rent, buy groceries, and pay my bills - let's just say that my biweekly income doesn't even come to 75% of my rent. Recently, I decidede, what the hell, let me just reply to one of these secret shopper things and see what happens. After responding to their request of nearby WalMarts and Western Unions, the next thing I knew was I had a check from a valid law firm in my home with instructions to go to a W.U. and forward the bulk of the money (minus my share of $400 and the service fee for the transfer) to an address I just found out does not exist in a specific location. I have repeatedly spoken to the hiring manager through email and text and she refuses to prove the "legitimacy" of the company by providing it's name and address, etc. She offered for me to send the money back to her, which I would gladly do, but I already deposited the money at my bank and have the assignment cash on hand. I just want to withdraw the rest, send it back, and report this incident to the bank with proof of all communication and not get into trouble. Is that possible at this point? What do I do?

Author:  admin [ Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Secret Shopper/Wal-Mart/Western Union

wait . . . the "hiring manager" is trying to get you to send more money? DON'T!!!!! It is a scam. The check that you deposited will come back as counterfeit that the bank is going to ask that YOU pay the full amount of the check back. If you have not sent the money to them yet then DON'T!

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