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Author:  flmunns [ Mon Feb 28, 2005 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  erwido oy

I did get involved in this after receiving the same e-mail. I did receive a check for 4569.49 from AW Chesterton and deposit it, as instructed. I only had supplied my driver's license to get the job, and sign a contract. I blacked out the # on my license. So, I waited and when the hold was lifted, the bank had verified funds. I checked with the bank that the check was through. I then forwarded the money to Hungary, as instructed. 36 hours later, my account's a mess. AW stated they don't write checks from that account. It was mailed from NY, AW is in Mass. I made a police report, filed with the FBI. Meanwhile the bank says I have to get the money back, yeah right. I am so screwed. I didn't know about the bank not being able to detect fake checks right away. It was their check, too. The policeman questioned me, but I really did not have a clue about all of this. :(

Author:  Diane [ Mon Mar 14, 2005 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Erwido Oy

DO NOT DO NOT reply to this companies ad. I am a divorcing mom of a 6 month old and a 6 year old and a 99-1/2 yr old mom so I am looking for an honest stay at home job. I responded and was sent a check for $4,500.00. Kirsti stressed that I must deposit the check into my account. Having my doubts I went to Bank of America (where the check was drawn on). I was told by the bank manager that the check was fraudulant and that the police were on their way. Imagine what I was feeling standing there with my 6 month old in my hands and thinking I was going to jail. Fortunately, I had kept all the emails and convinced everyone that I was a victim and not a participant. What ever you do BE CAREFUL.

Author:  rubystreasurechest [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 12:15 am ]
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Below is the E-mail you might receive from these scam artist after posting your resume on career builders. Don't believe it! they will send you a fake check that looks real and you can confirm that the company on the check is real and that they have an account with the bank on the check. When you cash it, send them the money, and after a few days you are going to jail for check fraud and these crooks are laughing somewhere and E-mailing the next person to take advantage of. Please take a few moments to look this over:

Erwido Oy
(Tanhuantie 6A 7, Helsinki, 00940, Finland)
Thank you for interest in our company representative


Your job will consist mostly in dealing with our U.S. partners.
Some of our partners prefer to cover our bills by local US checks,
while we are unable to collect on the checks in timely manner, as the
checks take up to 2 months to clear. This delay is caused by lengthily
clearing process of U.S. Checks through Finnish banks.

Our business requires fast cashflow, and therefore we are seeking a
representative that can process local U.S. checks for our company.
It is easier for us to pay commission to our representative and have
funds working the next day than wait for 2 months.

You will have to receive the payment from our creditor, deposit it into
your account and once cleared, forward the amount of payment, less your
commission and other transfer expenses, to us. You will forward the
by Western Union, which is the fastest way to send money worldwide, to
one of our branches in Europe. We have branches in almost all European

We expect 3-4 payments a month to be forwarded through the
totaling no more then $5,000.00 each.

All applicants must pass a background check, must have a bank checking
in good standing(no negative balance). Also, successful applicants must
a Representative Service Contract with us.

The representative, pursuant to the contract, will not be liable for
taxes in the United States. You will be transferring the money received
from our creditors out of the country and therefore will not be liable
capital gains taxes. You will only be liable for your normal income tax
the commission received.

Further in his employment with our company, the representative can take
other responsibilities and will be considered to be hired as a
representative of our company in the United States.

Our beginning wage will depend on a number of transactions that the
representative will assist us in. The fee paid per transaction is US
plus all if any fees encountered during the transaction. The fee is
at US $600, and does not depend on the size of the transaction. We
a minimum of 3 transactions a month. At first would like to limit it to
transaction. When we see that everything is going fine, we will
the number of transactions and start normal work. There is no regular
the wage depends on the number of transactions executed. The number of
transactions depends on how fast and accurate you will perform. We
high level of communication, fast feedback and accurate situation

There are no investments required from you. If in the process of work
will encounter any additional expenses, they will be covered by us from
the checks that you will receive from our creditors.


If you do not have any other questions, and you would like to apply for
position please take the following steps:

1. Print, fill in and sign the attached contract.

2. Fax it to our USA Fax number 1-888-780-7550 or our Finnish Fax
+358-9-253-60031. You must include one type of picture ID. It could be
your driver's license, passport or any official identification
If you don't have any of these items on hands right now (if they are
or waiting for replacement), then your latest phone or utility bill is
also ok.
You may blank out sensitive information such as your Driver's License
and/or Social Security Number as long as ID is showing name and

3. Then please contact our Chief Accountant Ms. Kirsti Ollilainen
at . She will guide you further.

Thank you.

Christopher Larson
Human Resources Department, Erwido Oy
Tanhuantie 6A 7, Helsinki 00940, Finland
Phone: +358-9-25360079
Fax: +358-9-25360031

sb> You have received an application to your job posted on
sb> You can respond to this candidate by replying
sb> to this email.

sb> Job Information
sb> ---------------
sb> Job Title: Need people for work at home
sb> Location: US-PA-Lancaster
sb> Job Details:
sb> ... XK3ZCPK67N

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