Reshipping Scam
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Author:  Janez [ Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Reshipping Scam

I am posting the following with premission from a poster who posted it on another site in regards to a question that was asked about a Personal Assistant job.

“It's called a reshipping scam and you will be arrested as those packages they are sending you are bought with stolen credit cards. Since they were delivered to your home and you sent them overseas to a third party you are guilty of fencing stolen merchandise. When a friend's credit card number was stolen and $3000 worth of electronics was ordered with her card, the police arrested the man whose house they were sent to. He claimed he was just doing his job as a personal assistant and even showed emails to that effect, but the jury did not believe he could be so stupid not to know that this was illegal as it's been reported in the news over the past 8 years - and he's now serving an 18 month prison sentence”

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