Thrive Learning Institute Scam - False Internet training
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Author:  whythrive [ Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Thrive Learning Institute Scam - False Internet training

This complaint no longer necessary.

Author:  janieg69 [ Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thrive Learning Institute Scam - False Internet training

I too have been scammed by Thrive Learning along with the group who originally signed me up. They are Platinum Training/Trading Solutions. They also go by Vanuity,LLC. If you check their rating with the BBB of Utah, they have a rating of F. I filed a complaint with the BBB of Utah, they tried to call Platinum Training/Trading Solutions and received no response from them. That right there tells me something. Also, the so-called coaching I received was hardly professional like was promised. I did my part faithfully in the beginning, then when I had questions that needed answered, they didn't respond for almost 2 days and then they answered with " I received all of your emails and questions but I am only going to answer one of them" What????? How professional is that? Basically, they breached the contract from the beginning but they try to get you to think you breached it when you tell them you're tired of the runaround and no answers but they offer to work with you!!! How can they offer that when they haven't done it all along???!!!! What a big JOKE!!!!

Author:  Kelly Models [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thrive Learning Institute Scam - False Internet training

I’ve been working with the BBB since October of last year (2008) with no success. It appears that the consumer (Me) has less rights than the business. Thrive has declined arbitration, which I thought was the best way for any sort of refund. Thrive tricked me into believing I could earn my investment back in just a few weeks. When I decided I no longer wanted to be part of their program, I was told they could not refund my money since I agreed to the terms. I spoke to Paul Castielo from Thrive and he told me I had one option, and that was to continue with the training. I was offered a 50% settlement which I declined. I never received any of Thrives services, so why should I pay anything ? I am currently working on filing a Civil suit against Thrive. It will take a week to put the the paperwork in order, but I hope it gets their attention. In the meantime, I will post my complaaint on every blog I can find. People need to be aware of companies like Thrive that feed off the unsuspecting. Perhaps in doing this, I can regain my investment.

Author:  janieg69 [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thrive Learning Institute Scam - False Internet training

Have you called or filed a complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection? If not, you need to file, and you can do it online on their website or call them. Something went down between Thrive and the Division of Consumer Protection of Utah. Good Luck!! Don't give up. I have received a full refund and so have others.

Author:  esteban [ Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Forex Training Scam by David Scott of Thrive

I would like to count my recent experience with Mr David Scott of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I had bought the Forex robot " FAP Turbo " just before the New Year, around Dec. 27 2010. I guess Thrive is still using the same tactics but just using a different company name.

Around the 7th of Jan. 2011, I get a phone call from a person by the name of Taylor ( Tel 801-293-3465 ext. 214 ). He asks me how about FAP Turbo, is it making money, etc. Leads me to believe that it is a follow up courtesy call from the makers of FAP Turbo to see how everything doing, am I happy with the product, etc. He then starts talking about my goals in life, where I want to be financially in 3 yrs. time, etc. He gets me to write down my goals, he sounds really sincere. He then explains that he is looking for a few select students to become part of a Forex mentoring team. Long story short, after more than an hour on the phone with Taylor, I get approved for the next level of qualification & will speak to Mr. David Scott the next day.

Mr David Scott bells me the next day. He starts with how they are looking for a few select serious students who want to learn to trade the Forex market from a pro. Pro´s who have been doing this for a living for many years & who want to help people become financially independent trading the Forex market. He then explains that you will be putting all the cost of opening a trading account & paying for tuition on a Credit Card. That was when the alarm bells started to sound in my head. The 1st sacred golden rule of any trading plan, is that you only use risk money, money that you can afford to lose; not rent money, not mortgage money, not your food money, etc., you get my meaning. He then explains that the banks, lending institutions, brokerage houses, etc. use OPM ( Others Peoples Money ). I answered back to this that this is the main reason for the current worlds financial mess. Mr Scott answers back saying if they can do it, so should the little guy ( me & you ). The subject changed & I ask Mr. Scott what broker would they recommend & how important the broker is on a Forex trading account. The wisdom of this idiot is that he tells me I can use any broker I choose & a broker is not that important when your trading. The 2nd sacred golden rule when your trading is that choosing a good broker. A broker will eventually make or break you. Alarm bell num. 2 sounds in my head. He then puts me on hold saying that he will get my account approved by his financial dept. I had yet to agree to sign up for anything at this point. My hand held tel. then goes dead because of low batteries. I haven't heard back from Mr David Scott yet but it is just a matter of time before he calls me. I will have to tell the smooth talker that thanks but no thanks on his offer.

In retro spec, Taylor´s sales pitch was too robotic. It was obvious that he was reading from a well written script. He knew how to give a compliment at the right time & urge you on.

In reference to Mr Scott David, it was the same. A real smooth talker. But at times when I argued a point with the guy concerning trading, he got really huffy & tried to brow beat me into thinking I was mistaken. He had so many years as a trader & he knew what he was talking about. When he calls back, I will say no thanks to his wonderful offer & scam.

I did a Google search " David Scott scam/fraud" ( among other key words ) & came upon this site. It seems that Mr Davis Scott is well known for this type of scam. This is the web page that the fraud Mr David Scott gave me to look into their company. I did some research on the web page & it is new from 2010, not years old as Mr David Scott told me. My advice is to stay well clear of the scam that Mr David Scott is promoting. They have complaints logged with the Utah BBB.

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