Needed Virtual Assistant with Real Estate background
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Author:  ximora [ Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Needed Virtual Assistant with Real Estate background

The latest work at home scam making the rounds on Craigs List:

This is a SCAM! When you reply for more info you'll get an email (see copy below) with a link in it sending you to one of "their" sites to sign up for a teleconference. When you go to sign up it says it's a "trial" and will ask you for your credit card info including the three digit number. The domain is only three weeks old and there is no information what so ever about this company in Seattle, Washington which is where the phone number originates from. They also will not return phone calls ( I left numerous messages) or answer emails (I also sent emails after not receiving a phone call back). BIG RED FLAGS! All they want is your credit card number. Just stay safe and pass this "scam" up.

Recently, you replied to our job posting on seeking a Virtual Assistant. If you are receiving this email from me, it means that your resume has been reviewed, accepted, and you have been selected as a possible candidate for the advertised position(s)
We are currently seeking Virtual Assistants who will serve as Customer Service Representatives for our Real Estate Firm. We manage various Real Estate Agencies and Management Companies through 46 major US Cities.
As there were two listing posted which needed to be filled, this particular position is for a CSR, responsibilities will include posting new listings, taking occasional phone calls and routing them to the proper agent, scheduling showings and paging listing agents. Agents will take and schedule maintenance calls and occasionally deal with tenant emergencies (leaks, major repairs, etc)
Candidates should have average to above average office skills, good comprehension, and should be able to type at a considerable pace in order to take messages effectively.
Pay is $16.25 per hour and you should be able to work a minimum of 15 hours each week, with the maximum being 40 hours. Payments are made weekly via check or direct deposit. Calls will be routed to the phone number of your choice (must be a US phone number) during the time you are signed into our system ONLY. This will not prohibit you from taking personal calls, as your screen will indicate when it is a call being routed from us. If calls are not answered after 4 rings they are re-routed to another agent.
All applicants need to attend a Web based meeting where you will be shown each aspect of the job in detail, as well as have any questions answered.
Please set aside 1 hour to complete this, and also be prepared to take notes. Prior to attending the webinar, a 3 page test will be emailed to you, which will server to gauge your comprehension and computer skills. In order to meet our deadline of August 11th start date, all documents, tests, and orientation should be completed no later than August 6th 6pm EST.
To receive an invitation to the webinar, please visit our website at: , and enter your first name, your last name and your email address (it will be your account login to access the webinar) and also enter a password (minimum 6 characters) and click Continue.
After I receive your username (let me know your chosen username, so I know you´re ready to go) and tests, I will send you a few manuals to look over, a choice of 2 times to attend orientation, and a file containing fully functional copies of all necessary software that you will need to have installed and ready before orientation. It is NOT necessary for you to purchase any software of programs for this job.
Please note: You are not guaranteed employment until you receive an email from me entitled: "Welcome Aboard". Before this time, all tests, orientation and paperwork must be completed, the results of which will determine your employment eligibility with us.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help with,
Stephen Fields
Hiring Coordinator
(206) 339-4372

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