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 Post subject: Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory is a SCAM!!!!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:38 pm 

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See below for the FAKE "employment offer letter" I received just a week ago...

January 17,2008
GU Xiuying
Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory

Dear Angela,

Further to your application and resume reviewed, I am pleased to offer you the job with effect from January 17,2008. This appointment is for six (6) months probation in the first instance. However, your appointment may be confirmed on or before the expiration of the probation period if your performance is satisfactory. Your total is $24,000 (Twenty Four Thousand Dollars) per annum subject to appropriate taxes NSITF contributions.

While you are on probation, your appointment may be terminated by either the company or you by giving two weeks notice or payment in lieu of such notice. The company however reserves the right to terminate your appointment summarily if your continuous stay is judge to be detrimental to operational activities.

On satisfactory completion of your probation, your appointment shall be confirmed in writing. Thereafter either the company or you may terminate your appointment by giving one month notice or payment in lieu of such notice. On conformation, you will be entitled to other benefits as applicable to permanent staff of your status in our establishment.
On exit from our services you are expected to undergo an exit clearance. You are expected to abide by the instructions given to you as our representative. Other conditions of service as contained in the employee's handbook will form and be construed as part of this contract of employment.

Please note that the company reserves the right to transfer you to other departments or assign other duties as deemed necessary. You will be reporting directly to me and you must obtain your job discription from me in good time, as this would facilitate your appraisal during probation.
You will carry out an assignment soon. A payment will be issued to you and you will process the payment as you will have it cash at your bank, deduct your weekly payment and transfer the remainder to a company manager in Ghana or kenya through Western Union Money Transfer.
Finally, we look forward to a mutually benefiting relationship with you.

Accept my congratulations!

Yours faithfully,
GU Xiuying
Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory

So... here it is now, one week later and today, I receive $1950 in USPS (United States Postal Service) money orders that I am to deduct $400 for my weekly pay and send Western Union the balance to a "company" in Kenya. However, I HAVE NOT cashed them, let alone wired any money anywhere, as I've been suspicious from jump... After taking the money orders to my bank this afternoon and asking the favor of photocopying them (so that I have paper trail of everything), the bank manager happens to oversee the transaction and leans in and says "you do know the person who sent these to you don't you?"... so then I was like "uhhh, YA, why?"... he proceeds to tell me about these EBAY scams that have been taking place, both with WalMart money orders and USPS money orders where the buyer "accidently" sends too much money, then requests it be sent back via wire transfer.... so he just wanted to make sure that I did in fact know the payee and that everything was on the up & up. At that point, I didn't really know what to say, other than "well, ya, I've been doing some work for this company but that this was the first time he's paid me in money order form, rather than a check" ...and I proceed to tell him I will go ahead and take them to the post office to make sure they're valid. Good idea. Then again, this wonderful exciting day was just about to come to an end and I was gettin pissed! So, I went ahead and drove to the closest PO and took in only ONE of the 3 money orders (@ $650 ea.) to verify it's legitimacy. And guess what?... SURE ENOUGH, they're freakin FAKE!! Needlesstosay, he said he couldn't give it back to me but that it had to be confiscated and given to the Postal Inspector. And it was crazy because when he held it up next to a real money order, they look sooooo close.. no wonder the banks cash them! The fakes even have the Benjamin Franklin watermark and the security thread, just not exact to the color.

Anyway, I am now so extremely pissed off because when I received them this morning I was SO happy because I've been unemployed now for 6 months and looking for work like crazy! And it's so hard because I'm a single mom with 2 kids and no child support, so this income would have really helped me out... so this A-HOLE really played with my emotions. Seriously, when my daughter got home from school this afternoon, she was SO excited when I told her that we finally got to go grocery shopping!! I know, PATHETIC huh!!??

If you have any suggestions of what I should do next, let me know. I still have the remaining 2 money orders and I don't know what to do first, call the news/media, the police... or curse out this jerk in an email! HELP!!!!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:30 pm 

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It's a good thing you had a "feeling" about that so-called job offer and didn't cash those checks! The link below will help you with what you should do next.

 Post subject: Re: Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory is a SCAM!!!!
PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:58 am 

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Here is the letter I recieved today, I had a funny feeling about this right away because of the quick response and the letter is put together with cheese (lol). I googled suzhou weststation and "Ta-Da" what do you know... SCAM !!!

Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory.An experienced pro manufacturer and supplier of all styles of tatting, knitting and handwork scarfs. Products including: plain, grid, jacquard and printing etc is in need of a highly organized person to help with the behind-the-scenes work
of running a small but high-profile. Upon the fast development, we are well reputable by our outstanding skill, quality service. With the fast growing of my business supplies,higher demand of my services in U.S and China. I travel frequently on business trips to China and my occasional absent from the U.S sometimes affects my business relationship with the U.S clients.Hence, I decided to hire a home based Personal Assistant who will serves as an intermediary for me and my U.S clients while I am in China on business trip. I need to let you know that I am only interested to hire a honest person for this position because as my Personal Assistant (you) will be communicating with my U.S clients, keeping records of my income/expenses finances and
vital information. And another reason why I needed a Personal Assistant is to find someone who can work cooperatively with me in order to assist me, relief me from my busy schedule and other business activities. This Job is basically working from home,part time, on going and I would be meeting with you once in a month when I return back from business travel from China. PERSONAL ASSISTANT/REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES ARE: * Notifying clients about their payment due to be paid * Receiving of the payment and Making payment to clients * Entry of all transaction, and keeping records of data Your weekly income will be $400 and your paychecks will get to you weekly. I would like to meet with you in Person when I return back home from China to discuss this further. If you are interested, you are advised to write a formal application for the position by indicating your interest in order to receive further instruction
and appointment letter.The job would be part time, roughly 16
hours a week, flexible scheduling. If interested and meet the requirements, and I will also need you to send me the required information below for records and contact purposes. *
* AGE *
Suzhou WestStation.


 Post subject: Re: Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory is a SCAM!!!!
PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:43 pm 

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I have been getting the first e-mails and sensed this was a bunch of bull....but these people now have all our personal info,,should we fear? How great is that?!?!?!

 Post subject: Re: Suzhou WestStation Weaving Factory is a SCAM!!!!
PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:34 am 

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i had applied for the online job for ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND and they told that to send my detail i had forwarded them after some days after they had send me employment offer letter and even they did not conducted my interview and even they did not ask me for my certificates of xerox and they just had offered me a employments letter and they asked to sing the document and send it back to their e-mail .after that i had that documents with 8 hours they had replied me to my email and they send me implement visa and asked to fill it and send it back and they are offering hing salary of 10500 pounds and they are asking about 710 pounds for employment visa. can u confirm me is it fake or legal I am not able to understand it please send me your advice.

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