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 Post subject: Thrive Learning Momentum Marketing/The Summit Group
PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:23 pm 

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I was scammed by Thrive/Online Data Institute/Momentum Marketing/The Summit Group. They stole over 5k of my money and after 10month, still no web site! They ruined my family's Holidays, depleted my savings and caused me great depression. I trusted them as mentors to guide me in the right direction, keep me motivated and teach me what I needed to learn to be successful. I learned every thing that was told, was just smoke and mirrors. I learned, I was lured and hooked into this deal like a large fish. I learned, I was misled into thinking I would be dealing 1 on 1 with a personnel Internet Guru mentor, not a bunch of so called “coaches”, who wasted as much of my valuable time as possible in a diabolical scheme to deplete me of time, money and/or quit out of shear frustration. I was billed $ 39.95 a month for a web site I did not have. The more work I did the more it cost me. I was given nothing I was promised by Momentum Marketing/The Summit Group and nothing but headaches since starting this program. I have called Thrive several times about a refund. They are never available to talk or never at their desk and after leaving countless messages, still, no return phone call. They claim unsurpassed service, yet many other students have been taken by these crooks. Look at their complaints: Titled,”Has anyone ever heard of Thrive Learning Institute” All these people can not be wrong. How can they claim to help resolve any problems or complaints? It appears to be just another one of their lies. Shame on you! Stay as far as possible from Thrive Learning. This company is pure evil and so are the people who protect these scumbags.I have heard several saying they are doing great with Thrive or its affiliates. No one can ever produce the bank statements to prove it. Anyone can say I am doing great, but without proof you are nothing more than a stoolie for Thrive. So until someone shows the bank statements showing proof of just how much you are making each and every month for a year and a website in the top 20 pages of google search stay out of the way as you are nothing more than lying scum! When you complain about all the problems in their system, they try to make you feel like it was your fault for your lack of success and you are lazy. Now tell me how that motivating support is. Let me remind you that it is their fault I am even in this mess to begin with after not delivering what was promised.
Lets see now though, After, working tirelessly again and again on this program, stressing over how long it was taking despite putting in more hours per week than disclosed, the stress it caused with my work/spouse/family, the frustrating coaching sessions, the extra money/charges and time(never disclosed) it took, the complete draining of what little money I had, the debt with interest I incurred, the overall hassle of the experience, the overwhelming feeling I bit off more than I can chew, bouts of hopeless depression, bouts of anger, a year of wasted time, not to mention the time, money and effort its taking to get my money refunded(which I am logging for the time being) I am not obviously not a satisfied customer. If Thrive is so great of a company why is it unable to return the money to the unhappy people who bought into their system and just satisfy their clients? Of course, they can pay to cover their tracks and protect their reputation, still everyday someone new shows up stating they were ripped off. Thrive seems to have trouble paying back the money to the people who really matter the most their misled customers. When you do business make sure you stay away from the names of owners and people who run this scam:

Colton Moody, Dave Rasmussen, Erik Largin, Jim Cochran

Thrive goes under these names;Thrive Learning, LLC 350 South 400 West Ste 101 Lindon, UT 84042. J.C. Residual LLC 947 S 500 E #110 American Fork, UT 84003 Six Figure Consulting Corp 4760 Highland Dr # 222 Salt Lake City, UT 84117-5149 Wyoming S corporation, 3333s 900e Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Thrive Learning Institute is also The Summit Group, The Sellers Lounge, Concept Executions, Biz Review, Infusion Media, Auction Sizzle, Diverse Marketing, Internet Auction Solutions, Platinum Trading Solutions, Momentum Marketing, Biz Review, Tafiti consulting, Media learner, Vanuity LLC all companies are operating in Utah, Lindon, Salt Lake City ,Draper, and Murray

Stay away from these lying crooks.

 Post subject: Re: Thrive Learning Momentum Marketing/The Summit Group
PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:46 am 

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That was a thorough post!

Sorry for your bad experience, but you did learn quite a bid in the process.

Bottom line, if any IM program costs you out of pocket, research research research it completely.

The more it costs, the more you should do your homework before even considering it.

Not to mention, don't join anything you can't afford.

Unfortunately, these scam programs prey on the newbies in IM. What's amazing is there are so many free affiliate programs that do provide training. What they don't do is promise get rich quick, which for many newbies is feasible. Once you've educated yourself a bit, you learn that get rich quick is a myth.

Then it's a matter of deciding whether you want to put the work into educating yourself and building a progressively growing income online.

I wish you the best. :D

 Post subject: Re: Thrive Learning Momentum Marketing/The Summit Group
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:37 pm 

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You say you are possibly getting (or got since this was 2009) a refund? how were you able to attain this? I am on the verge of getting a lawyer to get this settled. I know it has been years but if you get this, please tell me what you that helped you.

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