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Author:  pkcback [ Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:50 pm ]


I am one their victim. I feel I have to share with about them in order to not spread their victims.

Typeinternational, Robert Bell( leads this most suspicious, dishonest, biggest scam online company.


If you are interested in and curious about them, GO TO BBB, Just type "TYPEINTERNATIONAL" you will get all reports showing the worst rating, Robert Bell created the same name company in everywhere, CA, AZ , WA, or OH. They all got “F” rating.

Still curious?
Send me personal email. I will give you all my log in information. I signed up as combo member so you can see all programs and what exact assignments you will have to do, which are 99% only placing ads. All programs are the same and just placing ads. Nothing different!!! The requirements are insane. For example, you will have to compile or place ads 100-500 websites to get $20. How long you think to finish these assignments? Do you have enough free time to do that for only $20? They also require monthly fee between $10-$30, which does not make sense at all.

None of customer services are professional but rude, no time manner and Robert Bell sent me email and called me “you are liar”


Author:  benignocaoibes [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:12 am ]
Post subject: 

I have sufficient reason to believe and actual experience that TYPEINTERNATION is a
S C A M!

After being lured to join as member with their misleading and deceiving website advertisement: I paid US$180 as combo typist. In the said misleading and deceiving website advertisement, there is a phrase “NOW HIRING” as if to connote real work or job to be done at home. What did I found out? It is purely pyramiding or networking. The nature of assignments is that you will be require to do posting to hundreds of websites basically the same misleading and deceiving website advertisements together with all other members.

In its SUPERVISOR TYPIST category, first, you will be required to do the so called new member’s assignment wherein you have to post to 150 free forum websites for its marketing lines to the effect that the intended recipient once click will end up to the said misleading and deceiving website advertisement: And here is where the trick starts. Upon submission of the so called new member assignments, they will first check if the 150 websites are all dissimilar in domain and/or no “cgi”. ‘Buying/killing time technique’ The result of their checking will be send to the personal page which is provided after paying the membership fee. If the said new membership assignments is rejected, the advise will be in a very vague manner; i.e. not specific as you will not be advised which websites has doubled or has cgi. Why? And more, this is my question at this point. Why is Typeinternational will not provide its new members the set of websites right away that has passed its checking of earlier members? Delaying techniques. (The set of websites are being asked by new members from old members that depends on the kindness of the latter.) Then, after passing the new member assignments, TI will require to do another set of 500 assignments. This will, again, pass to the same process submission, checking, rejection, approval. With this system, its impossible to realize the lines in its misleading and deceiving website advertisement that you could earn at least US$1,000 per month as payment for each single assignment done and approved is US$0.10. Moreover, as a SUPERVISOR TYPIST, its member is to pay US$25/month. Another trick. This is to avail of its “no deadline” policy i.e member could submit assignment anytime she/he wants. No deadline.

On the other hand, in the PAID PER CLICK category, I had this actual experience wherein my TI stat center, (an official TI ledger of its member official, final and approved earnings) is being manipulated and reduced. The following are my letters to TI about this complain, and evidences of this particular claim. (This following attachments would make this true story clearer to all readers).

First letter dated:
Dear sir/madam:

This is to respectfully reiterate my fervent request to reverse your resetting action on my .
stats center data wherein you discredit a total amount of US$159.00 on reason that the
IP addresses of those prospective new members are the same


1 - Globenet-Philippines had investigated and carefully checked the proof you had send
to me in my personal page and found it to be TOTALLY INCORECT ;

2 - I am periodically monitoring my stat center data, and found that the US$159.00
had been a result of a steady accumulation of US$0.15, and not one time, i.e. that
amount took about 2-3 days to accumulate. It is very hard to believe that a person
could keep clicking a link for days, or even for hours, or even for more than one
minute or two minutes;

3 - Lastly, I did some experimentation. I went to another computer in an internet
Café. I click the link in favor of my account more than once in a single computer
and per click I did I checked my stat center data right after the click. The data did
not change. This is because I click on the same computer more than once and hence
one IP address.

4 Therefore, the US$159 approved clicks were definitely a product of clicks from
clicks of different and dissimilar ip addresses

Benigno J. Caoibes, Jr.

With Guidance from:

Solicitor Alfredo Arroyo
PTR Nos 1544556654
Until 31 December 2007

Civil Lawyer
International Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer

Second Letter dated:
Dear Sir/Madam:

Once more this is to reiterate my appeal on the following critical matters:

1. reversal of your resetting of my accumulated “approved – pending payment”
clicks (as had been recorded on my stat center) worth US$159.00;

1.1. I had mailed to you my justifications on this on a number of
1.2 In TI official forum, I had inquired if the stat center data is “final and
executory”; and TI customer service responded AFFIRMATIVELY.

2. correction of the amount processed for payment in my personal page of US$518.95
as against the amount in my stat center in the amount of US$581.95.

2.1 In TI official forum, I had inquired if the stat center data is “final and
executory”; and TI customer service responded AFFIRMATIVELY.

Your immediate appropriate action will be highly appreciated. Otherwise, I will do
certain actions which I and my solicitor deem appropriate.

Thank you.

Anonymous (*name hidden)

With Guidance from:
Solicitor Alfredo Arroyo
PTR Nos 1544556654
Until 31 December 2007

Civil Lawyer
International Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer

After the second letter, TI terminated my account on account that I am cheating.
Third letter dated:
To: Typeinternational

This is to register to you the plan of actions my solicitor and I will institute:

1. we will immediately report your illegal act of scamming to the Federal Bureau
of Investigation;

2. so that no persons will be scammed further, we will disseminate my particular case
to as many forums and websites could be.

Although you have prejudice further my previous requests by way of terminating my account and thus depriving me of my records in my stat center, I have kept/save records and screenshots of the same which will serve as evidence among others for the authorities to hold on.


Anonymous (*name hidden)

With Guidance from:

Solicitor Alfredo Arroyo
PTR Nos 1544556654
Until 31 December 2007

Civil Lawyer
International Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer

Author:  South African [ Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Help Please

I just found your post and I would really like for you to reply to me on DELETED - with all your information of typeinternational. I almost fell for it and would like your input - I was wanting to register for the assistant research position.

Kind Regards
Liezel :D

Author:  ximora [ Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Please do not post your personal email addresses. This is for your own protection. If anyone wishes to email you they can use the link below your post.

Author:  myraf [ Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TYPEINTERNATIONAL IS BIG SCAM!!! is a big scam. i registered this site and worked for a good 3 months and any time i submit my work, they will say there is a problem with it without explaining to me how exactly the problem is or where the problem occurred. In my fourth month they said i have to pay monthly fees of $35 for 3 months, meanwhile, i paid registration fee of $105 and have not yet got paid even ones.
:evil: :oops: :lol:

File comment: Assalaamu Allaikum
home-typist-jobs-200X200.jpg [ 44.67 KiB | Viewed 22157 times ]

Author:  admin [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:24 pm ]

Has anyone reported them to the BBB or the Attorney General's office?

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