and are absolute scams!!
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Author:  blasian [ Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:36 am ]
Post subject: and are absolute scams!!

BEWARE!!!!!!! and are the biggest scamming websites ever..they used to be known as and! I wired $950 into a bank account in Philadelphia hoping to get a watch but soon realized I wasnt going to get one when I got an email saying the funds were frozen. Then after that, I got another email stating that my watch will be shipped USPS. Its no surprise I never got a watch. Here is why this is a bigger scam than just not getting a watch:

These scamsters have another website called and what they do is they advertise for at-home marketing professionals in the United States and all they need from you is a bank account, your name, address, and some other information. They then sign all your information to every email from their bogus rolex watch websites. Then it looks as though you're the seller. The money for the watches is wired into your bank account and then you keep 5% of the money and send the rest to "their main headquarters" (Russia). Now you are the one holding the bag!

I have contacted the FTC, FBI, Attorney generals, and everyone that I could think of! I have had no luck! :(

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