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 Post subject: PixelTouch Data Inc
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 3:12 pm 

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Hi there,

I've just read this ad :

and I would like to know if someone knows something about this company ? I did not find anything on the web...

I asked several information, and here is what they answered (sorry it's quite long) :


Yes, there is still open positions.

Reps earn between $200 and $1500 per week. The average reported earnings have been $350 per week. Our highest earning was reported at $1500 and that was reported by two reps. You will be paid for each completed application.
Example: You complete one application via email and you will receive one payment via paypal – if you complete 5 applications then you will receive 5 different payments via paypal. The applications are generated from our current Marketing Promotions, and you will receive this with in your materials that we would send you. The amount that you will be paid is an average of $17.00 per application. The average number of applications you will receive is between 3 and 10 per day. How much you want to work depends upon you, as you work when you want. However we do ask that you try to put in at least 2 hours per day. We also ask that you notify us on how you are doing so we can update our rep reports regularly. We encourage that you contact us with any questions or if you need any help with your work, as we are available online 7 days per week via email at You will be doing a lot of emailing for customer service, and this is every easy work. Most of these Customer Service emails are simple questions and you will have the tools in your materials. You will be required to do some Internet Marketing for our current promotions – and our current promotion is for research companies in recruiting for online surveys. You will receive this information in your materials as well. You are not required to participate in any of the surveys at all. Most of the marketing will entail basic copy and pasting tasks, in which we will provide the pre-written scripts for you with in your materials. You will also receive a sample of the current promotion in your materials so that you are understanding the promo. There is a one time processing fee of $15.50, which covers the cost of the materials that we have just talked about. There are no other fees, ever. The materials cost us $14.75 each time we process them, and it takes 4 business days to process – PixelTouch Data, Inc. profits $0.75 of those fees for our time. Please keep in mind that we do take time to be available to assist reps with their work as needed. In turn our reps are profiting a very nice income with the flexibility of working from home. You are NEVER asked to split any earnings with us – NEVER. You keep all of your earnings.This is simply a part time work from home position that earns an added income. We do understand that it is difficult to find good work at home positions via Internet, and we do not want anyone to mistake us for a "get rich fast" scheme. You may apply on our website at – Click the “Apply” link locate to the top right of the home page. After you have applied you will receive an Email notification and then with in 4 business days you will receive materials that will obtain training and tools. If you have any questions you may contact us at This position entails the following:

Customer Services via Email -
Providing customer service to those who respond via email with questions about marketing promotions. Internet Marketing - Entering promotional scripts via Internet.

Product Support -
Ensuring that business products are delivered promptly and accurately via Email.

1. You will receive your materials which will obtain training and tools

2. You will be instructed on how to set up your accounts

3. Once your accounts are set for you, then you will go to the references via Internet and set up your marketing links to the promotions (provided in your materials)

4. Once the above has been completed (you should be set with the first two hours) then you will start receiving Customer Service emails with in the first day - two days: These CS Emails are from clients interested in the listed promotions and will have very simple basic questions about the promos (you will have the scripts in your materials) - there is NO selling, and please do not SPAM. Each CS app (Email) takes aprox. 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

5. Once you have satisfied your client then you will receive payment via PayPal with a Payment notification into your email. Satisfying your client is when your client has no further questions about the promotion and accepted.

If you ever need help then you may contact us any time and we will walk you through everything step by step.

Thank you in advance for your help !

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 5:00 pm 

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[b] Houston there are problems with this picture!

First of all...... There is no contact information on the site as far as an address, phone number etc.

Second of all... The site is hosted by Bravenet, if they were doing so well they wouldnt need a freebie host for the site.

Third of all.... its all general internet marketing hype.

I personally would not trust them

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:49 am 

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Hi Karin,

Thx for your help !

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