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 Post subject: Shipping/Money transfer job
PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:22 pm 

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I was hired month ago by emails to do a shipping job at home. I was told to resend packages such as laptops and watches that I received to Europe. Just last week, I received cashier check that sent by person I never heard of. Again, I was told that to redirect the money to someone in Europe. These scammers are good, I can't believe they have people working for them every where. I was part of them when I did the shippings for them, shame on me. I should have noticed the scam earlier, stupid me. And I believe there a lot more victims like me who sent me those packages, unlucky us.
In order to avoid US investigation, these bastards used an ebay India account to make up fake sells. My bet is on both seller and buyer are scamming me. The buyer acts like an innocent guy who sent me the counterfeit check. Remember I was told by the 'company' I worked for to cash the check and send it to someone out of the country. The stupidest thing is actually the cleverest thing these scammers did. Why would I cash a check after my address was stolen to make up fake sell from ebay India? I have their phone numbers and emails if you guys want to spam/scam them back. It might not be a good idea to scam them since they are the real experts but spam them is not a bad idea. But once again, I think they are big may be dangerous too. Better leave the dirty works to the government.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 8:55 pm 

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What happened to you is known as a payment processing scam, this is a form of scamming that is increasingly growing and you are right there are tons of victims of this out there. Just because you sent the money to " India" does not mean it was picked up there, you should check with the service you used to see where that money was really picked up, you may be surprised to find another country other than India. Where you designate means little, once in the system it can be retrieved anywhere in the world that the service is available.

Many times I get victims say that the scammers were in the UK because that is where they sent the money and assume it was retrieved, in reality when asking the wire service usually Western Union, they find out the money was picked up in Nigeria . The scammers use Fake Passports for identification to pick up the wired money.

If you suspect that they are using your name on an account with Ebay you need to immediately have it researched and notify their fraud department that this is happening to have that account shut down asap. The last thing you need is a FED knocking at your door accusing you of defrauding people on ebay.

IF you provided any identification SS# or Copy of card, DL#, Copy of a passport when applying for this so called job you are in grave danger of IDENTITY THEFT and you need to take protective measures right now!

1. Fraud Flag all 3 credit bureau reports

2. If you provided a bank account # to them close that account and open a new one now.

3. Contact your local DMV if you sent a copy of your license to them, have a new license with a new number issued if they will allow it and fraud flag the old number.

4. Notify Social Security that a thief has gotten ahold of your number and ask them what measures to take to protect yourself.

5. If you provided a copy of a passport contact your local passport office immediately and tell them that a scammer has a copy of your passport explain what happened and ask them to take protective measures.

Periodically once or twice a year pull your credit bureau reports and watch for signs of fraud. Accounts that you know you never had, credit cards you know you do not own, etc. Immediately dispute anything that you know you had nothing to do with, demand signature proof for the account i f you have to.

Do not take what I say lightly, if you provided your private and personal informatin to them your good name is at risk, your information has probably been sold a few times over within the rings, you need to throw roadblocks in their way NOW.

Last but not least- cease any and all communication with the scammers, nothing can be gained by continuing communication with them. Take this as a hard lesson learned and move on to better things in life. Warn family and friends, pass the word about this scam form to anyone who you can and lets prevent as many future victims as possible.

Silence is a thief's best friend, Word-of-mouth is his worst enemy. Pass the word! brought to you by where victims always get FREE help.

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